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Tourist Sightseeing at Everglades Holiday Park Airboat Tours

sightseeing in the EvergladesThe Florida Everglades are world renowned, offering some of the most unique outdoor adventures, Everglades tour and sightseeing activities in South Florida. Recognized for its incredible wildlife and unique vegetation, the wetlands are inhabited by colorful birds, tropical snakes, alligators and more, making a Everglades National Park boat tours a unique learning experience as well as a thrill for the whole family. If you’re an outdoor enthusiast and you haven’t gone sightseeing in the Everglades or a Everglades airboat tour , here’s what you’re missing.

Everglades Wildlife – Unparalleled Beauty

The Everglades is the place to be when you want to lock eyes with an American alligator, but it’s also one of the most serene environments on the planet for relaxing to the sounds of nature. With so many different species, it’s impossible to see everything in one day, and folks come back time and time again for a completely new Everglades tours. . The area is well known for it’s incredible display of wading birds including the iconic roseate spoonbill, egret, heron and woodstork to name a few. If you’re more of a reptile fan, the ‘Glades is also home to both alligators and crocodiles, with the former populating fresh water channels and wet prairies where they nest and raise their young. With 27 different types of snakes, it’s very likely you’ll witness a few slither past on your expedition.

A Pristine, Natural Habitat

The Everglades is a 2 million acre wetland ecosystem dominated by sawgrass marsh. River of Grass, as its called, is stunning in person, and the perfect backdrop for fishing in the Everglades on a boat , exploring, private airboat tours or just plain relaxing. A pristine natural habitat for thousands of animals, the Everglades was once much larger, but agricultural and urban development have altered the landscape. Nevertheless, much of the wetlands today are under protection, allowing future generations of wildlife and humans to enjoy the ecosystem while on a group airboat tours . The Everglades provide countless services to residents in South Florida, and in addition to its rich natural habitat, it’s an invaluable resource. With miles of wide-open grasslands to explore, an airboat is the perfect vehicle for journeying through the Everglades. Take a guided airboat tour and in about an hour, you can expect to see Everglades wildlife around every corner. With alligators, snakes, gigantic turtles and over 350 different species of birds, the Everglades are stunning. Everglades Holiday Park in Fort Lauderdale offers Everglades excursion exciting narrated rides, animal encounters, Everglades boat tours and the only live alligator presentation in South Florida performed by the one and only Gator Boys from Animal Planet. With so much to experience, sightseeing in the Everglades National Park airboat tours is a popular pastime. As one of the largest untouched natural wildlife habitats in the world, the Everglades is pretty special – and easily one of the most magical places on Earth.   This entry was posted in Everglades Holiday Park Blog, on .