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Best Time to Encounter Wildlife at Everglades Airboat Tours

Everglades Airboat Ride | Everglades Holiday Park

If you’ll be visiting the Everglades this season, you may be wondering if there is a specific time of year when you’re likely to see more wildlife on an Everglades airboat tour. We get this question all the time from families and enthusiasts looking to plan an adventure through the River of Grass. Wildlife is unpredictable, but there are definitely some strategies for maximizing your experience – and capturing it all on film while on Everglades National Park boat tours. Here’s some information to get you started ahead of your upcoming Everglades tours.

Bird Watching On an Everglades Airboat Ride

The good news is, that almost all of the stunning birds in the Everglades can be spotted year-round on Everglades boat tours. The exception is the Green Heron and the Blue Heron, which are migratory. Nevertheless, incredibly entertaining birds like the Purple Gallinule (they’ll eat out of your hand) and Roseate Spoonbill can be seen searching for a meal or taking flight every month throughout the year. Year-round birds like the Snowy Egret, Anhinga, Pelican, Ibis, and more are most active in the early morning or late afternoon when they’re more likely to be feeding. November through May is the dry season in the Everglades, the best time to go on group airboat tours or private airboat tours through the Everglades as fish become trapped in shallow waters, making a fantastic meal for hungry wading birds.

Spotting Alligators, Snakes, Raccoons and Otters

The ‘glades most popular resident - the American alligator, can also be seen year-round. However, when the temperature soars, gators are more active, and easier to spot. Typically, from June through October, when the Everglades are at their wettest point, is the best time to see alligators. Everglades boat rides are the best way to see one of 16 different species of snakes, a variety of raccoons, even otters.

Consider a Private Tour at Everglades Holiday Park

There’s a reason why Everglades Holiday Park was voted a top destination for going on an Everglades excursion– we’ve cornered the market on fun and edu-tainment in the Everglades! If a private, narrated Everglades toursounds like fun, give us a call today to schedule your adventure! With a skilled captain to navigate, 60 minutes of exploration into remote areas of the Everglades has never been easier or more convenient. Contact us today to learn more about our Everglades National Park airboat tours and Miami airboat tours.

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South Florida Eco-Tours at Everglades Holiday Park Airboat Rides

Florida Everglades airboat rides

Whenever you consider visiting the Everglades, you’ll hear about Everglades airboat rides. These wonderful rides are tours through the wetlands in which you can encounter a ton of different species of plants and animals along the way. Airboats are modified boats that keep marine life safe by using above water propulsion systems. Airboats glide across the top of the water at speeds reaching up to 60 mph, all the while keeping riders completely safe. Children and adults of all ages can feel comfortable and at ease while gliding across the River of Grass.

Everglades tours at Everglades Holiday Park are the top-of-the-line South Florida experience when searching for one of these rides. Rides here are an hour-long journey captained by expert Glademen promising pure enjoyment. Along the way, your captain will stop the boat to let you catch the sights and sounds of the American alligator, tropical fish, wading birds, majestic plants and so much more. You and your friends and family can enjoy the Everglades airboat tours together so nobody misses out on anything – so when your time for an airboat adventure comes, make sure to seek out the best airboat rides in the Everglades at Everglades Holiday Park!

More Activities at Everglades Holiday Park

Everglades airboat rides are without a doubt a highlight of visiting the Everglades, but Everglades Holiday Park offers much more as well. You can enjoy the amazing sights and sounds of the Everglades before and after your tour through America’s largest subtropical wetlands. One park favorite is the alligator show presented by the Gator Boys Alligator Rescue from Animal Planet’s hit TV series. Another way to get involved with the wide array of amazing animals on-site at the park is with Animal Encounters, where children and adults can interact with some of the amazing Everglades species – all under the supervision of an expert animal handler. You can even have a photo taken of you or a loved one holding a baby alligator, snake, or other creature!

After you’ve gotten your fill of animal interaction, take a break at the Gator Bites Café, where we serve meals that can accommodate any dietary and nutritional needs. For families and large groups, we serve customized platters, and for the daring types, we have specialty dishes of frog legs and gator bites! The fun doesn’t have to end after lunch either! We’ve got endless opportunities to keep the adventure going with on-site fishing boats, some of Florida’s longest bike trails, birdwatching and so much more! So, when you’re planning your Everglades experience with family and friends, don’t forget to remind them all that this wonderful trip is not only to hop aboard an airboat ride but also to make the most of what the Everglades has to offer – and there’s no better place to accomplish that then at Everglades Holiday Park!

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Everglades Birthday Parties at Everglades Holiday Park

Florida Everglades Birthday Parties

Everglades Birthday Parties

When planning a birthday party for someone special in your life, consider a trip to the Florida Everglades. Already one of the best days of the year, a birthday can be made even better when surrounded by all the amazing sights and sounds of America’s largest subtropical wilderness. The Everglades consists of joys ranging from exotic animals to airboat rides and the famous Gator Boys performing stunts with the American alligator. For kids, birthdays are meant to be an extraordinarily fun time full of laughter and adventures – and that’s exactly what they’re in for with a trip to Everglades Holiday Park. Upon arriving, there is plenty of time for everyone to get situated. Once your whole party is ready to experience the Everglades, head over to the docks to hop aboard an hour-long airboat tour across the wetlands, stopping to see the amazing plants and animals that show up along the way. The boats themselves are sturdy and safe for children of all ages. Expert captains who know every square inch of the Everglades guide tours, so you’ll never feel like you’re lost at sea.

Florida Everglades Activities for Kids

While airboat tours are the highlight of what the Florida Everglades has to offer, the fun doesn’t begin and end there. If you enjoy fishing, the Everglades offer some of the best largemouth bass fishing in the world! Everglades Holiday Park rents fishing boats and even has boating licenses available. Looking for more above water animals? Animal encounters allow you to come face to face with several exotic animal species – and even hold them if you so dare. From snakes, to macaws and even baby alligators, everyone can experience a thrill from experiencing wildlife right in front of them!

Once you’ve gotten your fill of animal adventure, head over to our Gator Bites Café for a snack or lunch. Our full service menu includes options for all dietary needs – and we have plenty of health conscious options. We have custom platters for larger parties, and even specialty items, which include frog legs and gator bites!

Not ready to head out just yet? Not to worry! With some of Florida’s longest bike trails, our Gator Tooth Photo Booth, premiere birdwatching and so much more, the adventure never has to end at Everglades Holiday Park. So when the time comes to take the kids on their favorite trip ever, don’t miss your shot at getting them down to the Florida Everglades.

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Wetland Tourism at Everglades Holiday Park Airboat Tours

Florida Everglades

When people think of Florida, they often picture a swampy, sunny terrain filled with unique wildlife and Everglades boat tours. Even when visiting the world-famous theme parks in the area, tourists often anticipate seeing one of Florida’s most beloved mascots: the alligator. While alligators can be found all over the state, they can be a rare sight outside of the water. A visit to the Florida Everglades; however, is more than an opportunity to see an alligator in the wild. It is an opportunity to see a pristine stretch of Florida that is unrivaled by any other area in the world thanks to group airboat tours and private airboat tours.

What Are the Everglades?

The Everglades is a large section of wetlands that is home to several unique species of birds, reptiles, and fish. While a lot of the area is grassy, slow-moving rivers and sawgrass marshes create a diverse ecosystem. The entire area spans 734 miles or 1.5 million acres. These are easily seen at our Everglades excursions or Miami airboat tours.

While you may see the occasional building, most of the Everglades is undeveloped and ripe for Everglades boat rides. Some parks and attractions are located in the area, such as Everglades National Park airboat tours; however, most of the area is part of the wetlands preserve. This allows for several endangered species, such as the leatherback turtle and West Indian manatee, to find permanent homes.

Where are the Everglades?

Because most tourists visit Central Florida, Miami or the major cities surrounding the coast, they often don’t see the Everglades on their maps. The Everglades are located in the southern tip of Florida, stretching from the Florida Keys to just outside of Boca Raton. On the West Coast, the Everglades stretches to Marco Island.

One of the best parts about visiting the Everglades Florida is that the area is close to most tourist destinations. While the southern coast is about 5 or 6 hours from Orlando, the inland portions of the preserve can be reached in about 3 hours. Those visiting Miami or Naples can expect less than a 1-hour drive. This makes it easy to incorporate Everglades tours into your vacation.

How to Enjoy the Everglades in Florida

Most of the activities found in the Everglades center around visitors connecting with nature. Guided tours are very popular, as seasoned guides know all of the best spots to see rare wildlife. Airboat tours are also available for those who want something more than a standard walking tour.

While the Everglades Florida is a preserve, fishing is permitted in many different areas. The diverse waterways and smaller crowds make it easy to find large species like snapper, catfish, bass, and redfish. Saltwater fishing is also available in some areas, allowing tourists to catch many different species of fish.

Before you rent a boat or set out on your own walking tour, you should observe the Everglades facts in the area that you have chosen. For example, fishing in Florida Bay will be much different than fishing inland. Learning the facts about the area from a guide can help you understand what to expect in this large area.

Why Include the Everglades FL in Your Trip?

Every trip to the Everglades FL is one of a kind. If you are visiting to observe the wildlife or go fishing, each trip will be a little different. While you may see an alligator each time you visit, it isn’t always going to be in the same spot or doing the same thing. Each trip to the Everglades is an adventure, especially if you go on an Everglades airboat tour.

Another reason that every tourist should include a trip to the Everglades during the Florida vacation is that there is no other place like it on the planet. Part of the reason the Everglades are protected is that it has a unique ecosystem and is a good place for an interesting Everglades tour. It isn’t just a place to see alligators; a mix of endangered animals and pristine landscape make it truly unique. You could see all of this through Everglades National Park boat tours

Visiting the Everglades in Florida can be a once-in-a-lifetime experience for your family. Choose from a variety of different activities and tours. To learn more about great ways to connect with nature in the Everglades, please contact us today. We will be happy to help give you some ideas for your next vacation.

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The Best Everglades Airboat Tours are at Holiday Park

Airboat Rides Everglades

Trek through America’s largest wetland and you’re in for an outdoor adventure unlike any other. With an astounding collection of reptiles, fascinating birds, and unique flora, the River of Grass never disappoints. But while scores of wildlife and unusual imagery make it easy to see something extraordinary around every corner, the way you journey through the Everglades is what defines the experience. Provided by Holiday Park's Everglades airboat tours, airboats – flat-bottomed vessels propelled by air – make it easy to enjoy safe, face-to-face encounters for a unique experience you’ll treasure for years. If you’re considering a visit to the ‘glades, for the best airboat rides, Everglades Holiday Park in Fort Lauderdale delivers fun and adventure.

Expertise – On and Off the Boat

A big part of traveling through the Everglades is learning about the sights and sounds you encounter while on an airboat. But the learning continues off the boat too, with live alligator presentations and close encounters with even more Everglades wildlife. Everglades Holiday Park has cornered the market on edu-tainment – the perfect combination of information and excitement. With skilled navigators as airboat captains, the Gator Boys Alligator Rescue team performing live shows, and dedicated nature enthusiasts available to help guide your experience, Everglades Holiday Park is the best resource for everything Everglades.

VIP Access

Travelers to the Sunshine State are delighted to learn that Everglades Holiday Park offers V.I.P. access to the Everglades, including hotel pick-up! Planning can be cumbersome and without all the information, details can be challenging. If you’re staying in Dade or Palm Beach County, round trip transportation can be provided to and from the park as part of an Everglades VIP tour. An exciting, easy, and convenient way to experience the Everglades, for amazing airboat rides, Everglades Holiday Park keeps the fun going with a live gator show and hassle-free VIP access.

With Hour-Long Airboat Rides, Everglades Holiday Park Is the Most Fun In the ‘Glades

Finally, if you’re serious about experiencing the Florida Everglades, and an airboat tour is on the itinerary, why not go for the complete immersive experience? Everglades Holiday Park offers the longest tours in the area, and at a full hour, there’s plenty of time to journey into remote areas of the glades where other tour guides may not go. Plus, with the option of covered or uncovered vessels, the park makes it easy to bring the whole family on a narrated tour without worrying about hot sun or grumpy weather. State-of-the-art vessels captained by expert gladesmen means you have peace of mind in knowing that your family is safe, comfortable, and in good hands.

Everglades Holiday Park in Fort Lauderdale is recognized as the premier destination for fun in the Everglades. With hour-long, narrated airboat tours, exciting live gator shows and VIP access, it’s easy to see why the park is the first choice for families, wildlife enthusiasts and anyone out for a great time.

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3 Fun Things to Do at Everglades Holiday Park Airboat Tours

Everglades Holiday Park Florida

If you haven’t explored the Florida Everglades, you’re in for a treat. An exciting and active ecosystem filled with gorgeous flora and fauna, the ‘glades is home to a variety of amazing plants and wildlife, many of them endangered or threatened. Voracious reptiles, mammals and tropical wading birds make the Everglades instantly memorable, awe-inspiring and easily one of the most exciting attractions in South Florida. If you’re planning a day trip, here are three fun things to do at Everglades Holiday Park, Florida.

No. 1: Take a Narrated Airboat Tour

Step onto a Everglades boat for a fully narrated Everglades airboat tour– the best way to see first hand the beauty of the Florida Everglades. Flat-bottomed vessels, airboats fly across the River of Grass at speeds close to 60 miles per hour! Propelled by air, Everglades National Park airboat tours are capable of traveling into remote sections of the ‘glades where more traditional boats can’t go – the key to up close and personal encounters with exciting reptiles, tropical birds and more. The perfect captain makes all the difference in the world, offering entertainment and education on the splendors of the area.

No: 2: Bass Fishing

One third of the Everglades ecosystem is covered by water – there are both saltwater and freshwater opportunities to fish. Anglers of all skill levels are excited to learn that Bass, Bluegill, Redfish, Snapper and Seatrout are plentiful in the ‘glades. If you plan to fish freshwater, you’ll need a license. Luckily, Everglades Holiday Park can accommodate visitors with not only a Florida fishing license, but also, the right vessel. Enjoy the day with friends while an expert fishing guide shows you the best the ‘glades has to offer. Remember, Everglades Holiday Park offers fishing boat rentals and all the gear (including bait) you need to catch that trophy bass!

No 3: Quality Family Time

Fun is the name of the game at Everglades Holiday Park, Florida. But who says you need to do anything at all to enjoy the magic of an Everglades excursion? Everglades Holiday Park is open 365 days a year for families, wildlife enthusiasts, photographers and all to come and relax. With stunning scenery, and plenty of amazing creatures, it’s always fun just to sit back and take in the active scenery on the grounds . Everglades Holiday Park is the perfect place to catch up with friends, have lunch outdoors under the shade of a Banyan tree and relax. The Gator Bites Café is stocked with delicious foods for all tastes. There’s even a covered pavilion – perfect idea for hosting all kinds of parties, reunions and special events.

The Florida Everglades is much more than a river, but a fantastic destination for fun offering memorable fishing, invigorating Everglades boat tours, and plenty of gorgeous space to reflect, relax and unwind. If you’re coming to the Everglades, please visit www.evergladesholidaypark.com for more details on how you can plan an extraordinary adventure visiting South Florida’s most exciting natural attraction – the Florida Everglades.

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5 Reasons Why Alligators are the Coolest Reptiles In South Florida

South Florida Alligators

We love them, yet we also fear them. Nevertheless, we enjoy sharing our world with them on our Everglades boat tours alligator shows. In South Florida, the American alligator is iconic, and for good reason. Here are five reasons why Everglades National Park airboat toursenjoy our scaly friends and why alligators are the coolest reptiles in South Florida.

No. 1: They Can Run Up to 11 Miles Per Hour On land and Climb!

Say it isn’t so, but alligators can actually climb fences! Most don’t, however, although that’s probably not very reassuring to the thousands of folks living near the water in Florida or aboard an Everglades boat. Alligators are spotted in residential areas all the time – on the back patio, in the swimming pool, and even at the golf course. The fact that they can raise their bellies off the ground and high tail it at a pace of about 11 miles per hour on land is simply too cool to overlook. Many people aboard our group airboat tours or private airboat tours have seen this for themselves!

No. 2: They’ve Been Around for 35 Million Years

Were alligators and dinosaurs friends? Perhaps, but the modern gators seen on our Everglades excursion have been on the planet longer than humans, and is one of the oldest living species in existence. “Living fossils”, as they’re sometimes called, have been around the block a few times – and that’s super cool.

No. 3: The Force of an Alligator Bite Is About 2,000 Pounds

Impressive for sure. But interestingly, as strong as an alligator bite may be, the muscle they use to open the mouth is weak by comparison. So much so that a simple wrap made of duct tape or a strong human grip can hold the jaws shut. Nevertheless, probably not something you want to test, on an Everglades tour or otherwise.

No. 4: Its Tail Is a Weapon and a Propeller

An alligator’s tail serves a few important purposes. First, at nearly half the length of its body and super strong, a gator tail is an incredible weapon against predators. Alligators also have lightning-quick reflexes, and a strong tail is a pretty intimidating weapon. Second, a tail makes a great shovel for digging water holes during the dry season. And finally, gators use their tails as props in the water to help them get around. Avid swimmers, with the help of a strong tail, most gators can swim up to 20 miles per hour in the water. Pretty cool indeed. You could see this for yourself at Everglades National Park boat tours

No. 5: As Soon As Babies Hatch, They Can Catch Their Own Food

Talk about independence. Baby alligators, also called hatchlings, can feed themselves as soon as they crack out of the shell! At just over 6 inches long, juveniles can eat about 23 percent of their body weight. Boy is that cool! Nevertheless, mom usually keeps an eye on her babies for a couple of years before they wander off to start their own families.

Love alligators? When you’re ready to see a few of these super cool reptiles in action, be sure to visit Everglades Holiday Park – family fun Everglades tours in Fort Lauderdale known for awesome Miami airboat tours, the Gator Boys Alligator Rescue and the best live alligator shows in South Florida in the world-famous “Gator Pit”.

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Exploring our Ecosystem at Everglades Holiday Park Airboat Tours

Everglades in Florida

If you haven’t had the chance to explore during an Everglades excursionin Florida, you may not know what you’re missing. An exciting and picturesque ecosystem filled with unique flora and fauna, the ‘glades is home to all kinds of amazing plants and wildlife, many of them endangered or threatened. Voracious reptiles, mammals and long legged wading birds make an Everglades National Park airboat tours instantly memorable, awe-inspiring and easily one of the most exciting attractions in South Florida. If you’re planning a day trip, here are just a few enjoyable things to do in the Everglades in Florida, including Everglades National Park boat tours.


Aboard a state-of-the-art Everglades airboat tourfor a narrated Everglades tour is the only true way to experience the magic of the Florida Everglades. Flat-bottomed Everglades National Park airboat tourszip across the River of Grass at top speeds without disturbing the wildlife. Propelled by air, Everglades boatcan venture into remote sections of the ‘glades where traditional boats can’t go, offering the face-to-face encounters you need to appreciate scores of exciting reptiles, birds, and more who call the ecosystem home; and best of all is that it can be enjoyed on either group airboat tours or private airboat tours. The right captain makes all the difference in the world and can entertain as well as inform on the splendors of the area.


With one-third of the Everglades in Florida covered by water, there are both saltwater and freshwater opportunities to fish the ‘glades. What can you expect to catch? Anglers of every skill level are delighted to know that Bass, Bluegill, Redfish, Snapper, and Seatrout can be found. For freshwater fishing, you’ll need a license, which is easy to obtain. Fishing the shore can be limited, and the key to maximizing your fun is the right vessel.

Everglades Holiday Park makes it easier than ever to enjoy a few hours alone, with friends, or with a skilled fishing guide to navigate the way. The park offers fishing boat rentals as well as all the gear (including bait) you’ll need to pull in that trophy bass! You can even get a Florida fishing license on-premises, so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Exploring the Everglades In Florida – R&R With the Family

Who said you had to do anything at all to enjoy the magic of the Everglades? Everglades Holiday Park is open 365 days a year (even on Christmas) for families, nature enthusiasts, artists, photographers, and all to come and relax. With gorgeous blue and white skies, vibrant greens, and scores of creatures, it’s always fun just to sit back and take in the active scenery on the grounds.

Everglades Holiday Park is the ideal locale for enjoying lunch outdoors under the shade of magnanimous Banyan trees. The Gator Bites Café has something delicious for a variety of different tastes. The park also features a covered pavilion – the perfect locale for hosting kids birthday parties, reunions, and special events of all kinds.

The Everglades in Florida is far more than a river, but a premier destination for fun offering unprecedented fishing, exciting Everglades boat tours, and plenty of space to reflect, relax and restore. If you’re considering a visit to the Everglades, please visit www.evergladesholidaypark.com for details on how you can plan an extraordinary adventure compliments of South Florida’s most exciting natural attraction.

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The Amazing Everglades TV Show Comes to Life!

Everglades gator park Miami

The Amazing Everglades TV Show Comes to Life!

Everyone knows about the famous Gator Boys from the Animal Planet’s show but did you know that a lot of the episodes were filmed right here at Everglades Holiday Park. Everyday, your kid’s gator hero is on site performing and entertaining the enthralled crowds that watch the majestic alligators in their element. You will see death defying stunts and amazing tricks that are famous all over the world. This class entertainment act attracts all seekers of adrenaline who are looking for an exciting fun filled outing with their family.

The Everglades certainly have their beauty but without a doubt the gator shows are the main attraction of the park. Most of the visitors come here to experience first hand, what it's like to be face to face with an alligator. It truly is a once in a lifetime experience. As our gator park is also a rescue operation, we believe getting gator fans unprecedented hands on experience is one of the best ways to instill appreciation and consideration for these majestic beasts

The Everglades gator park is certainly an exciting venue for thrill seekers, but one thing you can be sure of is that you're going to enjoy this as a family more than anything. Great thought went into the presentation format for the experience that we structure here at the park for you. We make sure that adults and the kids all enjoy themselves. The gator boys are not just daredevils, but they have years of experience and insight that they will impart to you making sure you pick up an unusual fact or two about the fun side of Florida that you can share with your friends.

Kids especially love the gator pit where the performers will entertain you will great tricks, share funny jokes and make you hold your breath at the stunts they are so eager to show you. It’s interesting to watch on TV, but it’s something else being a few feet away from a living, breathing alligator, you will fall in love again with beautiful Mother Nature.

The Truly Authentic Gator Park Experience in Miami

If you have been a fan of the TV show then it is safe to say you understand the importance of taking care of the animals with respect and handling them as humanely as possible. The health and maintenance of the specimens and their habitat is one of our utmost priorities, after all, the alligators are the star attraction of the park!

The Gator Boys Alligator Rescue program is tied in very closely to the foundation of the Everglades gator park and you should feel good about knowing that our reptile specimens are either rescued or are indigenous inhabitants of the area and have a wonderful home to live in. This attention to the care of the reptiles makes the park a beautiful and authentic environment that can be appreciated by you and your family, in a perfect setting.

The park offers many packages that can take advantage of the scenic setup at the park’s property, some of our most requested package is the birthday party you can throw for your gator boy or gator girl. Your kids are going to love you for it and they and their guests are going to look back at the birthdays with fond memories.

There are some other theme parks in Miami, but not all of them are able to deliver the quality experience we encourage you to enjoy. What are you waiting for? This is your chance to get close to the alligators of Florida. The exceptional beauty of the natural wildlife in the Everglades makes the region very special. Hey if it's good enough for Animal Planet, its good enough for you to drop by anytime. Come and visit us soon, we are eagerly waiting to show you and your family a great fun time!

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Renting a Fishing Boat at Everglades Holiday Park Airboat Tours

Everglades boat

When visiting Florida, the top most tourist attraction is Everglades Holiday Park. It is the biggest subtropical wilderness in the entire United States and attracts over a million visitors every year. This wondrous park preserves the natural tropical wildlife that dwells in the southern region of the state of Florida. From a multitude of perspectives, exploring the natural beauty of the park and renting an Everglades boat provides a more than memorable experience.

Rent a Fishing Boat at Everglades Park

One of the unique features of Everglades Holiday Park is its enigmatic marine wildlife. Since one-third of its region is covered with water, it inhabits a diverse range of aquatic species - most of which is only found in Southern Florida. Hence, expert anglers and fishing enthusiasts ought to come to Everglades.

Everglades Holiday Park is one such place that offers different fishing opportunities for people from outside the town as well as for regular Florida folks. From ponds, lakes to shorelines, you can experience fishing in all types of fishing spots. Here you can rent a fishing boat for catching fish in freshwater and take home an ample amount of freshwater bass fish, bluegill, sea trout, redfish and even snapper which is found in abundance in the grassy wetlands. The different types of fishing spots in the park include Flamingo Camping Area with saltwater, Sisal Pond, Pine Glade Pond, Sweet Bay Pond and Ficus Pond with freshwater and Nine Mile Pond and West Lake with brackish water.

Renting Everglades boats for fishing at Everglades Holiday Park is reasonable and affordable. You'll not only need the boat, but you also need the rod, the bait and guidance, all of which can be gotten with the boat you rent at Everglades Holiday Park. While seasonal anglers choose to fish on their own, it isn’t necessary to have prior fishing experience and knowledge to catch fish in this park. We provide all the amenities and guidance to the newbies with guided fishing tours. Families bring their children to acquaint them with fishing and celebrate the joy of catching their first ‘big’ fish.

The type of boat that is available at this park is the Jon boat which is 14 ft. in length. A number of these well-maintained boats are available on the dock. With a Yamaha engine, there is hardly a chance that you'll have trouble finding some good bass fishing South Florida. Another great thing about fishing in this park is that it provides with all the supplies you need to fuel up yourself for the day long activity.

If you are not into fishing but are a nature lover, you can still rent an Everglades boat to tour around the region. The grassy wetlands, the different freshwater ponds and lakes and coastal areas that occupy a major portion of the Holiday Park are just more reasons to rent an Everglade boat and discover the preserved wildlife. Every time you visit Everglades Holiday Park, you will get a different experience of voyaging in a rented Everglades boat.

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Wildlife Ecotourism with Everglades Airboat Rides in Miami

Airboat Rides in Miami

Wildlife Ecotourism with Everglades Airboat Rides in Miami

Airboat rides have become popular in the United States because of their common use in ecotourism and transportation in the wetlands of Kissimmee, Louisiana and Indiana River Lagoon. Particularly, Miami airboat tours Miami are famous among domestic and international tourists as well as among regular folks in the town. That is because Miami is a home to the one of the world’s famous ecosystems, the Everglades in Southern Florida.

Why are airboats used to cruise in the Everglades of Miami? They are huge flat bottom vessels with a big propeller at one end and a speedy and powerful automotive engine that moves very fast, as compared to other boats. The primary purpose of these boats is the transportation in waters where regular motorboats are unfeasible. Especially in areas like the Everglades, airboats are the only means to reach the remote wilderness. The untouched and preserved marine ecosystem is accessible through these purpose built water vehicles.

Getting Up-Close and Personal with Aquatic Nature in the Everglades of Miami

In the Everglades of Miami, an airboat is not only used for the regular transportation; it is a fun water ride. Most people regard it as an experience of its own that you can’t have it in any other type of boat. While there are a number of operating airboat trips in Miami, Everglades Holiday Park offers amazing airboat rides with awe inspiring trips. They take you as close as possible to the marine wildlife in the sawgrass swamplands. The voyage is thrilling and adventurous, and completely safe for all ages. While you get to see the scenic tropical beauty around, the prime purpose of taking a South Florida airboat ride is to experience a closer encounter with the water dinosaurs. You can spot big and small adult alligators, baby gators, turtles, birds and grasshoppers as big as your fist. You can witness big, sharp-jawed predators victimizing their preys and catch a glimpse of a deer on a wild run. You get to see the Air boats are the only way to see the live demonstrations of what you have only seen on the Discovery Channel.

Florida is home to some of the deadliest reptiles. If you have watched the Gator Boys Show, you would know that most of its episodes were filmed in Everglades Holiday Park. What is more special about this park is that you get to see the Gator boys perform live after your airboat voyage. One of the cast members of the Gator Boys Show is always there to thrill, amaze and scare you with a close-up interaction with giant Florida alligators in the Everglades of Miami.

With adventure comes risk and people taking risks do want to take safety measures. For adventurers, safety is equally important to fun. Therefore, it is necessary to book for a safe and convenient Everglades airboat tour From all the Airboat rides in Miami offered by many parks, Everglades Holiday Park's Airboat trips are the safest. With state-of-the-art engines and propellers that makes less sound, their boats are speedy, spacious with comfortable seats and have a hood top to save you from burning sunshine making your trip pleasant and safe.

With their years of air boating experience and expert staff, you get the confidence of traveling safe with them. When in a dangerous and unknown place, you are totally relying on the Everglades park staff. Therefore, it is important that they are trustworthy and friendly. This park’s airboat captains are extremely welcoming. You will find boat captains knowledgeable who are passionate about what they do. Their passion and knowledge about wildlife history adds to the fun in your airboat rides in Miami.

Everglades Holiday Park offers private airboat tours rides for a group of 15 people or more. On holidays and other occasions, airboat rides are sold out quickly so it is advisable to buy discounted tickets online. Airboats are available for a number of different events. Whether you're looking for a family outing or kids birthday parties in the Everglades, you can celebrate any event of your life in a private airboat trip in an entirely unique way. When you do airboat rides in Miami, one thing is for sure, you will want to come back and do it again.

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Perfect Miami Airboat Tours at Everglades Holiday Park

Miami Everglades Tour

The Perfect Miami Everglades Tour

Miami is known for its beautiful beaches and marine life. That's why it's often flooded with tourists. But what is even more popular here is the backyard of the city, The Everglades. It is a vast subtropical wildlife settlement that is spread out in the south of Florida. The region is covered by huge water reservoirs in the form of sawgrass swamplands, a settlement that inhabits some of the world’s rarest marine species. That is the reason why tourists don’t miss Miami airboat tours when they visit the wonderful city.

Which is the Most Sought After Activity on Miami Everglades Tours?

Everglades Parks offer a wide range of fun-filled and adventurous activities. These include fishing, trekking, hiking, canoeing, geocaching, camping, kayaking, long walks, Everglades tours and exploring wildlife. Of these,Everglades boat tours are the most exciting and adventurous form of recreation. One of the many reasons for their popularity and pursuit by the visitors is that this sort of water ride is not common in all the tourist regions of U.S and is peculiar in Everglades apart from Kissimmee, Louisiana and Indiana River Lagoon. This is because Everglades airboat tours in Miami are designed specially to be used for traveling in the remote marshlands. While fishing in the Everglades boat and motor boats are available to explore around the grasslands, to visit the precarious reptile, the American Alligator, a fast, speedy and safe ride like a private airboat tours is required.

All the Everglades excursion activities are facilitated by a number of services operating for Everglades airboat tour in Miami. They provide excursion opportunities in the world's natural wetland site. It becomes difficult to decide which park's facilities to go for. If you have come from out of town, you have to keep a tight hand on the budget. Especially if you are with a family, you have to look not only for their fun and your budget, but the safety of your family too. One of the most experienced and unique ecotourism opportunities is provided by Everglades Holiday Park. Not only are they skillful, they are reasonable and affordable. If you go to the Everglades in large groups schedule a group airboat tours , and it gets even cheaper. They offer discounts for large groups and online orders.

Moreover, Everglades National Park airboat tours in Miami are interesting, safe and convenient. Their airboats are equipped with state-of-the-art gear. They are custom-built to ensure the safety of people on board. The boats have covered tops to keep you from extreme heat, their seats are comfortable, and the propellers and engines are less noisy and safe for marine life.

Apart from their general staff, the airboat captains are friendly and hospitable. This is particularly necessary when you know that they are the only one you can rely on. Moreover, captains are rich in knowledge about the marine wildlife history and the aquatic creature. Everglades National Park boat tours in Miami give you a one-hour tour taking you closer to the reptile abode where you can witness the real gator prey hunt. The airboat speeds at about 60 miles per hour while slowing down in the middle to acquaint people with wild creatures. You can take close-ups of animals for it is not every day or every year that you expect to see the ancestral dinosaurs of water.

What is more exciting is the Gator Boys Alligator Rescue show that you get to watch only at the Everglades Park. Here, gator boys are joined with gator girls who exhibit jaw-dropping stunts with the deadly reptiles. One of the many reasons that people choose this park over others is the Gator Boys show cast from the Animal Planet. Their gator rescue presentation depicts their love and effort to save marine wildlife. They give a lesson to the tourists on the importance, respect and preservation of aquatic creatures.

All in all, Everglades Holiday Park offers a diverse range of adventurous activities in flora and fauna. It is a tropical heaven loaded with sublime greenery and vibrant wild plants that are appealing to all ages. Such picturesque views are delightful to the eye and energizing for the soul. A prior reservation for our Everglades tour during peak hours saves the day from waiting in line for the airboat tour or our ohter Everglades excursions..

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Are Everglades Airboat Rides and Tours Fun and Exciting?

airboat rides

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of traveling by airboat across the open wetlands during an Everglades excursion. A family favorite, Everglades National Park airboat tours are thrilling, educational and good times for all. But are Everglades airboat tour exciting? Absolutely! If you’re planning to visit the Sunshine State and considering a trip to America’s wetland, here is some information to get you started on Everglades National Park boat tours the ‘glades like a professional.

Safe, Exhilarating Family Fun

Florida is the place to be for fun boat rides and sunshine. But airboating through the everglades is unique – flat-bottomed vessels zip across shallow waters at top speeds. Families, tourists, even locals delight in climbing aboard these state-of-the-art boats for an hour tour through the ecosystem. With speeds reaching 60 miles per hour, passengers describe narrated tours as “exhilarating”, “non-stop fun”, even “awe-inspiring”. Gladesmen who are familiar with the Everglades make the best captains, stopping every so often to describe a unique scene, meet and greet with Everglades wildlife or interact with some of the area’s characteristically friendly birds.

Visit With South Florida’s Most Iconic Resident –the American Alligator

One of the most exciting reasons to visit the Everglades is the gators. South Florida’s most iconic resident, the American alligator is a likely sight on an airboat tour and visitors typically capture extraordinary pictures off the side of the boat with a standard cellphone camera. The ‘glades is home to over 200,000 alligators – many of them swim right past the boat during an airboat tour. While wildlife is unpredictable, there are always fantastic sights, whether it’s one of 60 different kinds of snakes or hundreds of different species of birds.

Airboat Rides at Everglades Holiday Park

Visitors to the Sunshine State overwhelmingly choose Everglades Holiday Park for the most exciting Everglades boat adventures. With the longest airboat rides in the Everglades and the only covered vessels around, the park is happy to entertain thousands of visitors each year with narrated airboat tours, live alligator presentations and more. An easy drive from several of the best hotels in the area and a spectacular adventure for anyone looking to explore the “other” side of Florida, Everglades Holiday Park is proud to be home to the Gator Boys Alligator Rescue.

For more information on how you can book group airboat tours through the Florida Everglades or reserve a private airboat tours, please contact the Everglades Holiday Park. There’s Only One Everglades, and Only One Way to See It!

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Best Everglades Airboat Tours near Alligator Alley

airboat tour near alligator alley

Tourists passing through the Florida Everglades often wonder which company offers the best Everglades airboat tour near Alligator Alley. With several businesses competing for your dollars, how are you supposed to differentiate one from another? The good news is, that the Florida Everglades is the same, no matter who takes you through it, and the scenery will always be magical. However, there are some big differences when it comes to airboat captains, park attractions, and the tour itself. If you’re looking for the best Everglades boat tours near Alligator Alley, here’s why Everglades Holiday Park consistently comes up first.

Expert Captains, Skilled and Entertaining

The person who captains your airboat tour near Alligator Alley is the key to whether or not you have a good time. Experienced captains navigate the ecosystem with ease, and know exactly where to take the boat for guests to see wildlife going about their daily lives. Driving the boat isn’t the hard part, and many people escort tourists through the Everglades on their Everglades tour . However, take an Everglades boat tour with a seasoned ‘gladesman and you’ll have an experience defined by education, amazing stories, wildlife interaction, and more. At Everglades Holiday Park and Everglades National Park airboat tours, we’re proud of our elite collection of the finest captains around, and we’re sure each and every one of our Miami airboat toursis jam-packed with fun and exciting information.

Animals Encounters and the Gator Boys Alligator Rescue

Did we mention we are home to the Gator Boys Alligator Rescue? The only place in South Florida where the Gator Boys can be seen in the World famous “Gator Pit”, Everglades Holiday Park delights guests each day as they watch their favorite reality star perform daring stunts with South Florida’s most exciting reptile – the American alligator. Our newest attraction, Animal Encounters, is hosted by Gator Girl Ashley Lawrence and Jules – two of the park’s most requested animal experts. Between the Gator Boys and the fantastic critters available for pictures, a few hours at Everglades Holiday Park is an adventure the kids won’t soon forget.

Hour Long Airboat Tours Near Alligator Alley

The final reason why families and outdoor enthusiasts overwhelmingly choose our Everglades tours for airboat tours near Alligator Alley has to do with the boats themselves. Everglades airboat tours at the park are an hour-long – the longest in the Everglades, and the perfect amount of time to journey into remote sections of the ecosystem for truly awesome sightseeing. Plus, with the only covered vessels in the ‘glades, Everglades Holiday Park offers parents the option of taking the little ones even on the sunniest of days. Feel free to check out our group airboat tours or private airboat tours

We look forward to seeing you at Everglades Holiday Park and are happy to share our unique passion for all things wild with you and yours! For details on how you can schedule a narrated Everglades excursion through the amazing Everglades, please contact us today – or book your Everglades National Park boat tours online!

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