The Perfect Holiday Weekend In South Florida


Long holiday weekends are the best. When the kids have a break from school for a few days and you want to entertain them with an adventure that's educational and close to home, Fort Lauderdale delivers. With fantastic weather, tons of sunshine and outdoor adventures around every corner, it's never a challenge to make plans for the perfect holiday weekend in South Florida. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Let the Everglades Make You An Award Winning Photographer

As Floridians, we never tire of living close to one of the most exciting natural attractions in the world. The Florida Everglades is known worldwide for its collection of extraordinary sights. In fact, with unique flora and fauna you can't see anywhere else, the 'Glades is the perfect photo op waiting to happen. Over 750 animal species (many endangered) make it easy to plan a holiday weekend in South Florida for guests. Capture a few thrilling sights on film and it's easier than ever to become a coveted photographer. The perfect backdrop for fantastic photographs of alligators, long legged wading birds and other amazing wildlife, the Everglades never disappoints.

Thrill Them With an Exciting Live Alligator Show

If you live in Florida and haven't taken the kids to see a live gator show, a holiday weekend is the perfect time. The Gator Boys from Animal Planet host shows at Everglades Holiday Park in Fort Lauderdale, and it's nonstop fun from start to finish. As the original home to the Gator Boys Alligator Rescue, the park is the place to be for expertise, excitement and the best gator show in South Florida. Many of the gators featured on the reality show are taken to the park and the team delights in educating and entertaining crowds with these incredible animals.

Face-to-Face Wildlife Encounters for a Holiday Weekend In South Florida

Would you like to hold a live alligator? How about wrapping a gigantic boa around your neck? Everglades Holiday Park makes it possible to do both - and that's why it's the perfect holiday weekend experience. Come to the park with family visiting from out of town or take the kids over for some long weekend fun in the sun. Animal Encounters, hosted by Ashley Lawrence of the Gator Boys is an experience they'll never forget. Hold a baby alligator, a Lemur, even a skunk. But not to worry mom, the exhibit is perfectly safe and guests of all ages delight in up close interaction with Everglades wildlife.

A few hours in the Everglades is the perfect family friendly adventure for a holiday weekend in South Florida. With smiles, sunshine and a little education, Everglades Holiday Park in Fort Lauderdale is the solution for fun.

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