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Actitivies to Do at Everglades Holiday Park Airboat Tours

The Florida Everglades: Insider Tips - Everglades Holiday Park

If you’re ready to experience the Florida Everglades excursion, but you’re unsure where to begin, you’re not alone. Millions of visitors to the Sunshine State look forward to visiting with Florida’s amazing wildlife and unique vegetation, but miss tons of exciting opportunities because they failed to have a plan. Take a few minutes to read about the best places to go – key spots to spend your time. Here are some of the best ideas for where to go and what to do in the Everglades – Florida’s most exciting natural attraction.

Everglades Activities

Hiking the Anhinga Trail – A Boardwalk of Adventure The Anhinga Trail in Royal Palm is a definite “must do” and great place to see a variety of alligators and wading birds, like Roseate Spoonbill, Anhinga, Great Egret, Wood Stork, Cormorants and more. With a paved boardwalk, the Anhinga Trail makes it easy to stroll through the Everglades at your own pace – while marveling at the unique sights. If the Anhinga Trail is too busy, or if a longer hike is the goal, the Everglades offers plenty of challenging trails with extraordinary views to keep you on your toes.

Canoe and Kayak Trails - Gliding along the River of Grass without making a sound is one of the most rewarding ways to experience South Florida’s wildlife. Everglades National Park has a variety of canoe and kayak trails through freshwater marsh and mangrove forests that make the perfect afternoon of exploration. Witnessing the wonders of the Everglades by canoe or kayak is a unique adventure, and an exciting way for outdoor enthusiasts to spend a few hours away from the hustle and bustle. Whether you’re in for a quick trip or geared up for a several day adventure, fantastic trails are available.

Spectacular Bird Watching - Everglades birds are extraordinary for sure, and easily one of the most coveted images of the area. Tropical birds can be seen throughout the Everglades, and choosing the perfect destination for birding is really a matter of finding an area that’s most convenience and close to other activities you plan on doing while visiting. As for the perfect season, you really can’t go wrong anytime of year in the Everglades. Remember, while summer is a little more humid, many birds enjoy the frequent rains, ands can be seen quite easily in the morning and early afternoon.

World Renowned Fishing - One third of Everglades National Park is covered by water, and that means fantastic fishing opportunities! If you enjoy angling, you’ll delight in knowing that the Everglades is a renowned fishing destination for both saltwater and freshwater fishing. With everything from large mouth bass to snapper, trout, redfish, bluegill and more, there’s something for everyone. While there are designated boat ramps throughout for creating your own adventure, guided fishing tours offer amateurs and those new to the sport the opportunity to fish like the pros in one of the most extraordinary ecosystems in the world.

Private Airboat Tours - What’s more exciting than viewing the flora and fauna of the amazing Everglades in private on a narrated tour specifically designed for you? Imagine a birthday or anniversary present – the most intimate adventure on fully guided group airboat tours and private airboat tours through the Everglades! Reservations can be made in advance for this once in a lifetime opportunity. A narrated airboat tour for you and your special guests is a V.I.P. experience not to be missed!

The Essential Everglades Experience - Everglades Holiday Park

The Essential Everglades Experience – Everglades Holiday Park

If spying on wildlife by immersing yourself in the middle of the action is your goal, then an airboat ride at Everglades Holiday Park is the solution. Guests looking for adventure visit the park to experience the area like a true gladesman, complete with an hour-long airboat tour, live alligator show and up close and personal animal encounters. Families with children, senior citizens and outdoor enthusiasts delight in the essential Everglades experience with the crew at Everglades Holiday Park!

Plus, as a bonus, the park is also home to the Gator Boys Alligator Rescue – the one and only crew who made the Animal Planet reality show, The Gator Boys a hit. Live shows are complementary with the purchase of an airboat tour and boats leave the docks every 20 minutes starting at 9 am. The perfect family fun adventure, a day trip to Everglades Holiday Park is not only exciting, but also, an educational treat they’ll remember forever. Guests to the park are encouraged to take in the destination fully by visiting the Gator Bites Café for a delicious bite to eat. With small snacks, sandwiches and popular staple items, it’s a treat to grab lunch and sit under the shade of the banyan trees. With plenty of green grounds and extraordinary views, just relaxing is an adventure at Everglades Holiday Park!

When you’re ready to explore the Everglades, it’s never a bad idea to have a few ideas in mind. With hiking, kayaking, birding, fishing, airboating and more, Florida’s most exciting natural attraction can’t let you down. And that’s true whether you’re in it for the education or just a few hours of fun.

If you’d like to learn more about how to book an exciting airboat tour and alligator show at Everglades Holiday Park, please visit us online at www.evergladesholidaypark.com or call 954-434-8111 today!

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