Round Out Your Vacation with a Day Trip to Everglades Holiday Park

Round Out Your Vacation with a Day Trip to Everglades Holiday Park  - Everglades Holiday Park

South Florida is a premier location for families, professionals and retirees looking for some fun. With world-renowned beaches, fantastic dining and scores of entertainment options, it’s easy to see why vacations begin and end in the Sunshine State. But if your plans include the popular city of Fort Lauderdale and you’re looking for a creative way to spend a few hours, have you considered exploring the Everglades? With family friendly airboat tours, exciting alligator shows and more, here’s how to round out your vacation with a day trip to Everglades Holiday Park.

Ready for an Airboat Tour?

A trip to the Florida Everglades wouldn’t be complete without an invigorating and educational everglades airboat tour through the River of Grass. Everglades Holiday Park is a favorite destination for adventure seekers simply because we offer the longest airboat rides in the area, as well as the only covered airboats. Florida sunshine can be brutal, and guests to the park love the idea of having a covered boat to make the experience as comfortable as ever. Of course, we do offer uncovered boats as well, for anyone excited to bask in the warm rays.

Meet and Greet with the Critters

One of our most popular attractions at the park is Animal Encounters, an intimate and safe way for guests of all ages to hold one of the many animals that call the Everglades home. Animal handlers at Everglades Holiday Park are experts too, meaning visitors can learn about each animal’s contribution to the ‘glades ecosystem. Animal Encounters encourages guests of all ages to hold their favorite critter while posing for a picture to take as a keepsake and memory of the experience. Snakes, turtles, exotic birds and more are fascinating to see up close in person— and we love the idea of letting nature create a classroom for all.

Experience the Gator Boys Alligator Rescue in Person

The always entertaining crew from the Gator Boys set up shop right here at Everglades Holiday Park, performing live shows every day. The world famous Gator Pit is home to some of our favorite gator friends, who love to show off for crowds. The work of the Gator Boys is an important element of the park, and shows are purely educational in nature, with no harm done to any of the animals. In fact, the Gator Boys Alligator Rescue is exactly that—a rescue mission, with the goal of saving as many gators as possible, providing a sanctuary and safe space for them to live out their lives. Guests to the park get firsthand accounts of what makes these amazing animals are favorite reptiles in Florida and how the gang works each and every day to keep them healthy and strong.

If a trip to Fort Lauderdale is in your future, why not stop by Everglades Holiday Park for the chance to see the “other” side of South Florida. With hour-long airboat tours, exciting gator shows and more, a day spent exploring Florida’s most exciting natural attraction is a day you’ll treasure forever.

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