Experience Florida’s Own Thrill Packed Adventure at Everglades Holiday Park

Everglades Holiday Park

Are you looking for something new to do with the family that’s fun and educational? How about exploring the Everglades? With wildlife, unique vegetation and more, a trip through America’s wetland is awe-inspiring, informative and exactly the type of experience they’ll want to do again and again. When you’re ready to move beyond museums and amusement parks, here’s how to experience Florida’s own thrill packed adventure at Everglades Holiday Park in Fort Lauderdale.

Book a Group Tour or Plan a Private Excursion By Airboat

Journeying through the Everglades is a once in a lifetime experience to get up close and personal with incredible animals and spectacular plants. While you’re welcome to romp through the sawgrass wetlands on foot, the most popular way to explore the River of Grass is by airboat. Airboat tours and rides are available in numerous places throughout the Sunshine State, but there’s only a handful with state-of-the-art boats, experienced crew and the know-how to navigate the ‘glades like a true native. Everglades Holiday Park in Fort Lauderdale is one of the best, offering group and private tours as well as V.I.P access. Plus, as the only destination that offers partially covered or fully open boats, securing maximum protection from the elements for little ones is easier than ever.

Entertain the Family With Wildlife Encounters and a Live Alligator Show

It’s next to impossible to say you’ve “done Florida” without seeing a few of the state’s most iconic residents in person. The Everglades is home to over 200,000 American alligators and they’re as exciting as they are intimidating in person. Generally, visitors to the Everglades spot gators with little trouble. And with a steady hand, it’s easy to take professional quality pictures with as close as they come to the airboats. If spotting gators in water isn’t close enough, guests to Everglades Holiday Park enjoy a complimentary live alligator show after the airboat tour featuring the talented “Gator Boys” from Animal Planet fame.

Enjoy Peace of Mind On an Exciting and Educational Adventure at Everglades Holiday Park

With video games and cell phones monopolizing everyone’s time these days, parents delight in exposing the kids to something worthwhile that they’ll actually enjoy. Learning about the Florida Everglades is exciting and fun when it’s interactive. Viewing nature and wildlife up close is fun, unpredictable and truly awe-inspiring for all ages. Sit back and relax as a knowledgeable and entertaining tour guide narrates a 60-minute journey through one of the most spectacular environments known to man.

With a unique journey around every corner, Everglades Holiday Park in Fort Lauderdale sets the bar high for fun. An action packed adventure for the whole family, zipping across the River of Grass by airboat, meeting exciting wildlife along the way and catching a live alligator show is unforgettable edu-tainment at its best.

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What’s the Difference Between Alligators and Crocodiles?

difference between alligators and crocodiles

Alligators - If you’ve ever visited the Sunshine State, you can’t miss them. They’re big, exciting and everywhere you look in the Everglades. In fact, as Floridians, we’re kind of used to sharing our gorgeous state with them – and we respect the contribution they’ve made to our home. But what’s the difference between an alligator and a crocodile and do they both live in Florida? If you’re interested in meeting an alligator, or you’re just looking for some fun information on how to recognize one, here’s a few facts to get you started.

Alligators Versus Crocodiles

To most people, alligators and crocodiles look pretty similar. While they do share many of the same features, they couldn’t be more different to a trained professional. Physically, the snout and jawline are unique to each, and probably the easiest way to distinguish an alligator from a crocodile. Alligators have a wide, rounded, u-shaped snout, while crocodiles have long, pointed v-shaped snouts. The difference in shape means alligators can exert more strength, which is useful in cracking open hard-shelled invertebrates, like turtles.

The jaw is another easy way to tell an alligator from a crocodile. Alligators have a wide upper jaw, which allows for the lower teeth to be hidden in the mouth. By contrast, the upper and lower jaws of a crocodile are the same size, exposing both sets of teeth as they interlock on the jawline creating a kind of toothy grin. From a distance, it’s usually easy to tell one from the other simply by looking at the shape of the snout and the teeth.

Both alligators and crocodiles are massive reptiles. Gators can grow to be as long as 13 feet, weighing in at a hefty 800-100 pounds, but crocs can reach an impressive 19 feet in length and can weight as much as 2,900 pounds! They both swim quite well, using the tail to maneuver through water with ease, but they can also run pretty fast on land – up to 11 miles per hour! Submerged in water, both reptiles can hold their breath for up to an hour, and with eyes on top of the head, their tough to surprise. Night vision is their forte, and both gators and crocodiles are excellent hunters after dark.

Where Do They Live?

Alligators and crocodiles can be found all over the world – wherever slow moving rivers and grasslands dominate. Crocs tend to prefer salty waters while gators hang out in fresh water marshes. Alligators thrive in China and southeastern portion of the United States, particularly Florida and states along the Gulf Coast while crocodiles are native to North, Central and South America, Africa, Australia and parts of Asia. Interestingly, the Florida Everglades is the only place in the world where both alligators and crocodiles live together.

The Crocodylidea family includes 23 different species, but the Alligatoridae contains only 2 – the alligator and the Caiman. Typically, crocodiles are more aggressive than alligators and as such, are more dangerous. Alligators are opportunistic feeders, meaning they’re not likely to chase you down unless provoked. However, that certainly doesn’t mean you should swim with them, and caution and common sense should be exercised at all times.

How to Meet a Live Alligator In Person

Are you ready to come face to face with a living dinosaur? You can at Everglades Holiday Park – the premier destination for families, outdoor enthusiasts and reptile aficionados. With exciting airboat tours, live alligator presentations and the chance to pose with a baby alligator for a picture, the park is South Florida’s best family fun locale for adventure. As home to the Gator Boys Alligator Rescue, Everglades Holiday Park welcomes families, outdoor enthusiasts and anyone interested in journeying through the Florida Everglades in search of alligators, long legged wading birds, snakes and more!

For more information or to book an exciting excursion through the Everglades on a narrated airboat tour, please visit www.evergladesholidaypark.com

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Adventurous Things to Do In South Florida – Everglades Holiday Park, Fort Lauderdale

adventurous things to do in South Florida - Everglades Holiday Park

For decades, Everglades Holiday Park in Fort Lauderdale has been delighting families and outdoor enthusiasts looking to experience the wild side of the Sunshine State. With invigorating airboat tours, exciting live alligator shows and more, guests visit the park for a few hours of entertainment and leave with new found respect, inspiration and cherished memories about the state’s most exciting natural attraction. If you’re looking for adventurous things to do in South Florida, here are three enjoyable activities compliments of Everglades Holiday Park.

Journey Through the River of Grass By Airboat

The featured attraction at Everglades Holiday Park is the narrated, hour-long airboat tour through the Everglades. With experienced captains at the helm, airboat rides at the park are exciting, educational and entertaining, providing guests with a wide range of detail on the flora, fauna and surrounding ecosystem. Boat tours through the Everglades are loads of fun for all ages, and the park is the only airboat tour provider in the area offering covered and uncovered vessels. For parents, having the added peace of mind in a partially covered airboat is the difference between worrying about little ones getting too much sun and enjoying a full hour on the water with no concerns. Captains at the park are highly skilled too, and that means more sights, more adventure, and more opportunity for up close and personal interaction with wildlife.

Experience a Live Alligator Show Featuring the Gator Boys

Could you crawl into a pit with several loose alligators strolling about? Not many people could, but that’s exactly what the Gator Boys Alligator Rescue team does each and every day. The world famous “Gator Pit” at Everglades Holiday Park is where many gators come to live after being rescued from residential areas in and around the Everglades. Rescued alligators willingly participate in daily shows at the park, and actually enjoy the attention. They all have unique names – and believe it or not, many of them come when they hear their name called. Of course, a few pieces of chicken works wonders as incentive! The Gator Boys perform live shows at the park every day and the 20-25 minute presentation is complementary with the price of a ticket for an airboat tour.

Explore Your Wild Side and Hold an Alligator

The experience only gets better when the airboat tour concludes and guests are ushered to the Gator Pit for a live alligator presentation. But the real fun starts after the show when you’re given the chance to hold a real live alligator while posing for a picture. Of course the gator’s mouth is taped closed and professional handlers are inches away the entire time. However, the experience of actually touching the skin and feeling the alligator move while in your arms is thrilling. At the very least, it’s a great way to capture memories of an exciting journey and a keepsake photo to treasure forever. Alligators, giant snakes, turtles and more are available to meet and greet at the park’s Animal Encounters exhibit, one experience you don’t want to miss.

Whether you’re interested in learning more about the unique flora that define the Everglades, or you simply think it sounds fun to zip across the water at top speeds in search of wildlife, a day trip to Everglades Holiday Park delivers. Join us 7 days a week, 365 days a year as we entertain, educate and thrill people of all ages with the most exciting natural attraction in the state of Florida – the amazing Everglades, compliments of Everglades Holiday Park.

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Exploring Florida’s Other Hidden Gem – The Everglades

Exploring the everglades on an airboat tour - Everglades Holiday Park

South Florida is one of the country’s top vacation locales. Families, sightseeing enthusiasts and adventure seekers delight in the Sunshine State’s gorgeous coastline, tropical weather and easy, relaxed lifestyle. But Florida is also home to the Everglades – a magnificent marshland and coastal mangrove area. What is the Everglades and why should it be on your list of things to do and see in South Florida? Here are some facts about the area and a few tips on how best to explore what many believe to be the state’s hidden gem – the Florida Everglades.

What Are the Everglades?

As the largest subtropical wilderness in the United States, the Everglades are pretty substantial. Nicknamed “America’s wetland”, the Everglades provides important habitat for countless numbers of rare and endangered species as well as scores of plants and fascinating vegetation. A slow moving river, the Everglades begins at the Kissimmee River near Orlando and discharges into Lake Okeechobee. Defined by a wet, flood season and a dry, drought season, the area experiences a variety of unique weather patterns, creating complex ecosystems. Rapid development in the late 1970’s increased degradation of the Everglades, inspiring a movement to preserve and protect the environment that continues to this day. In 2000, deterioration of the area prompted congress to approve a Comprehensive Restoration Plan – the biggest environmental restoration effort in U.S. history.

Things to Do In the Everglades

The possibilities for fun in the Everglades are endless. From animal encounters and wildlife spotting to bird watching, photography, sightseeing and fishing, locals and tourists alike enjoy spending time in the area. Sightseeing enthusiasts enjoy gliding over the River of Grass on an airboat – the perfect guided day trip for families and outdoor adventurers looking to spot alligators, snakes, turtles, wading birds and more in a natural habitat. Guided tours are popular because there’s no experience necessary as a skilled captain navigates. For others, chartered fishing tours and guided trips create opportunities for amateurs and experts alike to catch Bass, snapper, redfish, bluegill and more.

Exploring the Everglades – Everglades Holiday Park

Visiting the Everglades is a once in a lifetime opportunity to get up close and personal with some of the most exciting wildlife in the world. Coming face-to-face with a 10-foot alligator or locking eyes with a tropical snake is unforgettable. Everglades Holiday Park in Fort Lauderdale is the premier destination for families, outdoor enthusiasts and anyone looking to experience the area with a skilled and entertaining captain. The park offers exciting 60-minute airboat rides, live alligator shows, fishing boat rentals, guided fishing tours and more. Plus, as the home of the Gator Boys Alligator rescue, Everglades Holiday Park is a super fun destination for fans of Animal Planet’s reality show interested in meeting the Gator Boys crew in person.

For more information on how you can book a guided airboat tour through the Everglades, watch the Gator Boys Alligator Rescue team perform live or visit with the exciting animals of the ‘glades, please visit www.evergladesholidaypark.com.

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How Do You Wrestle an Alligator?

How do you wrestle an alligator - Everglades Holiday Park

If you’ve had the opportunity to see a live alligator show in South Florida, you probably noticed first hand how expertise and know how play a critical role. Alligator wrestling is exciting, but certainly not something that you should attempt on your own on an otherwise boring Saturday afternoon. A sport that’s not for the faint-hearted, mastering alligator capturing techniques takes years of dedication, practice and skill – a rare combination that should be left to the alligator professionals.

However, if you’re curious about the process and interested in learning more about the steps involved in subduing Florida’s most iconic resident, here’s some fun information to get you started. Remember, regardless of how easy it looks, alligator wrestling is dangerous. The good news? There are plenty of fantastic destinations for taking in a live show with the family.

A Little Alligator Wrestling Background

Originally, it was the Native Americans who engaged in alligator wrestling. Not for sport, but rather, as a tried and true hunting technique. Long before Europeans set foot in the Everglades, Native Americans in the Southeast hunted gators for food and trade purposes. Today, alligators in Florida are part of the state’s robust culture and folks associate gators with everything from college football teams (think Florida Gators) to local newspapers (The Independent Florida Alligator).

Alligator wrestling is a popular pastime in the Sunshine State, and witnessing a live show is loads of fun for all ages. Where are the gators? With an estimated 200,000 American alligators, the Florida Everglades is the place to be for everything gator. If you haven’t toured the area by airboat, you simply must. Wildlife exploration in a natural environment is a once in a lifetime experience and a must do for outdoor enthusiasts, thrill seekers and families looking for adventure.

How It’s Done: Steps In Wrestling an Alligator

While every gator handler has a different approach, there are some similarities involved in successfully taking down a powerful reptile like an alligator. They say that technique is far more important than strength. And that’s a good thing, because some Alligators grow as long as 13 feet, weighing in at close to 800 pounds! Nevertheless, whether you’re dealing with a small 5-foot gator or a giant twice your size, there are two primary steps in the process – mounting the back and controlling the jaws.

Secure a Seat on the Gator’s Back - The first step is to mount the gator from behind. Easier said than done, skilled professionals agree that this is also the most dangerous part of the feat. Experts recommend approaching the alligator from the back only, as a side or front attempt will make it more likely that you will get bit. Sometimes, gator handlers will cover the alligator’s head with a towel or piece of clothing. This is done to prevent the gator from seeing, which slows reaction time – a tactic that’s proved invaluable in more than a few cases. Mount the gator by quickly jumping on the animal’s back with outstretched arms, using your hands to push the gator head to the ground, preventing the lower jaw from opening.

Control the Jaws - After successfully mounting the gator, the next step is to control the jaws. Slide your hands down the back of the head, gripping the jaw with both hands – one on the top portion of the jaw and the other securing the bottom jaw line. Interestingly, alligators have extremely weak jaw muscles, meaning that once you’ve secured the jaws shut, holding them closed with one hand is possible. Another less known fact about alligator wrestling is that once you get control of the mouth and raise the animal’s head 90 degrees off the ground, it can no longer fight back. This submission pose creates opportunity for gator handlers to perform tricks and entertain excited guests who have come to watch an invigorating alligator wrestling show.

Everglades Holiday Park In Fort Lauderdale: Best Live Gator Show In South Florida

While there is certainly no shortage of places to visit when the goal is to see alligator wrestling in Florida, there are some destinations that are better than others. As the home of the Gator Boys Alligator Rescue, Everglades Holiday Park in Fort Lauderdale is South Florida’s premier locale for gator shows and exciting airboat tours through the River of Grass. Someone from the talented “Gator Boys” team performs live at the park daily, and the guys and gals of Animal Planet’s show are happy to put on a complementary presentation for guests who purchase tickets for an airboat tour through the Everglades. Everglades Holiday Park is a family favorite, featuring 60-minute narrated tours, a live animal encounters exhibit and of course, live alligator shows in the world famous “Gator Pit”.

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Learn About Alligators With the Gator Boys

Learn About Alligators With the Gator Boys - Everglades Holiday Park

One of the most fascinating experiences in South Florida is a trip to the Everglades. Whether you enjoy the great outdoors and sightseeing, or you’re into an electrifying boat ride, touring the ‘glades is invigorating and super fun. If you’re considering an adventure, Everglades Holiday Park in Fort Lauderdale is the only place in the Sunshine State where families and thrill seekers can meet the Gator Boys from Animal Planet. As the home of the Gator Boys Alligator Rescue, the park features 60-minute narrated airboat rides, and live alligator shows starring the Gator Boys crew. Ready to learn about alligators with the Gator Boys?

Witness Death Defying Tricks and Stunts

Imagine stepping in a pit filled with live alligators lounging at your feet. That’s what the Gator Boys crew do everyday in the world famous “Gator Pit” at Everglades Holiday Park. “No fear” doesn’t begin to explain how Paul, Ashley and Chris approach the job – and the gators respect them for their perseverance, expertise and tireless dedication. The team has been working with alligators for decades, honing in on skills that allow them to handle 10-ft alligators with ease and comfort. As a guest to the park, watching a live show is exhilarating, and adrenalin pumping for sure. Standard tricks like the “face-off” and others bring the crowd to their feet, making the live gator show one of the highlights of a day trip to the park.

An Educational and Entertaining Experience

For moms and dads wondering if there’s any educational value in taking the kids to meet the Gator Boys, here’s some peace of mind. The crew has been working with alligators for years, learning the in’s and out’s of not only the reptiles themselves, but also, the ecosystem that sustains them. When guests arrive at the park, the experience begins with an hour-long airboat tour through the Everglades. Tours are fully narrated, meaning all the exotic wildlife, unique vegetation and interesting sights are identified and explained. Airboat captains at the park are skilled navigators with first-hand knowledge to share about the Everglades and modern efforts to preserve and protect this amazing natural attraction.

Later, after the airboat tour concludes, a live gator show gives you a front row seat into the captivating world of gator handling. The twenty minute show showcases the talented Gator Boys as they educate guests by sharing personal stories and facts about the ‘glades most iconic resident – the American alligator.

Family Fun For all Ages

A few hours at Everglades Holiday Park is once in a lifetime adventure the kids will treasure forever. In addition to an invigorating airboat ride and enlightening gator show, guests to the park have access to the newest attraction, “Animal Encounters”, where everyone is welcome to hold a wide range of Everglades wildlife. Pose for a picture with an alligator, and enjoy lunch on premise with something delicious from the “Gator Bites Café”, located on the picturesque grounds that surround the park. Relax under the shade of the Banyan trees and take in the scenery as the whole family enjoys the gorgeous weather and exciting adventure that is Everglades Holiday Park.

For more information about how you can book a day of adventure at Everglades Holiday Park, please visit www.evergladesholidaypark.com

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Exploring America’s Wetland – The Everglades Holiday Park Way

Exploring America's Wetland - Everglades Holiday Park

The Florida Everglades is home to a fantastic collection of some of the most unique and awe-inspiring plants and animals ever seen. A wetland of “international significance”, the “River of Grass” is recognized worldwide for its amazing ecological contribution to animals as well as residents of South Florida. Renowned photographers, artists and tourists flock to the ‘glades for inspiration, adventure and the chance to explore one of the Sunshine State’s most prized assets. Are you interested in visiting America’s wetland? Here’s a little about what the Everglades is and how to see it right – the Everglades Holiday Park way.

What Is a Wetland?

If you’ve heard about the Everglades, but you’re unfamiliar with exactly what a wetland is, you’re not alone. Most people assume that it’s a lowland area or landmass that’s saturated with water – and that’s partly right. But when we talk about the Everglades wetlands, we’re not only referring to swamps and bogs, but also a very specific dry season, where water levels drop, and lower temperatures make wildlife viewing and exploration tons of fun.

Wet Versus Dry Season

The wet season (which extends from November through April) is typically hot and humid in the Everglades. But while a summer time visit may be warm, it’s also an opportunity to avoid the crowds for a full, immersive trip or tour into the Florida Everglades. Thunderstorms are frequent during the wet season, and it’s not unusual to have to wait an hour or so in the morning before venturing out to avoid the rain. Nonetheless, storms are generally fast moving, replaced by bright, gorgeous sunshine that stays high in the sky until well past dinnertime.

By contrast, the dry season (which extends from December through April) is one of the most popular times to visit the Everglades on account of pleasant weather conditions and abundant wildlife. Migratory birds looking to escape the cold join alligators, snakes, and a variety of Everglades animals looking to explore their surroundings. The marshy land that makes up this unique ecological system is an important resource and a pristine natural habitat for numerous plant and animal species – many who are endangered.

The Everglades experience a unique two-season climate

Exploring the Everglades - Everglades Holiday Park

Everglades Holiday Park, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Folks looking to explore the Everglades are welcome to visit Everglades Holiday Park in Fort Lauderdale 7 days a week, 365 days a year. The park is the one destination where adventurous families, wildlife enthusiasts and thrill seekers come together to experience an entertaining, educational and exciting outdoor adventure. With state-of-the-art airboats, live alligator presentations and one-on-one animal encounters, guests to the park enjoy personal interaction with the Florida Everglades and its inhabitants.

Animal Encounters at Everglades Holiday Park

Animal Encounters - Everglades Holiday Park

Airboat tours leave the docks every 20 minutes, giving guests the rare opportunity to come face-to-face with some of the most incredible animals in South Florida. Capture the American alligator on film from the edge of an airboat, lock eyes with a tropical snake and witness graceful wading birds dip in and out of the clouds above the boat. Tours are 60-minutes of fully narrated fun, with expert captains ready to point out and explain the unique flora and fauna along the way.

Meet the Gator Boys Alligator Rescue Crew

After an amazing airboat ride, excited guests are ushered off the boats and led to the world famous “Gator Pit” where the guys and gals from Animal Planet’s Gator Boys demonstrate the strength and unusual grace of the alligator – Florida’s most iconic resident. Gator shows at Everglades Holiday Park are memorable experiences for the entire family, and a fantastic way to expose the kids to the importance of preserving one of the nation’s most revered natural attractions. The Everglades restoration project is ongoing, and the Gator Boys are proud to do their part in educating and informing guests on the critical role gators play in sustaining this remarkable ecosystem.

Ready to learn more? Please visit www.evergladesholidaypark.com for more details on how you can book an exciting hour-long airboat tour through the Everglades followed by a live alligator presentation featuring the Gator Boys.

Live Alligator presentation at Everglades Holiday Park

The Gator Boys - Everglades Holiday Park
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