South Florida’s Top Spot for Outdoor Adventure

South Florida’s Top Spot for Outdoor Adventure

In a world bombarded by phones, computers, tablets, online sharing, streaming and social media, parents are on a never-ending quest to steer their young children and teenagers in a more positive direction than endlessly staring at screens. This much needed change in direction includes the promotion of strong family ties, friendships, conversational skills, connectivity, health, creativity, and endless learning.

While it may seem impossible to find a solution that fits all the criteria of a healthy, positive lifestyle, it turns out the answer might have been under our noses this whole time. Study after study has confirmed that spending time engaging in outdoor activities offer a wide range of benefits, including physical, mental, and emotional - for children and adults.

For those lucky enough to live in South Florida, the year-round warm temperatures and endless sunshine offers the perfect environment for outdoor recreation. From the white sand beaches to the variety of parks offering fresh air and endless room to explore, south Florida’s landscape is begging to be taken advantage of!

For the many parents in the seeking-positive-family-activities boat, Everglades Holiday Park is your answer. Our park, located just off Griffin road and US 27 is the perfect outdoor getaway to clear your mind and reconnect with nature. We offer a variety of fun and educational activities perfect for all ages – including airboat rides, live alligator shows, private animal encounters, canoeing, boating, fishing, & more. And, we’re just minutes outside of Fort Lauderdale and Miami! You’re guaranteed to enjoy your day with friends and family, feeling confident your time is well-spent here. Spending the day at our alligator park offers several benefits for you and your children.

1. Take a Break from the Technology

You won’t even think about staring at a phone or tv screen when you’re flying across the Everglades waters on our high-speed airboat rides. Our 60-minute Everglades airboat tours bring you straight into the heart of the Everglades where you can learn about how a technology-free life works in the Everglades. Let your adventurous side run free, explore the depths of South Florida’s most prized lands, and learn about the multiple terrains and ecosystems that work together flawlessly to promote life in the ‘glades.

2. Reconnect with Nature

Birds, snakes, pigs, alligators, deer, racoons, peacocks and more! You’ll have the opportunity to spend time with wild animals at our south Florida animal encounter program and you’ll even get the chance to see wild animals roaming around the waters and various terrains while on your airboat tour. Don’t be surprised if an American Alligator swims right up to your boat! Head back to our grounds to hold and play with wild animals, take pictures with baby alligators, and watch a member of the Gator Boys Alligator Rescue Team wrestle with large alligators.

3. Spend Time with Family

A day at Everglades Holiday Park is a day well spent with family and friends. Our park offers comfortable seating and accommodations for adults and children of all ages – and our live alligator presentations are handicap friendly. Our seating is set up so that every seat offers a perfect view. Get a breath of fresh air from the living room and try something new with your family.

4. Learn How to Protect Our Environment

Our Everglade’s experts are always working to protect the Everglades, and on your educational and exciting day at our park we teach you how to help the cause! A day at our park offers many actionable takeaways for you to use in your everyday life. There’s a lot to learn at our South Florida alligator park, and our guides love to share information, tips, stories, and tricks for protecting our beloved south Florida environment.

Anytime you’re looking to reduce stress, switch up your surroundings, and boost your overall well-being factor for yourself and your energetic children, head to Everglades Holiday Park. Let your children explore, learn, and play in the healthy outdoor environment they need!

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