Now or Neverglades Restoration Efforts Continue

 Now or Neverglades Restoration Efforts Continue

Preservation of the Everglades is important to Floridians and scientists everywhere. With the constant threat of flooding in Lake Okeechobee, those attempting to manage the lake levels discharge the water into estuaries that feed into the Everglades. The water coming from this lake is untreated and far too salty, causing major harm to the Everglades. Salinity imbalances in the Everglades due to runoff from Lake Okeechobee leads to dying seagrass, dangerous algae formation, multiyear ecosystem collapse, and damage in Florida’s fishing, boating, and tourism industries.

On March 12, 2015, 207 respected Everglades scientists signed a petition stating their belief that the water in Lake Okeechobee must receive increased treatment and storage that will stop careless runoff into the Florida Everglades, which is damaging the natural environments.

With the hashtag “#NoworNeverglades”, scientists and community leaders are encouraging individuals and organizations to join their conservation efforts and minimize negative environmental impact. The petition already has 61,306 supporters, and Everglades Holiday Park encourages our visitors to check it out.

The goals of NoworNeverglades include:

1. Treatment and conveyance of water that will stop damaging discharges into coastal estuaries.

2. Restoring the flow of clean and fresh water in Everglades National Park, Florida Bay, and the Florida Keys.

3. Improve the drinking water of 8 million people living in Palm Beach, Miami-Dade, Broward, and Monroe counties.

With hopes that #NoworNeverglades will promote awareness amongst Floridians and visitors to the area, Everglades conservation leaders will continue to decrease salinity levels and preserve the current conditions of the Everglades.

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