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Endangered Animal Protection Laws

 New Protections for Endangered Animals

In early April, just in time for Earth Day, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service proposed new wildlife protections for endangered animals. Under the new proposal, protections for the 300 animals currently listed would not change, however the policy could make a difference in the way future endangered animals are protected.

The draft rule would revise how the agency treats species considered at risk of endangerment under the Endangered Species Act. Instead of applying general protections for plants and animals that are at risk, the new rule would have tailored guidelines for each individual threatened species. This proposal is in response to the government’s belief that it can better protect at-risk plants and animals by creating specific rules for each one, as opposed to blanket rules for all.

These individual protections for plants and animals are expected to be highly beneficial for endangered species, however the only concern for conservation advocates is the potential backlog. Conservation advocates say the process of listing a species can already take upwards of a decade and noted developing species-specific protections could lengthen that process.

The Fish and Wildlife Service promises that if their new plan goes into effect, the rules for animals currently listed on the endangered species list would not be affected; thus, the animals’ protections would remain the same.

The government has added 14 species as threatened or endangered since early 2017, with the most recent listing of the Louisiana pine snake.

Everglades Holiday Park is a sanctuary for various plants and animals on the endangered species list. Touring our park allows visitors the opportunity to view these animals in their natural, undisturbed habitats. Our team works tirelessly to ensure we are protecting the Everglades and sustaining the life within it.

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When Is The Best Time of Year for Everglades Bass Fishing?

Endangered Plants of the Everglades

Within the last few weeks you may have noticed more locals fishing in the canals of South Florida. If you’re wondering whether they’re in on a secret that you aren’t – the answer is yes. What many Sunshine State locals know is that right now is the best time for bass fishing in South Florida. The reason? Seasonal changes have caused the water levels to decrease within the interior of the Everglades, forcing large amounts of bass and other animals toward the canals that the Everglades feed into.

Although it is possible to catch bass in canals year-round, local fishermen swear by the ease with which they can catch a ton of fish during this lucky time of year. “Anybody can throw it and catch a fish”, says Everglades captain Alan Zaremba, who says there’s no such thing as a bad cast. Casting a line in the water this time of the year can also result in peacock bass, spotted sunfish, shellcrackers, speckled perch, and other kinds of fish.

Locals look forward to this influx of bass every year. The season typically ends when South Florida’s famous rainy summer season begins. This year, the rainy season isn’t expected to fully pick up until the end of May or the beginning of June, which will increase water levels once again.

This time of year is a great opportunity to introduce younger children to easy fishing, potentially getting them hooked on the sport. As The Miami Herald says, “Just get your lure somewhere on the water and chances are excellent that you’ll get a bite.”

Ready to give it a shot? Everglades Holiday Park is open 7 days a week – fully equipped with fishing gear, boat rentals, expert Everglades captains and more. Stop by our park for a day of south Florida fishing fun!

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Celebrate Memorial Day with Friends & Family at Everglades Holiday Park

Memorial Day at Everglades Holiday Park

There is nothing like a long holiday weekend when the kids have extra time off of school and you can spend some quality family time together. For this Memorial Day Celebration weekend, why don’t you plan something different and go on an adventure with the family? Grab your camera and some sunscreen and head on over to Everglades Holiday Park where you can enjoy an Everglades tour through the wonderful Everglades right here in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Our wildlife park is open 365 days a year, which makes Memorial Day the perfect time to schedule your airboat tour and Everglades Animal Encounter.

Impress your Family with a Live Alligator Show

If you live in Florida, this is the perfect opportunity to take your children to the wetlands and let them experience their first live gator show. This educational and entertaining performance will be sure to captivate your entire family and members of our world-famous Gator Boys Alligator Rescue team sure know how to put on a good show. You’ll learn interesting gator facts and experience exciting stunts that you won’t see anywhere else.

Glide through the Everglades with an Airboat Tour

Riding through the Everglades on an airboat ride gives you the opportunity to see wild animals living in their natural habitat. This fast-paced tour is fun for the whole family and the excitement of being up close and personal will really allow you to take in all the sights and sounds that the Everglades has to offer. This is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience for you and the kids to zip across one of South Florida’s finest natural attractions. Just because the kids are off from school doesn’t mean they can’t engage in some educational Everglades learning from the highly-trained tour guides at Everglades Holiday Park. Together, you’ll learn about South Florida’s diverse ecosystem and fast facts about some of the most fascinating animals in the wetlands.

If you really want to get close to the wildlife, you and your family can actually hold a live baby albino alligator or a boa right here at our park. You can spend an entire day enjoying all that our park offers, plus we have a full-service café that offers daily lunch specials. Stop by our Memorial Day BBQ for some fun! What are you waiting for? Book your holiday weekend airboat excursion at Everglades Holiday Park today! Spend Memorial Day this year at the Everglades. The kids will be filled with excitement and anticipation for a fun-filled weekend.

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