Everglades Summer Camp Field Trips

at Everglades Holiday Park

Kids expect a few summer camp field trips every summer while at camp, so why not make your upcoming field trips one to remember at Everglades Holiday Park? Located in Fort Lauderdale and dubbed the “Gateway to the Everglades” Everglades Holiday Park offers a once-in-a-lifetime experience with the longest airboat tour in the Everglades, live narrated alligator shows presented by the Gator Boys from Animal Planet’s hit TV series and so much more.

It’s no surprise that Everglades Holiday Park was named the top theme park in Florida by ABC’s WPLG News and a top three Florida attraction by USA Today Travel.

Hours of


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    Airboat tours are *60-minutes in length

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    Departing the airboat dock every 20 minutes

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    We open at 9:00 AM and our last tour of the day leaves the dock promptly at 5:00 PM. Please arrive no later than 3:30 PM to receive the full tour experience (hours are subject to change due to daylight savings time).

Why An Everglades Summer Camp Field Trip?

Everglades Holiday Park provides children and adults with the perfect combination of education and entertainment. As the home of the Gator Boys Alligator Rescue, it’s no surprise that the park and its staff are committed to spreading the word about Everglades conservation and the fair treatment of all living things. Educating children on the importance of America’s wetlands in all of our lives really hits home on Everglades summer camp field trips to Everglades Holiday Park. When kids have the opportunity to meet many of the 2,000 plus species of plants and over 200 different birds that share this majestic habitat with the American alligator, they gain a further understanding of how important these wetlands are to the earth as a whole.

Planning Your Field Trip

To find out more about planning an unforgettable summer camp field trip to the Everglades, contact our Everglades Holiday Park office directly. We regularly host groups of up to 150 guests in the form of school field trips, corporate events, parties, and more. Discounted pricing is available when you book your group’s trip in advance. Arranging your trip in advance also gives us the opportunity to tailor your experience to your specific needs and ensure that every camper and counselor has an educational and thrilling adventure in the Everglades. Our fully stocked Gator Bites Cafe is the perfect place for a mid-trip lunch break, and we are prepared to arrange lunches for large groups if planned accordingly.

Program Overview

Summer camp field trips days at Everglades Holiday Park provides ample opportunity for children to learn about the importance of America’s largest subtropical wetlands, all the while enjoying the company of their friends and nature. Not only will the kids be treated to an airboat tour and gator show, but the park also features animal encounters where they can hold Everglades creatures including a baby American alligator and a ball python. Our Gator Tooth Photo Booth and gift shop are the perfect way to cap an Everglades adventure, commemorating the visit with a group photo or gator tooth necklace.


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    Summer Camp Field Trips Overview

    Usual summer camp field trips to Everglades Holiday Park has plenty of opportunities for campers to take in plenty of information while having a great time learning about the Florida Everglades and the plants and animals that call this sub tropical landscape home. A typical summer camp field trip day adventure includes the items posted to the left.

    Planning your Summer Camp Field Trip to the Beautiful Florida Everglades

    For pricing and more information about our summer camp field trips, call 954-434-8111

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