Dangers of Pythons at Everglades Holiday Park Airboat Tours

The Florida Everglades have been dealing with the growing threat of invasive species like Burmese pythons for some time now. The pythons are taking over the land and ultimately killing so many of the native species. This growing problem is of major concern for the preservation efforts of the historic wetlands. Experts are labeling the pythons as Florida’s largest invasive species that has wreaked havoc on the natural ecosystem. Efforts have been made to combat the problem by having licensed contractors come to the park to hunt and kill the predators. Everglades Holiday Park, our gator park in Fort Lauderdale, explains the significance and dangers of pythons in the Everglades and how finding solutions to this growing problem is so crucial for the overall wellbeing of the natural wetlands.

The Dangers of Pythons as an Invasive Species

Wildlife native to the Everglades is being threatened by a large number of pythons slithering in with the main goal of killing off populations. This danger could ultimately lead to local extinctions of some species and this goes against all preservation efforts being made to help the Everglades and the native animals thrive. The pythons that have been invading the wetlands are killing small animals first, such as raccoons, rats, and rabbits. However, the pythons will stop at no cost when large species such as alligators and deer are becoming victims to prey. According to an article published by Fox News, up to 100,000 pythons are believed to be found in the Everglades. Most of these pythons are offspring of pets that have been illegally released into the wetlands because they grew too big and dangerous for owners to manage. A Burmese python can weigh up to 200 pounds, and the strength of this large species is a major threat for all animals in its path.

The Python in the Everglades Are Expanding to More Ecosystems

While pythons in the Everglades are of major concern, the pack of invasive species has been growing north of the wetlands and could impact other ecosystems in the state of Florida. By Everglades tours and traveling north, experts are hoping that the pythons will not be able to sustain in colder climates; however, they are known to adapt to their surroundings. “The only thing we can hope for is to have cold snaps come through, that’s the only thing that’s been shown to throw the population back, but it also kills a ton of our native animals,” said Chris Gillette, one of our animal experts here at Everglades Holiday Park.

Managing the Python Crisis

With growing concern over the invasive species, the entire state of Florida needs to take all necessary precautions for managing the pythons. Unfortunately, all efforts so far won’t eliminate the species altogether, but it’s important to do everything we can to protect our native species. Everglades Holiday Park is home to an abundant native wildlife and we are closely monitoring this situation and contributing to the efforts to diminish the pythons.

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