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Best Time of Year for Everglades Airboat Tours and Rides

explore the Everglades

If you're planning a visit to the Sunshine State and you're looking to explore the Everglades, it might be worthwhile to understand a little about what to expect in different seasons. The best time of year to explore the Everglades really depends on what your goal is - and how much time you plan on staying. The good news is, Florida is fun any time of year, and with exciting wildlife and more, the Everglades is extraordinary whenever you visit. Nevertheless, there are some pretty unusual weather patterns. Here's what you should know before going on an Everglades excursion.

Dry Season In the Everglades - December Through May

If you've ever heard anyone talk about the "dry season" in Florida, basically, they are referring to December through early May. During the winter months, the Everglades ecosystem goes through a drought period where little rain and mild temperatures define the environment. For tourists, this is great, making it the busiest time of year to visit the Everglades or go on an Everglades airboat tour. During the dry winter season, it's not unusual to meet crowds of people wherever you travel throughout the sunshine state.

With cool, mild temperatures, Everglades wildlife are out and about, but may be moving a bit slower than normal. Alligators for instance, experience a biological slowdown and tend to be less active, but highly visible. Adventurous families looking to explore the Everglades enjoy taking narrated airboat tours while staying completely comfortable.

Wet Season In the Everglades - June Through November

On the other side of the coin, if you want to explore the Everglades, you should know about the "wet season". June through November the Everglades mirrors the tropical rainforest you learned about as a kid. On the up side, the crowds are very thin, and it's easier than ever to navigate the area without waiting in long lines, or feeling claustrophobic. For families with kids, late spring, early summer is ideal as most Everglades attractions are more enjoyable with less people. With plenty of room to explore, the Everglades are the perfect adventure during the wet season, as long as you can deal with frequent rains and high heat.

Come prepared with sunscreen and a hat, and you can explore the Everglades like a pro as tons of alligators roam about. An exciting thrill for nature enthusiasts and amateur wildlife photographers alike, Alligators enjoy an active mating period in the spring, and with summer months just ahead, the glades are getting ready to welcome cries of baby alligators getting ready to roam.

The Everglades habitat changes dramatically with the seasons, creating exciting differences between wet and dry periods. When is the best time of year to explore the Everglades? With exceptional weather in the winter, stunning photo opportunities in the spring and a unique adventure in the summer, it's always a great time to visit the everglades.

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