Take a VIP Tour of the Everglades with Everglades Holiday Park

Take a VIP Tour of the Everglades with Everglades Holiday Park

Outdoor lovers, nature enthusiasts, and thrill seekers: want to spend an adventurous day outdoors without the hassle of planning? At Everglades Holiday Park, our VIP airboat tours of the Everglades take care of your journey from start to finish. Whether you are planning a romantic day for two or an exciting day for a large group, you can experience all that the Everglades has to offer through our personalized tours.

Rated by USA Today as one of the 10 Best Things to Do with Kids, our VIP tours of the Everglades are the ultimate adventure through the Florida’s most treasured landscape and suitable for any age. What’s included in a VIP tour of the Everglades?

  • The team at Everglades Holiday Park will provide round trip transportation to and from our park. We offer pick up in Broward, Dade, and Palm Beach County.
  • You will be escorted to our private docks, where you’ll embark on a VIP Everglades airboat tour with our experienced captains.
  • Over the course of an hour, fully narrated tour, you’ll be able to see some of the world’s most exotic animals in their natural habitats. You’ll fly at top speeds over the River of Grass and view the various ecosystems and vegetation that keep the Everglades alive.
  • After your airboat tour, you can check out a live gator show, hosted by the famous Gator Boys Alligator Rescue. This 20-minute experience features stunts, tricks, and jokes that are sure to entertain all ages.
  • Receive a free group photo, or opt for a paid version where you get to hold an alligator!

A VIP tour of the Everglades is the perfect way to make sure your group gets the best possible experience of Florida’s 1.5-million-acre natural treasure. Let Everglades Holiday Park worry about the details. All you have to do is call 954-434-8113 to book your visit, and get ready for the ultimate day out in Everglades!

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Enjoy an Everglades Airboat Tour Before the Dry Season Ends

Enjoy an Everglades Airboat Tour Before the Dry Season Ends

Residents and visitors to South Florida often ask when the optimal time to enjoy an Everglades airboat tour is, and the answer is simple: there’s never a bad time. With 1.5 million acres of marshland, you can guarantee that each ecosystem working within the Everglades is thriving year-round.

Unlike most of the country shoveling snow and trying to keep warm, South Florida enjoys warm weather and comfortable temperatures year-round. Instead of the typical four season changes, South Florida enjoys only two major changes: the wet season and the dry season.

Each season offers something different; the wet season falls between May and November. Temperatures are a little higher and it may rain more often, so water levels are higher (although this doesn’t stop our Everglades airboat tours from running). The dry season, however, is active December through April. The dry season in the Everglades is mild, pleasant, and breezy.

The animals you will see on your Everglades airboat tour will vary depending on the season. Since they are living in their natural habitats, each day in the Everglades is different, and animals don’t appear on command. Regardless of the season, you are bound to see some of South Florida’s most unique wildlife; alligators, racoons, manatees, turtles, snakes, ducks, hawks, gulls, and all kinds of aquatic life. Not all of them may be visible, but you can expect to see a few hanging out on the edges of the Everglades’ waterways, perched up in a tree, or swimming alongside the airboat.

An Everglades airboat tour is fun year-round, but the dry season is especially pleasant for those who are looking for a milder atmosphere. Make sure you catch a glimpse of the Everglades before the dry season ends! Call Everglades Holiday Park today to book your trip.

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The Everglades Superpower: Reducing Global Warming

The Everglades Superpower: Reducing Global Warming

Not only does Everglades National Park provide shelter, water, and recreation for millions, researchers are now reporting on an “Everglades Superpower” – the ability to reduce global warming.

Here at Everglades Holiday Park, we are not surprised to hear that the mangroves forests (salt tolerant trees that grow with dense, tangled roots into the water) are a great contributor to the environment and preserving its state. Mangroves are beneficial to the Everglades in several ways: they are adapted to life in saltwater environments, they can withstand the extremely harsh growing conditions that come with the South Florida heat, and they serve as protection against strong winds and hurricanes. These mangrove forests play an essential role in providing shelter for thousands of different animals, and researchers have now found that these trees can store carbon dioxide underwater.

How does this work? Mangrove trees send carbon into the soil, then trap it underneath the water. The carbon will remain in place if the soil remains undisturbed. Studies have shown that this method is creating a very effective storage system for carbon. Researchers are crediting that mangroves in the Everglades are “worth billions” in the fight against climate change. A scientific cost estimate attributed the stored carbon between $2 billion and $3.4 billion.

The incoming flow of freshwater to the Everglades is essential to keeping these mangroves alive. If there isn’t enough freshwater, the Everglades is at risk of losing mangroves, which could then release carbon into the atmosphere. The effect of the Everglades’ mangrove forests on global warming is yet another reason our captains strive to teach conservation and preservation efforts on our Everglades airboat tours.

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Everglades Airboat Tours: Spring Break in Fort Lauderdale

 Everglades Airboat Tours: Top Thing to Do During Spring Break in Fort Lauderdale

Who says spring break in Fort Lauderdale has to be spent on the sandy beach or at the local dive bars? This March and April, while vacationing in sunny South Florida for spring break, do some touristy things like taking a ride through the Everglades with Everglades Holiday Park.

Everglades airboat tours have been a long-time staple thing to do when vacationing in Fort Lauderdale, but typically for families on vacation. Sure, spring break from college is a time to spend soaking up the sun with your friends, relaxing on a beach somewhere, eating out, and enjoying some music festivals. But, what if you could go for a boat ride, soak up some sun, enjoy some food, and experience a national treasure? Everglades Holiday Park can give you and your friends an Everglades airboat tour that will make your spring break memorable.

Everglades Holiday Park can bring you on a relaxing, and worry free trip through the heart of the Everglades on one of our state-of-the-art airboats. With narrated tours that last an hour, you can learn all about the River of Grass and spot some of the world’s most interesting wildlife from a comfortable and spacious boat. Our airboats are great for groups of all ages. If you’d prefer, we can accommodate a more private tour for smaller groups.

After your Everglades airboat tour, check out the Alligator Rescue, home to Animal Planet’s hit show the Gator Boys. Here, “Gator Boys” Paul Bedard and Chris Gillette save nuisance alligators from wandering into unsafe areas of South Florida, and provide them with a sanctuary to live and grow without harm. After your Everglades airboat tour, you can enjoy a 20-minute live alligator presentation, where local experts get you up close and personal to the American Alligators that have been saved by the Gator Boy and local rescue team.

An Everglades airboat tour is a great place to spend an adrenaline packed day, learning all about the natural wonders of South Florida. If you’re looking for the top thing to do during spring break in Fort Lauderdale, don’t wait in line or spend big bucks at a bar - instead switch it up and check out Everglades Holiday Park for a fun and adventurous way to spend your vacation.

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Fishing in the Everglades

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The Everglades is composed of thousands of mangroves and winding waterways that are home to a wide variety of birds, alligators, amphibians, mammals, and fish. Since the wetlands within Everglades National Park are home to so many exotic and endangered animals, conservationists and experts at Everglades Holiday Park hard to ensure they are kept safe, so they can live in peace and harmony.

One exception that Everglades National Park does make, however, is fishing. Fishing is allowed in the Everglades, which is abundant in fish like snook, tarpon, snapper, and bass. In fact, the Florida Everglades is one of the top fishing destinations in the world.

The waters around Everglades Holiday Park are thriving with fish of all shapes and sizes. Our experts at Everglades Holiday Park know the lay of the land both above and underwater, so they’ve compiled their vast knowledge on the Everglades to lend some helpful tips for fishing in the Everglades, especially for the area near Everglades Holiday Park.

• The water levels drop during the dry season, which makes it impossible for fish to inhabit certain areas. Because of this, they are forced into more concentrated areas, which could make fishing easier. On the other hand, during the summer seasons the fish are in abundance – so there’s really no bad time to go fishing in the Everglades.

• Fish tend to be more aggressive in “mushier”, thicker areas of the Everglades, so you’ll need heavier rods and tougher lines to lure these fish in.

• The Everglades is a great spot to find large fish like bass that respond well to large shiners and attractor beads, so our fishing experts recommend using these to reel the biggest fish in! Whether you’re fishing with some of South Florida’s top anglers or just hoping to cast some lines on a relaxing sunny afternoon, Everglades Holiday Park has all the gear you need for fishing in the Everglades.

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