Lessons From the Everglades: Experience the Magic

Everglades: Experience the Magic

Lessons From the Everglades: Experience the Magic

Renowned authors, photographers and scores of excited visitors enjoy the Florida Everglades each and everyday. With incredible flora, fauna and a peaceful tranquility, the Everglades exceeds expectations. But in the past few decades, the environment has been threatened, and many of the animals who rely on the wetland face challenges. Protecting the Everglades and its inhabitants is a top priority. As one of the last untouched, pristine environments in the country, families delight in sightseeing, airboating and experiencing the Everglades. Here's a glimpse into Florida's hidden gem and how you can enjoy this magical wonderland.

The Health of the Everglades Is a Top Priority

Luckily, efforts to protect the Everglades ecosystem are widespread. But how did this environment become threatened? Over the years, a combination of drainage and development programs jeopardized the natural order of the ecosystem, making it difficult for animals and plant life to thrive. Efforts date back to the early 1900's, but in the mid 1980's in particular, protecting coastal properties in Southern Florida was a major concern. Legislators agreed to construct canal systems to control water flow by helping excess water recede. The legislators' intentions were good and aimed at eliminating floods. However, the long-term effects of the project were negative and the damage wasn't clear until years later.

Today, biologists know very well how many of these original projects damaged both the flora and fauna that depend on the ecosystem for survival. For gators especially, drainage projects decreased available food by forcing fish and other animals to relocate. Drainage and land conservation are primarily responsible for the declining health of the Everglades, along with increased rainfall and a sharp spike in temperatures.

The Gator Boys Alligator Rescue: Entertainment With a Purpose

There is still hope for the Everglades and its most exciting inhabitant, the American Alligator. The Gator Boys Alligator rescue team at Everglades Holiday Park is committed to educating the public on the importance of these incredible creatures and the ecosystem as a whole. Families looking for an adventure can explore the "River of Grass" on an exciting airboat ride followed by a live alligator presentation. The show is entertaining with thrilling tricks, daring stunts and more. But more importantly, the Gator Boys are experts and gator advocates who prioritize rescuing gators in need of help. Many are whom are brought to the park to live comfortably in a special reserve.

Everglades Holiday Park: Family-Fun In Fort Lauderdale

Adventurous families looking for fun enjoy visiting Everglades Holiday Park. With narrated airboat tours, close encounters with wildlife, sightseeing and the best gator shows in town, people of all ages delight in experiencing the Everglades. More than just for entertainment, Florida's hidden treasure is the home of many creatures and needs your help to survive. Everglades Holiday Park and the Gator Boys Alligator Rescue team are preserving the land, the animals, and the fauna- one day at a time. Come down to the park and see all the Everglades has to offer for yourself!

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