Airboat Safety

Policy at Everglades Holiday Park

Airboat tours are a premier attraction at Everglades Holiday Park, providing visitors with the unique and once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to venture deep into the heart of the Everglades and explore various wildlife and terrains. The thrilling adventure that awaits in South Florida’s natural Everglades excursion is the main reason why thousands visit our park every year.

Our expert airboat driver will make sure that your airboat tours are safe and that you have a remarkable experience while keeping airboat safety top-of-mind as you venture deep into the thriving waters of the Everglades. However, it is important for our guests to consider the various aspects of cruising across the glades on an airboat. For a successful exploration, all guests must adhere to Everglades Holiday Park’s rules for riding.

airboat safety policy


  • Airboat rides are *60 minutes long.
  • Each airboat comfortably seats up to 25 people.
  • Our airboats are state-of-the-art and operated by highly trained and experienced airboat captains.
  • Our airboats are maintained and checked daily to ensure optimal riding conditions.
  • Everglades Holiday Park airboat tours operate in rain or shine but will return to the docks if the conditions are unsafe (we recommend checking the weather conditions before heading to the park).
  • Each airboat contains a first aid kit.
  • Each airboat contains life jackets for each person.
  • Ear protection is available upon request.


  • Passengers must remain seated at all times for maximum airboat safety.
  • Passengers must keep their hands and feet inside the airboat at all times.
  • While experiencing animal encounters, do not feed the wildlife.
  • Absolutely no throwing any items overboard.
  • Do not put your hands into the water.
  • Do not grab any plants.
  • Do not try to catch any animals or fish.
  • Infants and young children are allowed onboard but should be seated with an adult.

Why Choose Our Airboats?

When it comes to enjoying the thrill and beauty of the Everglades, few experiences can match a tour with our airboats. Safety is our top priority, making us one of the airboat companies recognized by the Wildlife Conservation Commission.

Our airboat captains and airboat operators are held to high training standards. Before each ride, they conduct rigorous safety checks and ensure proper boat maintenance. Our relentless commitment to safety has earned us several awards and recognitions, setting us apart from other airboat tour operators.

Preparing for Your Airboat Adventure

So you’re gearing up for your first ride with us? Trust us, you’re in for a real treat! But before you jump on board, let’s talk about outfit choices. You’ll want to stick with light-colored clothing. Why? Because lighter hues are your best friends under the Florida sun, reflecting those pesky UV rays and keeping heat exhaustion at bay.

And let’s not forget the headgear! A wide-brimmed hat isn’t just a fashion statement; it’s your personal shade provider. It’ll shield your face, neck, and maybe even your shoulders from the sun. While at it, grab some sunglasses that offer UV rays protection—your eyes will thank you.

Before you head out, pack a small medical kit. Nothing fancy, just some Band-Aids, antiseptic wipes, and any needed meds. Better safe than sorry, right?

Ensuring Airboat Safety: Addressing Common Concerns

When discussing the safety of airboat tours, many wonder, “Are airboats safe?” To address these concerns, we take multiple precautionary measures, such as equipping all our boats with life jackets and medical kits. Our experienced operators and captains perform regular inspections to avoid any potential for airboat accidents.

Adhering to the Wildlife Conservation Commission’s guidelines, we aim to make every airboat ride not only exhilarating but also safe. The chance of an airboat flipping or airboat accident is significantly minimized due to the vessel’s engineering, which allows it to ride on its own wake for added stability, especially at high speeds.

What Makes Our Airboat Captains Unique?

Our airboat captains are skilled navigators who are also enthusiastic educators with a special talent for storytelling. Each airboat driver goes through a rigorous training program that includes a thorough study of the ecosystem we visit in addition to boat handling. In fact, a lot of our captains have degrees in environmental science or marine biology, which gives your thrilling excursion an educationally rewarding component. They are knowledgeable about the specifics, but they also have interesting stories to share about unexpected wildlife sightings and other moments of natural splendor that turn an ordinary airboat tour into a journey to remember.

The balance our airboat captains strike between safety, enjoyment, and instruction genuinely sets our cruises apart from others. They are ready for any circumstance, providing a safe and easy journey across Florida’s Everglades because they are outfitted with life jackets, medical supplies, and an extensive understanding of weather patterns. You may relax knowing that both passengers and the environment are being taken care of because our airboat operators strictly abide by the Wildlife Conservation Commission’s rules.

Safety Precautions for Kids and Family

Our primary goal is always safety when it comes to family outings. To safeguard the safety of children and other family members, we take extra steps. Every boat has kid-sized life jackets, and our captains have received training in first aid and emergency response, giving parents peace of mind.

In order to precisely address the requirements of a family outing, we provide practical advice like wearing light-colored clothing and packing a medical kit. However, taking precautions need not mean giving up enjoyment. Our trips provide a thrilling yet safe experience that will captivate the entire family, with a focus on both adventure and security.


For any questions regarding our Everglades boat tours, airboat safety, and riding rules and policies, please feel free to contact our team at 954-434-8111. Don’t wait any longer! Book your airboat tickets today! We accommodate small and large groups, private parties, corporate events, and kid’s birthday parties.

What to Bring on an Everglades Airboat Tour

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