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Best Sightseeing with our Everglades Airboat Tours at Holiday Park

Sightseeing in the Florida Everglades Looking for the best sightseeing in Florida? If you have kids, live near Fort Lauderdale and enjoy the great outdoors, you’re in luck. Florida Everglades excursion offers some pretty unique and amazing things – and for kids, it’s a treat to see wildlife up close without cages and bars like at the zoo. When you’re ready to plan an adventure, here’s where to start.

The World Famous “Gator Pit” at Everglades Holiday Park In Fort Lauderdale

Have you heard of the Gator Boys? Chances are if your kids enjoy watching Animal Planet, they have. The Gator Boys are a team of talented guys (and girls) – expert gator handlers who work to save nuisance alligators in and around residential areas in South Florida. Everglades Holiday Park is the home of the Gator Boys Alligator Rescue and the only place in the Sunshine State where you can catch the team live. In fact, purchase tickets for an airboat ride at the park and the live alligator presentation is complementary. It takes place in the Gator Pit, where the team delights crowds of onlookers with a captivating performance. Kid-friendly, fun and a great way to start sightseeing in Florida, the live alligator presentation at Everglades Holiday Park is definitely a good time.

The Best Sightseeing In Florida

Imagine gliding across the River of Grass at top speeds as you come face-to-face with Everglades alligators, wading birds, and extraordinary vegetation. A bird watcher's paradise, the Everglades is home to sixteen different species of birds alone, making it nearly impossible not to see something extraordinary on a tour through the wetlands. White Ibis, Heron, and Roseate Spoonbill are awesome in person and make fantastic pictures. In fact, many professional photographers and artists choose the Everglades because the scenery is so intense. Whether you’re a nature enthusiast, a bird lover or simply looking to explore the ecosystem on a fast Everglades boat, a narrated tour is a must-do.

“Animal Encounters” at Everglades Holiday Park

Beaches and nightlife are always fun, but when the kids are in tow, nothing beats having your picture taken with some of the Everglades you can meet the coolest critters. Ready to hold a baby alligator? How about a bearded dragon or Boa? At Everglades Holiday Park in Fort Lauderdale, you can! Get your picture taken with a variety of wildlife and experience the magic of Florida’s most exciting natural attraction up close and personal. The exhibit is hosted by Ashley Lawrence of the Gator Boys, an expert gator handler with tons of knowledge to share. The best sightseeing in Florida has to be in the Everglades. With wildlife, vegetation and the Gator Boys, a day of fun in the sun at Everglades Holiday Park is tough to beat!  This entry was posted in Everglades Holiday Park Blog, on .