The Complete Everglades Experience

The Complete Everglades Experience at Everglades Holiday Park

The Florida Everglades is a national treasure that is comprised of scenic views and diverse wetlands. Preserving this 1.5 million acre landscape is an important contribution to society and everyone should become aware of the conservation efforts of this natural beauty. Gaining knowledge of the history of the Everglades adds to the full experience of being surrounded by the grasslands. At Everglades Holiday Park, located in Fort Lauderdale, everyone can get the ultimate Everglades experience by participating in one of our thrilling airboat rides as well as a fascinating animal encounter. Discover all that the Everglades has to offer by learning interesting facts from one of our expert airboat captains. Gliding through the wetlands allows you the opportunity to experience the unique plants and animals that fill the Everglades and spending a day at our park gives you the complete Everglades experience.

An Educational Airboat Ride Experience

Spending the day in the Everglades at our park gives you the chance to learn so many interesting facts about the Everglades and how it has evolved today. The airboat tours guided by our captains is the perfect educational experience for people of all ages to learn about the wildlife as well as experience it right in front of their own eyes! You will journey deep into the Everglades on a one-hour tour and come across some creatures that you never knew even existed. Our spacious airboats are safe and offer comfort for everyone riding through the Everglades. The Boats are covered to protect you from extreme sun exposure as well as rainy weather conditions. You will learn about the history of the Everglades as well as important facts on the different animals that you will come across.

Outdoor Recreational Activities

The ultimate Everglades experience is not complete with just an airboat ride; Everglades Holiday Park offers entertaining Gator Shows from the Gator Boys Alligator Rescue team as well as live animal encounters for people of all ages. Your kids can get up close and personal with some of the most incredible and exciting wildlife. Our park also provides other outdoor activities such as boat rentals for you and the family to fish right here in the Everglades. There is truly something for everyone at Everglades Holiday Park and your fun-filled day will provide plenty of excitement.

Whether you are looking to spend your next birthday party at our park or if you are planning a summer day trip, Everglades Holiday Park provides the complete Everglades experience. You will become knowledgeable about the wetlands and educated on how we preserve this landscape on a daily basis. You can explore our entire grounds and take in all that the Everglades has to offer. Scenic and breathtaking views and outdoor adventure encompass Everglades Holiday Park. Contact us today to book your next summer outdoor excursion on an airboat tour or an animal encounter.

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