Will the Gator Boys Be Returning to TV?

Are the Gator Boys returning to tv?

Are the Gator Boys returning to tv? See them live at Everglades Holiday Park in Fort Lauderdale

Despite filming six intense seasons for Animal Planet, excited fans haven’t had enough of the Gator Boys, and many are wondering what happened to their favorite show. When are the Gator Boys returning to TV? As the home of the Gator Boys Alligator Rescue, this is a question we get asked a lot at Everglades Holiday Park, and we thought maybe it was time to try and provide some answers. If you’re not familiar, the park provides a safe haven for rescued gators, many from the show, to live in peace and harmony with their friends. The Gator Boys perform daily and guests can see live alligator shows year round.The Gator Boys Television Show The Gator Boys, details the exploits of a group of fearless guys and gals who made it their mission to save as many nuisance gators as possible from residential areas in South Florida. The show, which was featured on Animal Planet, is wildly popular, and with six engaging seasons under its belt, fans never tire of watching their favorite reality stars on the big screen. The good news is, many past episodes are available online and if you have a few hours, you can watch to your heart’s content. But will there be a new season of the Gator Boys? The jury is still out.See the Gator Boys Perform Live at Everglades Holiday Park While watching the crew rescue gators on television is exciting, nothing compares with seeing the brave and fearless stars perform live. Everglades Holiday Park puts you front and center in the middle of the action (as spectators of course) in the world famous “Gator Pit” at the park. Twenty to twenty-five minutes of intense thrills, daring stunts and educational insight about the state’s most popular residents make gator shows at Everglades Holiday Park a family favorite and a treat for all ages. Open seven days a week, guests are welcome to take airboat tours and see the Gator Boys perform every day from 9 am until 4:30 pm when the last tour leaves the docks.Everglades Holiday Park – A Family Friendly Destination In Fort Lauderdale Parents looking to keep the kids entertained this summer will delight in visiting Everglades Holiday Park. An educational and entertaining destination, a day trip to the park is exciting, memorable and exactly the type of activity parents can feel good about. Learn about the American alligator, come face-to-face with scores of Everglades wildlife on a fun boat ride, and of course, take in an exciting live alligator presentation with the one and only Gator Boys Alligator Rescue team.When are the Gator Boys returning to TV? While no one knows for sure, it’s always a thrill to meet the team in person after enjoying an exciting tour through America’s wetland at Everglades Holiday Park. For more information on how you can make reservations to meet the Gator Boys Alligator Rescue team and take a thrilling airboat tour through the Everglades, please contact us today!This entry was posted in Everglades Holiday Park Blog on .

Flora and Fauna That Are Unique to the Everglades

Flora and fauna unique to the everglades

Flora and fauna unique to the Everglades -- the critically endangered Florida Panther

As the farthest north tropical environment in the world, the Florida Everglades is home to scores of interesting plants and animals, many of them found only in the Everglades. Grab your camera and get ready for an unforgettable adventure as you come face-to-face with some of the most interesting sights in North America. What can you expect to see in the Everglades?

Unique Flora of the Everglades

Saw Palmetto is a long living plant endemic to the Everglades. Recognized by its characteristic fan palm and spikey shrubs, this plant creates the backdrop for much of the region, yet only grows to a maximum of seven to ten feet. Palmetto is long living, and some plants may be as old as seven hundred years!

The Everglades is also the place to see over twenty unique species of orchids. Botanists often wade into the depths of the ecosystem just to catch a glimpse of a rare mule ear orchid or ghost orchid – a truly extraordinary sight. Love trees? Hardwood trees often have gnarled and twisted branches that stretch out across the River of Grass. The Southern Live Oak, one of the larger hardwood trees found only in the Everglades supplied the wood for the world’s oldest Naval vessel, “Old Ironsides”.

Exciting Wildlife – In a Natural Habitat

Unique flora isn’t the only camera worthy sight in the “glades – the wildlife is extraordinary. The Snail Kite, a gorgeous bird unique to the region, makes it home in the subtropical climate for one reason – it’s prey lives here. The Snail Kite is often seen swooping in to snatch Applesnails from the water. How about a Florida Panther or Black Bear? Critically endangered species, it’s unlikely either of these two animals will cross your path, but it’s fun to know they may be watching your every move. Alligators on the other hand are always around. So many in fact, you may mistake them for drifting logs. Look carefully, because Everglades alligators are great at blending in with their surroundings – making them extremely proficient at sneaking up on unsuspecting prey.

Unlike at the zoo, all of the wildlife in the Everglades are here by choice, existing in a natural, pristine habitat. Of course, turtles, snakes, tropical fish and scores of brightly colored birds like the Roseate Spoonbill can be found around every corner.

Journey Through the Everglades at Everglades Holiday Park

The weekend is here and it’s the perfect time to get out there and enjoy some of the amazing scenery that South Florida is known for. If it’s been awhile since you connected with nature and you’re overdue for some R&R, an invigorating boat ride may be just the right solution. Are you ready for a tour through the Everglades? Everglades Holiday Park in Fort Lauderdale is a must do for families looking to experience the magic of the Everglades. Home of the Gator Boys Alligator Rescue, the park is the only place where you can take a narrated airboat tour and return for a complementary live gator show featuring the Gator Boys team!

For more information on how you can start your Everglades adventure today, please visit www.evergladesholidaypark.com

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