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About Everglades Holiday Park | Everglades Airboat Rides | Alligator Shows

About Everglades Holiday Park and How the Park Began

In 1982, George M. Bridges decided it was time to leave the tobacco farm behind and try his hand at something new. With a background in construction, he built his first airboat in the backyard, mortgaging the house to do it. It was a gamble, but a risk he was willing to take. George worked hard through the years, and it wasn't long before he knew he had stumbled onto something extraordinary. Today, nearly three decades later (and with a few more airboats at the park) Everglades Holiday Park continues to serve as South Florida's premier gateway to the state's most exciting natural attraction- the Everglades.

A Family Fun Adventure: Airboat Tours and Live Gator Shows

Centrally located on Griffin Rd. in Fort Lauderdale, Everglades Holiday Park is a family fun entertainment destination, offering everything from guided Everglades airboat tours and live alligator presentations to food, souvenirs and fresh water fishing. We cater to families, individuals, educators, corporations and anyone looking to experience the magic and wonders of our state's most exciting natural resource. We encourage visitors to enjoy the pristine Everglades ecosystem while learning about important preservation efforts.

World Renowned Fresh Water Fishing

The Florida Everglades is revered for its fishing. At Everglades Holiday Park, experts and amateurs alike can enjoy fishing the 'glades' from a Jon boat, the dock or as part of a professionally guided tour. We are equipped with boat and gear rentals, bait and fishing licenses and everything else you need for catching large mouth bass, peacock bass, catfish and more. With access to a boat ramp right at the park, locals and tourists can fish 24 hours a day.

Exceeding Expectations

What is it about Everglades Holiday Park that differentiates us from the rest? We pride ourselves on giving visitors a fun, one-of-a-kind experience and we treat our customers as we would our family members. Connecting people to the magic that is the Everglades and it's inhabitants- that's what our park is all about and that's what we do every day.

At Everglades Holiday Park, we don't stop at providing exciting airboat rides and gator shows. Instead, we create an experience you'll treasure for years. To us, it's just good business, but to you, it's building memories with your family and friends that will last a lifetime. With the knowledge and expertise to show you the simplest plant to the most complex wildlife in the Everglades, our team exceeds expectations every time.

A Team Environment at Everglades Holiday Park

Truly, our staff is what makes Everglades Holiday Park the best. We like being highly rated, but it's our team that put us here. They are an extraordinary group of people, experts, professionals and animal lovers with a work effort defined by integrity and passion that keeps us busy and our visitors happy. We've learned the art of bringing the best to our customers by working together and we over deliver every time.

We welcome you to experience the adventure that is Everglades Holiday Park. There's only one Everglades and only one way to see it!
For park information, call 954-434-8111