Martha Stewart Gives the Everglades a Shout Out

 Martha Stewart Gives the Everglades a Shout Out

In late February 2017, famous businesswoman, writer, and TV personality Martha Stewart took a trip to South Florida, where she knew she couldn’t miss the opportunity to explore the Florida Everglades – a 1.5-million-acre wetland preserve. On her blog, Martha Stewart recounts her time spent exploring the various landscapes of Florida’s natural wonder, strongly encouraging her readers to visit the “extraordinary Florida Everglades”.

Through an aerial tour, she enjoyed an interesting and informative visit, viewing the surrounding neighborhoods, the sedimentary rock limestone that brightens up the ‘glades. Afterwards, she embarked on an Everglades airboat tour where she was able to view the various habitats that create the Everglade’s thriving environment, including marshy wetlands, small canals, freshwater sloughs, and tropical hardwood hammocks. She even mentioned spotting an alligator sunbathing on a small island.

After her personal experience viewing South Florida’s treasure, Martha Stewart learned just how vital the Everglades are, not only to the thousands of animals within, but also to millions of people living in South Florida. The Everglades is a water source for over 8 million people in Florida. In her blog post, she discusses the importance of conservation through protection, restoration, and preservation efforts from The Everglades Foundation.

At Everglades Holiday Park, we practice conservation efforts of the Everglades as well. On our informational airboat tours, you and your group can take a ride deep into the Everglades to explore the various habitats and wildlife, while learning what you can do to help protect it. Call us today to book your tour.

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