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Best Time to Visit the Everglades Holiday Park Airboat Tours

Visit the Florida Everglades

Is it time to visit the Everglades?

If you’re considering a trip down to Florida for an Everglades boat trip and wondering when the best time is to visit the Everglades, you’re in luck. South Florida is booming any time of the year, and the ecosystem is extraordinary whenever you visit, especially when you're on an Everglades National Park boat tours. Nevertheless, there are a few differences between months. Below is some information regarding the best time of year to visit the Everglades and some tips to help you plan your trip.

Everglades Dry Season – December through April

The Everglades National Park airboat tours and the ecosystem does experience a winter dry season, or drought period, from early December through late April and early May. This is sure to be the busiest time of year to visit the Everglades for Miami airboat tours, as many tourists come to South Florida to get away from cold, bitter temperatures up north. The animals in the Everglades react differently during the cooler time of the year in Florida. While they are often out and about, most tend to be a bit slow-moving during the winter months. In fact, alligators experience a biological slowdown.

As the dry season progresses, the animals get more active, and adventurous families to delight in taking narrated airboat ride to capture some exciting sights on film. The weather is extraordinary in Florida from December through May, and it’s easy to see why the Everglades excursion is a popular tourist activity during this time either as private airboat tours or group airboat tours.

Everglades Wet Season – May through November

With plenty of room to explore without crowds, an airboat ride is a fantastic adventure during the wet season. This time of year is filled with frequent rains and heat, which tend to steer many people away. If you come to the Everglades prepared with sunscreen and a hat, you’re likely to see scores of alligators going about their business, making the ‘glades a thrill for nature enthusiasts and wildlife photographers alike while on Everglades tours. Transition periods like late April and early May are always a busy time of the year for an Everglades tour.Everglades boat tours are also popular on Memorial Day weekend when the winter months are officially coming to a close. Plus, alligators experience an active mating period in the spring. With summer months just ahead, the wetland is preparing to create new habitat for wildlife to thrive.

In late August, you can hear the cries of new baby alligators getting ready to roam. Water levels change dramatically from month to month in the Everglades, creating unique differences between the wet and dry seasons.

So, when is the best time of year to visit the South Florida for an Everglades airboat tour? With gorgeous weather in the winter, fantastic photo opportunities in the spring, and a unique adventure in the summer, it’s always a great time to visit the Florida Everglades! Contact Everglades Holiday Park today to learn more about the adventurous airboat rides and Everglades animal encounters in which we provide for people of all ages.


December through April is Dry Season in the Everglades
Enjoy an Everglades Airboat Tour Before the Dry Season Ends

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