3 Great Areas You’ll Want to Go on Your Everglades Airboat Tour

If you’ve been researching a vacation to the Florida Everglades, you know by now that there’s a ton to offer visitors of all kinds at the third-largest National Park in the lower 48 states. The Everglades consists of wetlands, swamps, and vast wooded areas that houses hundreds of different animals and species that are easily seen aboard an airboat ride in Alligator Alley.

Here, rivers, lakes, and streams intertwine within the southernmost part of Florida to entice both amateur and professional fishermen, and the vast, gorgeous coastline itself begs to be explored. Many frequent Everglades visitors make a habit of repeating their favorite activities over and over again because they usually see something new every time they take an airboat ride or while hiking, fishing, sightseeing, camping, and exploring, making them all favorites! One of the most beloved activities, however, and one that the Glades has become quite famous for, is Everglades voyages.

What better way to cruise and sightsee the wetlands than by zipping around at top speeds? The Florida Everglades has become widely known as the “River of Grass”, so air boating is a way to ensure that you can get to even the most difficult-to-reach places by boat without any trouble at all for thrilling River of Grass adventures. Our airboats meet all Coast Guard safety standards and have passenger compartments to protect you from any weather – sunshine or rain – and will leave you safe and simply exhilarated when you take the ride of your life through the Everglades.

During your airboat tour, you’ll come face to face with unique and exciting animals, with most tours giving you a chance to see wild alligators, and your expert tour guide will ensure your safety the entire time. So – if you find yourself in the Everglades and wanting to have a little fun, sign up for one of our airboat tours on the edge of Everglades National Park!


Wondering what you might experience in Alligator Alley? It’s all in the name. When you take an airboat tour with Everglades Holiday Park Airboat Tours & Rides, you’ll get an hour to venture into some of the deepest mangroves and ecosystems in South Florida, where wildlife is most abundant. The expert tour guides will know beyond the shadow of a doubt where to go and will be helpful in educating you on the wildlife you come across.

On one of our Everglades tours, you’ll come close to a number of alligators, learn more about the magnificent species, and maintain your safety at all times on our Everglades excursion. Be sure to have your cameras ready when the American alligator presents itself for a few photo ops.


The Everglades is known for its gorgeous mangroves that twist into tunnels over nearly every swamp and stream around. You’ll feel the wind in your face as you take in the beautiful sights, and cruising at top speeds will feel amazing on your covered airboat in the heat of South Florida Day.

When you tour the mangroves, your tour guide will point out wildlife and share stories and fun facts that you’d never know otherwise. Our private airboat adventures and group airboat tours are the perfect way to see all of these interesting things about the Everglades.


Exploring the mangroves and alligator alleys will provide a unique experience, but a tour through the grasslands and forest surrounding will add significantly to the excitement. The lush landscape and the vast wildlife you’ll take in will differ from that in the Alley, and then when you venture through the swamps, you’ll see even more.

Wildlife varies across every Everglades ecosystem, so why not explore them all? If you wish to see the most that the Everglades has to offer, our Everglades tour is one of the best ways to do so.

Why Choose Everglades for Your Airboat Adventure?

Dive into the Heart of the South Florida Everglades

The Florida Everglades is vast. Depending on what areas you chose to include, a general size comparison for the “River of Grass” is the same area as the states of New Jersey and Connecticut. Throw in some associated coastal areas many consider a part of the ‘Glades ecosystem, and you can add the states of Delaware and Rhode Island. There are hardly any places in the United States that have such a vast stretch of never-developed pristine natural habitat.

What we call the Everglades is actually a mix of rivers, streams, springs, and a huge body of slow-flowing water, combined with a variety of different plants and terrain features that work together to form one of the most unique ecosystems in the world.

From hardwood and pine uplands to cypress hammocks to huge areas of sawgrass to mangrove tunnels and estuaries that meet the ocean, plants and animals vary over long distances and sometimes within just yards. This is why fans of the Everglades return so often after their first Everglades airboat trip.

Gator Park – A Hub of Gator Action

Either before or after an exciting Everglades airboat tour, experiencing the wildlife shows at Everglades Holiday Park gets you into some serious gator action! Not only will you see an alligator show, but you can also get up close with fierce reptiles and even have a chance to hold a baby alligator!

One of the things tourists enjoy about our gator park is the world famous “Gator Boys Rescue live gator show.” The Gator Boys are the stars of the hit Animal Planet series that followed the Boys across South Florida as they rescued alligators from backyard pools and other places they came in too close contact with humans. Often, the rescued alligators found a home at Everglades Holiday Park or another gator park.

Experience Wildlife Like Never Before

Of course, the distinctive American alligator is the first animal that comes to mind for many when they think of Florida. However, there is a wide array of wildlife, including unique Florida animal species, most of which can be found in the Everglades.

Did you know that the alligator has a cousin here in Florida, the American crocodile? This species of crocodile is, fortunately for us, not as big or aggressive as the varieties found in Africa or Australia. Although still rare, they can be found throughout the Everglades National Park and up into central Florida.

The endangered Florida panther calls the Everglades home, along with the West Indian manatee, dolphins, and many other animals associated with the southeast U.S., such as raccoons, opossums, foxes, frogs galore, and reptiles such as turtles and snakes.

Speaking of reptiles, there is some other wildlife, considered invasive species, that have also found the ‘Glades a great place to live and have their young. Many of these animals, such as Burmese and African Rock pythons, along with Monitor and Tegu lizards, were either abandoned pets or escaped from reptile importers in South Florida.

Unfortunately, they are having a negative impact on the natural Florida wildlife in the Everglades, and federal and state agencies, along with area residents, are working to humanely eradicate the invasive species in the Everglades, especially Everglades National Park.

Next to alligators, the birds of the Everglades are probably one of the best-known features. You can find many species of endangered birds in the Everglades, including the wood stork, the snail kite, and the red-cockaded woodpecker. The hawk-like snail kite looks like a formidable bird of prey with elongated talons, but its main food is the large snails that can be found throughout the ‘Glades.

Another unusual bird resident not to be missed is the roseate spoonbill water bird. Several endangered shore birds can be found in the sections of the Everglades on or near the coast. These areas can be accessed from Everglades City or the Flamingo Park entrance. You should let your wonderful guide know of your interest in trying to see these exotic birds on your Everglades tour.

Everglades airboat tours are almost guaranteed to be both a wildlife adventure and an overall amazing experience!

Unique Touring Opportunities in the Everglades

Private Airboat Ride – A Personalized Adventure

If you have a large family group or want to experience a unique area at a slower pace, private airboat tours are just the thing and are just simply the best airboat rides. A private tour boat ride can also let you break away from your large group for some couple “me” time.

Private airboat tours can give your boat captain a chance to take you to unique places and give you the opportunity to spot a baby alligator, other opportune unique wildlife, or some rare birds transiting the area during the migrating season.

Cypress Forest and Nature Walks

Cypress forests in the Everglades, known as Cypress heads or domes, are special places. They retain water during the dry season, provide a refuge for wildlife, and provide shade for other species to grow under the dome. An epiphyte is a category of plants that grow on other living plants for support but does not harm the host plant. Types of epiphytes that can be found in cypress heads include bromeliads, orchids, air plants, and Spanish moss.

Did you know that some trees can have knees? Cypress knees, which are above-ground portions of cypress roots, add to the mystery of the usually quiet, shady atmosphere in the cypress forest. Bald cypress trees are some of the tallest trees in Florida, growing up to 150 feet high, and they can live for hundreds of years. Gazing on these giant ancient trees during a quiet nature walk can be a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Beyond the Airboat – Other Everglades Attractions

Tours Run Throughout Biscayne Bay

A trip to South Florida is a great opportunity to visit beautiful Key Biscayne. Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park has one of the best beaches anywhere.

At Biscayne National Park, you can explore a coastal barrier reef and the only federally recognized underwater archaeological trail in the United States. Many tour companies offer kayak, canoe, and other boat tours both in the national park and other sights in Biscayne Bay. A guided tour in these areas is recommended for first-time visitors.

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    Everglades Holiday Park airboat rides are truly fun for the whole family. At an hour-long and at speeds of up to 60 miles per hour, you can be sure that you’ll have the experience of a lifetime. Whether you explore Alligator Alley, zip through the Mangrove tunnels, or traverse the grasslands and swamps (or do all three!), you won’t regret any amount of time spent with your family on an airboat, where you’ll learn a ton and live life (safely) on the edge.


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