Where Can I Hold a Baby Alligator in Florida?

Nothing is as exciting as coming face to face with a wild animal, and the American alligator is one creature that doesn’t disappoint. Visit the zoo and you’re sure to see a variety of cool animals, but when you’re ready to roll up your sleeves for an interactive experience with a gator, the Florida Everglades is the place to be. Where can you hold a baby alligator in Florida? The answer is after an Florida shore excursion. Here’s what a day trip to Everglades Holiday Park has to offer adventurous families.

Hold a Baby Alligator, Snake, Skunk, or Lemur and Have Your Picture Taken

Watching animals from behind a cage can be fun, but the experience is even more exciting when you can actually hold them. At Everglades Holiday Park, you can have your picture taken holding a baby alligator, boa, lemur, skunk, and more after your Everglades National Park boat tour! Feel the texture of a real live alligator as you pose for the camera, and you’ll never look at Florida’s most iconic resident the same again. Don’t worry, there’s nothing dangerous here – the crew and team at Everglades Holiday Park are professionals, and the animals thrive on attention. Kids can’t get enough of the critters at Everglades Holiday Park. Even the little ones enjoy the gators up close and personal, and boy, do they grin from ear to ear!

Take an Exciting Airboat Ride Through the River of Grass

Encountering animals in the Everglades is always an adventure, and an hour-long Everglades airboat tour is the best way to get out there to experience the wetlands. Of course, you can’t hold all of the baby alligators in the Everglades, but you sure can see some extraordinary sights on a narrated tour. Captains at Everglades Holiday Park grew up in the Everglades and know exactly where to take the boats to see the most spectacular sights. In cool weather, wildlife is most active, and thrill-seeking families enjoy watching turtles, snakes, and all kinds of tropical birds going about their business in the Everglades.

Meet the Gator Boys From Animal Planet’s Hit Show

After your airboat tour concludes, you’ll be taken back to the park where you’ll enjoy a complimentary live alligator show featuring the Gator Boys from Animal Planet. These guys and gals know their stuff, and delight crowds with entertaining facts, funny jokes, and a few daring tricks. Alligators used in the show were rescued from backyards, swimming pools, and other residential areas throughout South Florida, and the Gator Boys are proud to feature some of their favorites. Presentations are family-friendly, providing a great way to expose the kids to important concepts like preservation, conservation, and the larger Everglades ecosystem. Why stand around at the zoo when the Everglades puts you face to face with the most exciting wildlife Florida has to offer? When you’re ready to hold a baby alligator, there’s no place like Everglades Holiday Park for exciting airboat rides, alligator presentations, animal encounters and adrenaline-charged fun with the Gator Boys Alligator Rescue team. For more information, please visit www.evergladesholidaypark.com to learn how you can make reservations for good old fashioned fun with the animals of the Everglades!

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