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Meet the Gator Boys' Ashley Lawrence

Fans of Animal Planet's hit show, Gator Boys, already know Ashley Lawrence, one of Everglades Holiday Park's most popular employees. An experienced wildlife handler and conservationist, Ashley leads a large amount of our main attractions, including Animal Encounters and our Gator Shows.

As one of the Gator Boys, Ashley, along with partners Paul Bedard and Chris Gillette, has been responsible for the rescue and rehabilitation of countless alligators in South Florida and beyond. When she's not out filming new episodes for the popular reality show, you'll find her hard at work sharing her knowledge and passion for animals with Everglades Holiday Park visitors.

A Lifelong Passion for Wildlife

You could say Ashley knows a thing or two about some of nature's wildest creatures - before joining the team Everglades Holiday Park, she began her career as a wildlife handler caring for tigers, lions and other big cats at T.I.G.E.R.S. Preservation Station in Myrtle Beach. Working with the Gator Boys might have seemed like a natural transition, but it wasn't without its difficulties. Routinely handling gators up to 200 pounds would be difficult for anyone, but at just 4'11", Ashley is defying preconceived notions about who can care for these large reptiles.

See Ashley Live at Everglades Holiday Park

Visitors to Everglades Holiday Park can meet Ashley in person in our famous gator shows, where she shows off wrestling moves such as the bulldog and the faceoff, and demonstrates her intuitive connection with these reptiles. Ashley also leads our Animal Encounters attraction, where you can get up close and personal with ring-tailed lemurs, ball pythons, macaws and other park residents.

For a small donation to Gator Boys Alligator Rescue, you can also get your picture taken with Ashley or other Gator Boys stars. If you love the show or just love animals in general, there's no better souvenir to take home.

Visit Ashley from Gator Boys at Everglades Holiday Park

Open seven days a week, Everglades Holiday Park - known as the Gateway to the Everglades - is located just outside of Fort Lauderdale. Visit us today for your chance to meet Ashley from the Gator Boys in person!

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