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Ecosystem Restoration at Everglades Holiday Park Airboat Tours

Everglades restoration

Last week, Everglades enthusiasts had another reason to smile. With $120 million dollars proposed for Everglades restoration projects, the President’s 2016 budget identifies “protecting America’s wetlands” as an important priority. This year’s proposed budget doubles the amount that was allocated for Everglades restoration last year. Yet despite increases, many wonder if it will be enough. Unfortunately, the administration’s budget is not a done deal, and still needs to pass both houses of Congress before anything can happen, but Florida residents and officials feel positive that the budget is a good start.

A Quality of Life Floridians Enjoy

The Florida Everglades are iconic. With stunning imagery, incredible wildlife, and unique vegetation through Everglades tours, families and outdoor enthusiasts come from all over the world for a chance to get up close and personal with the state’s most exciting natural resource. Protecting the Everglades is a practical, smart strategy for ensuring locals and tourists alike continue to enjoy the wetlands and their educational value. Whether it’s zipping through the “River of Grass” on an incredible airboat ride, viewing an exciting live alligator presentation or simply enjoying the ecosystem and its inhabitants, Floridians enjoy an exceptional quality of life thanks to the Everglades.

Local Support of Everglades Restoration is Strong

This past November, Floridians overwhelmingly voted “yes” on Amendment I, allocating up to a third of the state’s excise tax revenue for Everglades restoration. Funding is now guaranteed in the state constitution, meaning Everglades restoration efforts may soon be backed by money rather than just good intentions. In addition, Governor Rick Scott says he plans to assemble $5 billion, with a “B”, for Everglades restoration efforts over the next 20 years. Assuming the Governor’s budget passes, $150 million will be used on projects this year, and if newly mandated funds are available and used properly on the right projects, then efforts to restore the natural flow of water in the Everglades and protect the fragile ecosystem will be met with success - and that’s good news for all of us.

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Family Fun at Everglades Holiday Park Airboat Tours

Family Adventure

Planning a family adventure that excites the whole gang can be challenging, but it's not impossible. Whether you place a premium on exciting action, animals or bright sunshine, South Florida has you covered. With fantastic dining and amazing theme parks, there’s nowhere on Earth as entertaining as the Sunshine State; but before packing your bags, consider this: the natural side of Florida is sometimes more exciting. With incredible animal encounters, live alligator shows, thrilling Everglades airboat tours and more, journeying through the Florida Everglades at Everglades Holiday Park is a great escape and the best family adventure trip in South Florida or Everglades excursion.

Best Park For Kids

Have little ones? Everglades Holiday Park in Fort Lauderdale is easily the best park in the Everglades for kids. With on-site animal encounters, they’ll smile from ear to ear as they hold a baby alligator or giant python for a picture. Kids of all ages delight in meeting the Gator Boys from Animal Planet’s hit reality show. The talented crew is always on hand to snap a few pictures with fans and someone from the team is on-site every day to perform live alligator shows, meet with fans and answer questions.

A Great Family Adventure

When you tire of walking beaches and window shopping, the Everglades is a perfect family adventure. Forget about traffic jams, emails, and the usual distractions of a busy life - there’s nobody in the wetlands to demand your attention except curious wildlife, making a day trip to the Everglades one of the best places for families to have fun together in a safe, exciting environment. After all, the Everglades is Florida’s most exciting natural attraction and the state’s best-kept secret.

Educational Guided Tours

Sit back and relax as an expert tour guide takes you on a journey through miles and miles of incredible Everglades. With voracious alligators, long-legged wading birds, and countless other unique animals, the scenery is unparalleled, but even better when you hear the back story. Captains are filled with fantastic tales and entertaining facts about the ecosystem, giving parents the peace of mind that their kids are learning something of value while they’re having fun!

Is a family vacation in the works? While South Florida never disappoints, an exciting and educational day trip to the Everglades is always a winning choice with the Gator Boys Alligator Rescue team and everyone else at Everglades Holiday Park. Contact us today to learn more about our group airboat tours and private airboat tours.

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Animal Attractions at Everglades Holiday Park Airboat Tours

animal attractions in fort lauderdale

South Florida offers a variety of fun things to see and do, but when you’re looking for exciting animal attractions in Fort Lauderdale, it’s tough to beat Everglades Holiday Park. A family fun destination and home to the Gator Boys Alligator Rescue, the park is the place to be for excursions, live alligator shows and the most thrilling up close and personal animal encounters around. Here are a few more reasons why Everglades Holiday Park is a must see for animal attractions in Fort Lauderdale:

Fuzzy and Scaly Creatures Up Close and Personal

Have you ever seen a black and white tegu up close? How about a ring-tailed lemur or a red macaw? The newest addition at Everglades Holiday Park, Animal Encounters, brings the Everglades’ best critters front and center for guests to experience. Kids enjoy holding their favorites, and with snakes, turtles, skunks, and more, there’s never a shortage of wetland inhabitants ready to pose for a picture. Hosted by the Animal Attractions Team at Everglades Holiday Park is a must-see for wildlife enthusiasts and anyone looking to meet South Florida’s most interesting creatures.

The Best Animal Attractions In Fort Lauderdale

They’re only little once, and parents looking to create lifelong memories are always happy to learn that Everglades Holiday Park offers all kinds of fun in the sun perfect for all ages and interests, like Everglades boat tours. Want to satisfy a need for speed? The park features tours through the ‘Glades on state-of-the-art vessels captained by real Gladesmen. Skilled navigators, our captains help you explore the River of Grass in search of alligators, wading birds, snakes, and more. Tours are an hour long and an excellent way to experience the Everglades.

Live Alligator Shows

When you’re ready to see the gators interact, Everglades Holiday Park hosts complimentary live alligator presentations following every ride. Easily one of the best animal attractions in Fort Lauderdale, gator shows at the park are performed by the one and only Gator Boys from Animal Planet. Family-friendly shows are jam-packed with daring stunts, tricks, and even a few silly jokes. Watch their faces light up as they experience firsthand the power and grace of the American alligator in the world-famous “Gator Pit”. Don’t worry, everyone has a chance to hold a baby alligator after the show, and that’s one photo opportunity you simply cannot pass up.

Families come from all over the world to spend time in the Florida Everglades, and for good reason. With some of the most unique and exciting wildlife, a few hours exploring the River of Grass is a thrill at any age. When encountering wildlife is your motive, Everglades Holiday Park delivers with must-see animal attractions in Fort Lauderdale.

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