Exploring America’s Wetland – The Everglades Holiday Park Way

Exploring America's Wetland - Everglades Holiday Park

The Florida Everglades is home to a fantastic collection of some of the most unique and awe-inspiring plants and animals ever seen. A wetland of “international significance”, the “River of Grass” is recognized worldwide for its amazing ecological contribution to animals as well as residents of South Florida. Renowned photographers, artists and tourists flock to the ‘glades for inspiration, adventure and the chance to explore one of the Sunshine State’s most prized assets. Are you interested in visiting America’s wetland? Here’s a little about what the Everglades is and how to see it right – the Everglades Holiday Park way.

What Is a Wetland?

If you’ve heard about the Everglades, but you’re unfamiliar with exactly what a wetland is, you’re not alone. Most people assume that it’s a lowland area or landmass that’s saturated with water – and that’s partly right. But when we talk about the Everglades wetlands, we’re not only referring to swamps and bogs, but also a very specific dry season, where water levels drop, and lower temperatures make wildlife viewing and exploration tons of fun.

Wet Versus Dry Season

The wet season (which extends from November through April) is typically hot and humid in the Everglades. But while a summer time visit may be warm, it’s also an opportunity to avoid the crowds for a full, immersive trip or tour into the Florida Everglades. Thunderstorms are frequent during the wet season, and it’s not unusual to have to wait an hour or so in the morning before venturing out to avoid the rain. Nonetheless, storms are generally fast moving, replaced by bright, gorgeous sunshine that stays high in the sky until well past dinnertime.

By contrast, the dry season (which extends from December through April) is one of the most popular times to visit the Everglades on account of pleasant weather conditions and abundant wildlife. Migratory birds looking to escape the cold join alligators, snakes, and a variety of Everglades animals looking to explore their surroundings. The marshy land that makes up this unique ecological system is an important resource and a pristine natural habitat for numerous plant and animal species – many who are endangered.

The Everglades experience a unique two-season climate

Exploring the Everglades - Everglades Holiday Park

Everglades Holiday Park, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Folks looking to explore the Everglades are welcome to visit Everglades Holiday Park in Fort Lauderdale 7 days a week, 365 days a year. The park is the one destination where adventurous families, wildlife enthusiasts and thrill seekers come together to experience an entertaining, educational and exciting outdoor adventure. With state-of-the-art airboats, live alligator presentations and one-on-one animal encounters, guests to the park enjoy personal interaction with the Florida Everglades and its inhabitants.

Animal Encounters at Everglades Holiday Park

Animal Encounters - Everglades Holiday Park

Airboat tours leave the docks every 20 minutes, giving guests the rare opportunity to come face-to-face with some of the most incredible animals in South Florida. Capture the American alligator on film from the edge of an airboat, lock eyes with a tropical snake and witness graceful wading birds dip in and out of the clouds above the boat. Tours are 60-minutes of fully narrated fun, with expert captains ready to point out and explain the unique flora and fauna along the way.

Meet the Gator Boys Alligator Rescue Crew

After an amazing airboat ride, excited guests are ushered off the boats and led to the world famous “Gator Pit” where the guys and gals from Animal Planet’s Gator Boys demonstrate the strength and unusual grace of the alligator – Florida’s most iconic resident. Gator shows at Everglades Holiday Park are memorable experiences for the entire family, and a fantastic way to expose the kids to the importance of preserving one of the nation’s most revered natural attractions. The Everglades restoration project is ongoing, and the Gator Boys are proud to do their part in educating and informing guests on the critical role gators play in sustaining this remarkable ecosystem.

Ready to learn more? Please visit www.evergladesholidaypark.com for more details on how you can book an exciting hour-long airboat tour through the Everglades followed by a live alligator presentation featuring the Gator Boys.

Live Alligator presentation at Everglades Holiday Park

The Gator Boys - Everglades Holiday Park
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