How to Handle Alligator Encounters in the Everglades

How to Handle Alligator Encounters in the Everglades

The Florida Everglades is a very popular attraction in South Florida. This historic wetland is home to all kinds of unique wildlife. If you are planning a trip to the beautiful Everglades, you may be wondering what kinds of animals you will come in contact with. Alligators call this area home so you will likely encounter one while visiting an Everglades gator park. It’s important to understand what you and your family should do if you were to come across an alligator in the Everglades. While these large reptiles are scary in nature, you have nothing to worry about if you follow the proper procedure. At Everglades Holiday Park, we offer the best tips for how to handle alligator encounters while embarking on a thrilling airboat ride through the wetlands or simply exploring the historic grounds.

Keep Your Distance

It’s almost inevitable that you will come across an alligator when you spend your day in the Everglades. If you spot this creature, it’s so important to keep your distance and never come too close to one. Alligators are very fast and if they view you as prey, they will attack. As a general rule of thumb, it’s safe to maintain a distance of at least 30 feet between you and the reptile.

Do Not Feed an Alligator

Alligators are very different from the other wildlife and at Everglades Holiday Park, it’s prohibited to attempt to feed them. You may be intrigued by this reptile and wish to feed them; however, this can be a very dangerous behavior since they often can’t differentiate between their food and your arm. Feeding alligators at any location is against the law and very unsafe.

Do Not Disrupt an Alligator Nest

While spending the day in the Everglades you may come across a nest where baby alligators are going to hatch. If you step on it or disturb the area, the mother alligator may attack; they are very protective. If a mother alligator feels you are hurting her babies, she will start to hiss or swim toward you, a bad sign that she will attack. Alligator encounters with a nest can be very dangerous and you must immediately leave the situation if you have compromised a small gator.

It’s so important to never taunt or aggravate an alligator or you risk your life. If you keep your distance, you will be able to observe these reptiles in their natural habitat without disrupting the peace. Many people travel very far in order to admire the alligators in the Everglades. It’s so important to follow the procedures above in order to stay safe from an attack. Our Everglades gator park offers exciting airboat tours and gator shows for the experience of a lifetime! Contact us today to learn more about the various animal encounter experiences we provide.

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