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Photo and Videos at Everglades Holiday Park Airboat Tours

Do you have pictures of your adventure at the Park? We’d love to share them in our gallery! Please send them to info@Evergladesholidaypark.com

With so much to do and see at Everglades Holiday Park, it’s impossible to catch it all on film, but we sure do try! We have amazing adventures at the park and some of the best pictures and videos around! Incredible alligators and live shows, the Gator Boys (and girls), school field trips, airboats, and of course, the gorgeous grounds here at Everglades Holiday Park. Please feel free to scroll through our pictures and videos gallery to see for yourself what you can expect on an amazing adventure at the park. Keep in mind, that we’re always adding new images and exciting video clips to the gallery, so please be sure to check back often!

Our image and video gallery is organized for you to easily scroll through and browse the topics you’re most interested in. Love alligators? Can’t get enough pictures of airboats? Take your time and enjoy the gallery. Remember, check back soon as we update the gallery often.

Airboat Tours, Gator Shows and Fun in the Sun at Everglades Holiday Park

  • Girl petting a baby gator
  • Boy petting a baby alligator
  • Airboat captain with purple galinule
  • People having fun on an airboat tour
  • Airboat captain pointing at something interesting on an airboat tour in the Everglades
  • Airboat captain driving airboat on an Everglades tour
  • Woman holding boy outside alligator show at Everglades Holiday Park
  • People having a great time on an Everglades airboat tour
  • Airboat tour in the Everglades
  • Airboat tour on speed trail in the Everglades
  • Everglades airboat tour going fast
  • Everglades boat tour speeding across the River of grass
  • Airboat ride going fast in the Everglades
  • Family enjoying food at Everglades Holiday Park
  • Chris Gillette and a large alligator at Everglades Holiday Park
  • Large alligator at Everglades Holiday Park
  • Gator smiling
  • Alligator show stunts
  • Alligator laying in the samd at Everglades Holiday Park
  • Alligator eyes
  • Alligator show tricks and stunts
  • People watching an alligator show at Everglades Holiday Park
  • Alligator on an Everglades airboat tour
  • Gators laying in the gator pit at Everglades Holiday Park

School Field Trip & Scouts Troop trip at Everglades Holiday Park

  • Cub Scouts with airboat captain before going on an Everglades airboat tour
  • Cub Scouts before taking an Everglades tour
  • Alligator laying in the gator pit
  • Cub Scouts heading on their airboat ride
  • Cub scouts getting last minute safety tips before heading out on tehir Everglades airboat tour
  • Alligator in the gator pit laying around
  • Girl Scouts before an alligatos show in the gator pit area
  • Kids watching an alligator show in amazement
  • Kids field trip - eating lunch after their airboat tour
  • Kids having fun while on tehir Everglades tour
  • Kids smiling while getting a bite to eat at Everglades Holiday Park while on a school field trip
  • Kids smiling for a photo opportunity while on an Everglades boat tour
  • Kids smiling and having fun while on an Everglades school field trip
  • Kids school field trip coming back to the dock after their airboat tour

Are you ready for a tour through the Everglades?

Now that you've had a chance to view all of the wonderful photos and videos that we have on this site, you should be excited and ready to embark on a real Everglades experience here at the park. From 60-minute exhilarating airboat tours where you'll get to explore the Everglades, to our Gator Boys Alligator Rescue team gator shows, we have something exciting for your whole group to enjoy. And if that's not enough, we also have an Animal Encounters experience where you'll get to meet, and spend time learning about up to 5 different animals in a private relaxed setting within the park. All of our Animal Encounters are led by our experienced expert animal handlers and include professional-grade photos of your experience.

Photographer's Paradise in the Everglades

If you're a photographer or a videographer then the Everglades is a dream come true for you! This is South Florida's last truly natural and wild location where you can capture photos and videos of all types of sub-tropical plants and wildlife. There are all types of native and non-native animals that live in the Everglades, and all you have to do is simply bring your camera or video camera to capture the moment when you cross paths with these amazing creatures! If you have visited the Everglades and have taken some great photo or video content, please be sure to send them to us so we can share it on social media! We always love to hear from our friends who love the Everglades and photography as much as we do!