Everglades Fishing Boat Rentals

World Class fishing at its Finest!

Everglades Fishing Boat Rentals

Monday – Friday

$82.50 plus tax

5 Hour Minimum
$22.00 plus tax for each additional hour

Weekend, Holidays

$148.50 plus tax

8 Hour Minimum
$22.00 plus tax for each additional hour

Hours of Operation

From first safe light until 5:00 PM

7 days a week
Reserve boat

Call us to reserve a jon boat in advance. Boats are available on a first-come first-served basis.

There is a strict 3 person maximum capacity per boat rule.



The ultimate fishing or exploration experience of the Everglades is waiting—it’s just up to you to book it. We offer our guests a customized experience through our Everglades boat rental service! Whether you’re looking to navigate through the ‘Glades at your own pace or simply want to spend the day fishing from your own jon boat, we’ve got you covered.

With fully equipped boats that are ready to tackle the river of grass, our jon boat rentals are a must for any Everglades adventurer looking for their own, unique experience of the most diverse, unique landscape in Florida, the Everglades.

  • 14-foot Jon boats are available to rent
  • 9.9. HP Yamaha Engines
  • Boats are well maintained and fully equipped to navigate the waters of the Everglades
  • Must be 21 or older to rent our jon boats
  • Fishing poles can be rented on site
  • Valid driver’s license required to rent jon boats
  • Valid fishing license(s) required
  • Tackle and bait can be purchased on site
  • Beer, Food, Drinks, & Snacks

    Available On Site

    You don't even need to stock up on supplies when you fish the Everglades. Food, soda, beer, ice and outdoor items are available in our general store. You can also visit our deli for prepared food, with breakfast, lunch and other treats available to take with you out onto the waters. Adventurous eaters will want to try the frog legs or alligator bites - two local delicacies sourced directly from the Everglades themselves.

  • Start Your Adventure in

    the Everglades

    If you have your own boat, come on out to see the Everglades! Our airboat tour and gator park is a great place to launch out into the pristine wetlands of the South Florida region. Located just a short drive from downtown Fort Lauderdale, we have everything you need to make the perfect day a reality, including boat ramps. Our dock is open to the public and accessible around-the-clock, whether you want to fish or simply enjoy a day trip into the wild and untamed Everglades. Fishing guides are available to accompany you, please ask for details. A Florida State Fishing License is required.

  • Fishing Boat Rentals

    and Guided Fishing Tours

    Several 14-foot Jon boats are also available to rent. If you’re an experienced operator, there’s no better way to see the ‘Glades on your own terms. Our fleet of rental boats is well-maintained and fully equipped to navigate the waters around the park – a quiet 9.9 HP Yamaha engine and flat-bottom design makes them perfect for use in the Everglades’ shallow conditions.

    Boat rentals are available until 5 PM Be sure to show up early or call ahead to ensure that a unit is available. Though we rent boats in all weather conditions, we recommend checking the forecast ahead of time and planning accordingly.

  • Why Fish

    the Everglades?

    There is no shortage of reasons why renting a fishing boat in the Everglades is a great way to spend the day. In addition to the region’s exceptional stocks of largemouth bass, there’s also the impressive scenery, which is truly unlike anywhere else in the country.

    As you fish, you’ll enjoy privileged access to rare wading birds, snakes, and the park’s most famous inhabitant, the gator. Bringing the family is a great way to emphasize the importance of respecting the natural world and preserving wetlands, both in Florida and throughout the country.



An Angler's


The Florida Everglades is indeed an angler’s paradise and the perfect place to catch the “Big One” of your dreams. A wonderful tropical environment, venturing out into the Everglades on your own is an experience unlike any other. Everglades fishing boats (along with tackle and bait) are available at our park for trying your luck at catching that record-breaking freshwater fish of your dreams.

Whether you’re an avid fisherman or just a naturist, you can always plan a guided tour. A day spent fishing the Everglades is amazing and one of the best ways to experience Florida.

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