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floridas alligator

The American Alligator

As a resident of the Sunshine State, sharing space with Florida's alligator is just another day in the life. We see them on the golf course, in swimming pools, even on our doorsteps from time to time. But few people understand why the Gator Boys Alligator Rescue team works so hard to save this majestic creature. Luckily, at Everglades Holiday Park, we do, and that's exactly why we continue to offer crowds of excited onlookers the chance to meet and greet with Florida's most iconic resident every chance they get. Florida's alligator is indeed fantastic, a species that in many ways is misunderstood. If you're considering visiting the park to learn more about Florida's alligator, here's some information you may find interesting.

The Love of a Good Mom - Florida's Alligator Is Devoted

Say the word "alligator" and most people think vicious and mean - not a warm, caring mom. But interestingly, female gators are actually quite affectionate - particularly with their little ones. Did you know that the nurturing begins even before the babies are born? Female alligators help break open eggshells, assisting baby gators with the hatching process. Once hatching is complete, baby gators learn to swim right away and can even catch their own food. Yet despite being self sufficient, most newborn alligators stay close to mom because of the unwavering comfort and protection she provides.

Florida's Alligator Plays a Critical Role In the Everglades Ecosystem

More than just an interesting resident, Florida's alligator plays an important role in controlling the balance of wildlife and preservation of the Everglades ecosystem. Just by feeding and digging holes, they provide nourishment, refuge and shelter for many reptiles and marine animals. In wet season, when the Everglades is hot and humid, Florida's alligator digs deep holes to cool down. These same holes provide an important water source for other Everglades wildlife come drought season when the environment is barren.

Visiting With Florida's Alligator- A Threatened Species

The health of the Everglades is failing and Florida's alligator is a threatened species. Luckily, at the local, state and federal levels, interest groups and concerned citizens are raising awareness about the importance of protecting the ecosystem, giving families from all over the world to get the chance to meet and greet with the area's finest. Everglades restoration projects are underway, protecting one of the world's most memorable natural and cultural resources.

With a rich diversity of wildlife and plants, the "River of Grass" is a popular tourist spot and a family fun locale. Tourists can take narrated airboat tours, experience live alligator shows and more. A once in a lifetime adventure, hour-long airboat tours at Everglades Holiday Park put you up close and personal with the area's most exciting wildlife, including long legged wading birds, turtles, tropical snakes and of course, the star - Florida's alligator.

Are you ready to journey through America's wetlands? Home of the Gator Boys Alligator Rescue, Everglades Holiday Park in Fort Lauderdale brings family fun and excitement together with invigorating airboat rides, live alligator presentations and more.

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