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Shore Excursions at Everglades Holiday Park Airboat Tours

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Just a few miles inland from Port of Everglades exists a magical world that stretches beyond shopping, dining and the fast pace of the South Florida lifestyle. With shore Everglades excursionat Holiday Park you'll enjoy exotic wildlife, incredible vegetation and some of the most amazing sights on Earth, the Everglades is Florida's most exciting natural attraction.

For unforgettable shore excursions in greater Fort Lauderdale, Everglades Holiday Park offers a fantastic fun filled adventure. In under three hours, you'll journey deep into the Florida Everglades, take in a live alligator presentation and find yourself wrapped up in a tropical paradise filled with exotic wildlife, invigorating Everglades National Park boat tours and more! Here's what you can expect on an adventurous and exciting shore excursion at Everglades Holiday Park.

Why Everglades Holiday Park Makes a Great Shore Excursion in Florida

If you've only got a limited amount of time for a shore excursion to the Florida Everglades, there's no better place to visit than our park. Here's why:

  • We're conveniently located just a short drive from Fort Lauderdale. Unlike other Everglades parks, we're close enough to Miami and other popular cruise ship docking sites to make a practical shore excursion without a long trek inland.
  • Our programming is both educational and fun. Knowledgeable guides and local experts let guests get up close and personal with the unique wildlife and other features of the 'Glades. Performances featuring the world-famous Gator Boys are fast-paced, informative and suitable for all ages.
  • Our fleet of Everglades boatsis among the newest and best maintained in the area. Your ride will be comfortable as you experience top speeds of up to 60 miles per hour. This means we can cover more ground in less time, quickly finding the best spots for wildlife watching.
  • Discounts are available for groups of 15 or more. Our park can accommodate up to 300 people at once, and our variety of different activities helps guests spend less time waiting in line and more time enjoying everything our facilities have to offer.

Explore the ❝Wild❞ Side of South Florida On an Hour Long Airboat Tour

An airboat ride is a highlight of any shore excursion to see the Florida Everglades. For a full hour, you'll explore the deepest parts of the Everglades, led by an experienced boat captain and ❝gladesman❞ who navigates the wetlands with ease. Your boat captain knows exactly where to go to see the sights you're looking for like alligators, iconic wading birds and more. Sit back and relax as you glide across the River of Grass stopping only to meet and greet with the wildlife. All of the airboats at Everglades Holiday Park are covered and that means you can enjoy your Everglades boat tours without worrying about getting too much sun on your shore excursion.

Shore Excursions - Meet Everglades Wildlife Up Close and Personal

The beauty of the Everglades is discovered in mere minutes as you come face to face with all kinds of unique and exotic wildlife in their natural habitat. Unlike a zoo where animals are caged and spend their days staring at people through a glass partition, the Everglades features animals as they are in nature. It's an incredible opportunity to see firsthand how they live and coexist in this amazing tropical environment.

Live Gator Presentation

Each airboat ride comes with a complimentary live alligator presentation performed by the Gator Boys from the Animal Planet hit series. The presentation is a great way to witness firsthand the incredible strength and grace of the American alligator as well as learn about important conservation and preservation efforts within the Everglades.

South Florida is filled with amazing scenery and it's not hard to find something enjoyable to look at, but there's another side to the state that few people beyond locals get the pleasure to experience. For a once in a lifetime adventure, an exhilarating Everglades airboat tour and up close interaction with wildlife, shore excursions at Everglades Holiday Park are a must do.

The Best Shore Excursions in Florida

Everglades Holiday Park is home to the best shore excursions in Florida. Conveniently located near multiple cities in Florida, you and your party will undoubtedly create memories that will last a lifetime when you explore the majestic wonderland of the Everglades.

Nature teaches us things we can't learn in the classroom. By being fully immersed in the natural habitat of alligators and other animals, you'll experience firsthand what it's like to call the 'Glades home. The flora and fauna are amazing, but words won't do it justice. You'll have to take all the beauty in with your own eyes to understand the magic of the Everglades.

Thrilling Adventures for Guests of All Ages

Guests of all ages enjoy our Florida shore excursions. In fact, Everglades Holiday Park is the perfect venue for almost any event or occasion. Whether it's an Everglades birthday party, a bachelorette party or a work outing, there is no shortage of things to do at Everglades Holiday Park.

Conservation is also at the forefront of all that we do. We believe that by letting the public get as up close and personal with nature as possible, the more receptive they will be to learning the importance of protecting our wetlands and wildlife. When you see the beautiful animals and the breathtaking habitats they call home, we believe you'll take the lessons of conservation home with you - changing the world one person at a time.

We also want all visitors to have an absolute blast, and our shore excursions help make that happen. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is there to help you enjoy your day, answering any questions you have about the Everglades. Together, we'll make sure your visit is as awe-inspiring and thrilling as can be!

Contact Everglades Holiday Park for More Information

Cruise ship programming directors are encouraged to contact Everglades Holiday Park directly to learn more about leading a shore excursion to our South Florida facility. We have a long history of delivering excellent programming for large groups, and we have even been named one of the top three attractions in the state by USA TODAY and 10Best.com readers!

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