South Florida Travel Ideas for the Family

South Florida travel ideas

The Everglades

Vacations are always fun, but when you need something easy and convenient for the entire family, it can be challenging to please everyone. As a Florida resident, you know better than most how the state is brimming with entertaining activities, but how many times can you visit the shoreline? Here's some great news. When you need new South Florida travel ideas for the family, the Everglades may be the solution. One of the most interesting places on Earth, the Everglades offer excitement, education and inspiration. Plus, with easy access in Fort Lauderdale, visiting the state's most exciting natural attraction is easier than ever. Here are a few compelling reasons why the River of Grass is a must do for family travel.

Genuine Fun

Exploring the Everglades by airboat is a once-in-a-lifetime thrill and a chance to come face to face with wildlife in a safe, controlled environment. Captains are intimately familiar with the wetlands and can take the boats deep into the ecosystem for the best animal encounters. Tours are a thrill for sure, and families delight in seeing the animals and vegetation up close and in person. For photographers, the images in the Everglades are awe-inspiring, and it's impossible to take a bad picture. This is genuine fun and exactly the type of adventure you want the kids to remember.

Encounter Wildlife In a Natural Setting

Anyone can visit the zoo, and it's always a thrill to see unusual animals interacting, but the real fun begins when the animals are not caged or confined to a zoo setting. A day trip to the Everglades lets the kids meet new and exciting animals, but without artificial habitats or fences. Climb aboard an incredible airboat and let the wetlands be your guide as you seek out alligators, turtles, long legged wading birds and more. With skilled captains to pilot the vessels, there's no end to the sights you'll see.

Healthy, Outdoor Fun

Everyone enjoys warm, Florida sunshine and you can't go wrong with anything outdoors in South Florida. The Everglades is picture perfect, 365 days a year, and that's always good news for parents looking to get the kids outside. An exciting few hours in the Everglades is the best way to encourage a healthy lifestyle and is the perfect backdrop for outdoor fun. Grab the kids, pack a lunch and head out to the sunshine state's best-kept secret. The Florida Everglades are recognized worldwide, and families come from all over just for exciting airboat tours and to experience the flora and fauna of the wetlands.

Don't agonize over thinking up unique South Florida travel ideas when the Everglades have so much to offer. With family adventure as your goal, take advantage of Florida's most exciting natural attraction by spending a few hours in the wetlands. The best family travel ideas in South Florida aren't complicated - a day of fun in the sun, alligators and smiles is exactly what you need.

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