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What Hurricane Season is Like in the Florida Everglades

 Hurricane Irma - Everglades Holiday Park
With hurricane season in full effect, there are many effects tropical systems can have on ecosystems. The State of Florida is no stranger to hurricanes. Have you ever wondered what exactly happens to the historic Everglades after a storm passes? It’s important to become aware of the effects and destruction in order to maintain the preservation efforts of a national treasure that is the Florida Everglades.

Hurricane season in Florida includes a lot of residents preparing for the worst and hoping for the best as they fill up on water, gas, and supplies. Everglades Holiday Park explains what happens after a hurricane passes through the Everglades and what the long-term effects are.

What Happens After a Hurricane Passes Through the Everglades?

When a major storm reaches landfall passing through the Everglades, it comes with storm surge and a lot of rain that can severely damage the parks. Inland communities can become sheltered when there is extreme flooding and invasive species have the opportunity to sneak through the natural ecosystem. Protection efforts for the Florida Everglades include getting rid of deadly species that severely harm the ecosystem. When a hurricane hits the area, harmful species can damage the natural ecosystems of the environment they invade, creating issues. We have seen this damage firsthand with Hurricane Irma hitting South Florida exactly a year ago. The effects are still being felt by the Everglades and it is our duty to preserve the ecosystem as best as we can.

Continued Preservation Efforts for the 'Glades

The Florida Everglades is considered one of the state’s most treasured and vulnerable ecosystems and while they have withstood multiple natural disasters in the past, the long-term effects can be felt throughout the area. Our Everglades gator park allows people to experience the beautiful Florida Everglades firsthand with exciting airboat tours and one-of-a-kind animal encounters. As hurricane season reaches its peak, preservation efforts for the Everglades will be in full force.   This entry was posted in Everglades Holiday Park Blog, on .