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Family Adventures at Everglades Holiday Park Airboat Tours

best everglades family activity

When it's time to organize the best Everglades family adventure, South Florida has it all. Whether you enjoy thrills, a peaceful retreat or simply look forward to seeing a few animals, outdoor fun in the warm sunshine is tough to beat. Florida is the place to be for incredible theme parks, but it's also home to some of the most amazing natural entertainment in the world. With exciting wildlife encounters, alligator shows and exhilarating airboat rides, the Fort Lauderdale's Everglades Holiday Park is jam packed with fun and easily the best Everglades airboat tour

Fun For all Ages

Whether you're five or fifty, the Florida Everglades has something for everyone. A family-friendly adventure for the whole gang, there's more to see and do in one day in the 'Glades than a whole week at a theme park. Everglades Holiday Park in Fort Lauderdale offers Everglades excursion with all kinds of interesting critters, perfect for snapping pictures and educating the kids on some of the area's best wildlife. With the Gator Boys from Animal Planet's hit reality show leading live alligator presentations, the kids will be smiling for weeks. The crew is always available to sign autographs and answer questions and kids delight in visiting with Florida's most exciting inhabitant - the American alligator.

The Best Everglades Family Adventure

The best Everglades family adventure begins with an hour-long Everglades National Park airboat tours through the 'Glades guided by an experienced captain who stops at strategic locations for guests to witness wildlife in their natural habitat. Imagine capturing a blue heron snatching a fish for lunch or a giant turtle sunbathing on film. Of course, there's no shortage of alligators, and it's not uncommon for a 10-foot gator to slip by the boat. Forget about honking horns and traffic, a day trip to the Everglades puts you front and center in one of the most incredible environments on Earth. Out here, no one is worried about deadlines or email. The best place to bring the family together for safe, genuine fun, the Everglades is Florida's most exciting natural attraction and it never disappoints.

Narrated Tours

When your idea of the best Everglades family adventure involves learning, Everglades Holiday Park is the solution. Dads enjoy an adrenaline-charged airboat ride and moms appreciate knowing the kids are actually learning something meaningful at the same time. Narrated tours make learning about the ecosystem fun, and captains enjoy sharing stories about the rich history of the ecosystem and the animals who rely on it for survival. Sit back and relax as a skilled tour guide introduces you to the magic of the Everglades, from exciting animals to unique vegetation and more. Gorgeous birds, unusual reptiles and countless exciting sights make an hour-long tour unforgettable fun.

Is a family vacation in your future? South Florida never disappoints, and the best Everglades family adventure awaits on an exciting and educational day trip to Everglades Holiday Park.

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