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Considering Corporate Events in Fort Lauderdale?

corporate events in Fort Lauderdale at Everglades Holiday Park

For many modern organizations, being competitive and out in front means finding new ways to keep your employees motivated, engaged, and energized. Corporate team building events are a practical way to help front-line workers and executive leaders maximize productivity. The right event can lead to a more productive workforce, promote confidence, and even instill creativity. If your business is considering corporate events in Fort Lauderdale, here’s how Everglades Holiday Park can exceed your expectations by exciting and inspiring your team with a fantastic day retreat they’ll remember for years.

Encourage Team Building with a Narrated Group Tour

Corporate events in Fort Lauderdale and Miami have one thing in common- the magnificent Florida weather. Why not take advantage of the opportunities provided by the sunshine state by partaking in an exhilarating airboat tour through the Everglades? Imagine gliding across a river of grass on a state-of-the-art vessel at top speeds. That’s only part of your adventure at Everglades Holiday Park because every incredible 60-minute tour is followed by a live alligator presentation in the world-famous “Gator Pit” here at the park.

Journey through miles of tropical wetlands and encounter alligators, massive snakes, gorgeous wading birds, and more around every corner. Group tours enjoy the state’s most exciting natural attraction as a team, promoting unity and giving subordinates the rare chance to bond with executive leaders in a relaxed, comfortable environment.

Inspire Collaboration and Creativity With Corporate Events in Fort Lauderdale

What’s more inspiring than nature untouched and pristine? Not much, and that’s exactly why Everglades Holiday Park is the perfect locale for effective corporate events in Fort Lauderdale. With a pavilion capable of seating 75 easily, presentations, speeches, and seminars become instantly memorable. With a natural serenity that’s difficult to replicate, the Everglades environment is the catalyst for creativity and innovation.

Add a Little Fun to the Mix at Everglades Holiday Park

All work and no play? Not at Everglades Holiday Park! Corporate events in Fort Lauderdale don’t have to be boring and dry, and that’s the Everglades Holiday Park difference. Every visit includes an adrenalin-charged live gator show performed by Animal Planet’s “Gator Boys”. Live gator shows are extraordinary to watch, and a great way to show your team how to let loose and have fun. They’ll even get to hold a baby alligator!

When it’s time to coordinate a meaningful and inspiring corporate event in Fort Lauderdale, consider Everglades Holiday Park. With exciting 60-minute, narrated tours, live alligator shows and the ideal setting for promoting inspiration, Everglades Holiday Park is tough to beat.

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Creative Things to Do in Fort Lauderdale!

Things to do in Fort Lauderdale

If you’re the outdoorsy type, an expert photographer, or just a parent with kids looking for creative things to do in Fort Lauderdale, you’re going to really be excited by what Everglades Holiday Park has to offer. With all kinds of fun activities including airboat rides to fishing to live gator shows, a few hours at the park is an adventure jam-packed from start to finish. Leave the beach behind and explore your wild side at Everglades Holiday Park, easily one of the most exciting and creative things to do in Fort Lauderdale.

A Family Friendly Experience the Kids Will Love

For parents looking for creative things to do in Fort Lauderdale, once you’ve visited the beach a few times, it’s somewhat challenging to keep the kids engaged. That’s where Everglades Holiday Park can help. Where else can you see wildlife in its natural habitat, up close and personal? Everglades boat tours are super exciting, and kids delight in traveling at top speeds through miles of tropical wetlands. Action-packed from start to finish, even younger children can have fun, as select airboats at Everglades Holiday Park are covered for your convenience. For a full hour, the whole family can enjoy a narrated tour filled with all kinds of unique and interesting sights and sounds.

Fun and Educational Things to Do In Fort Lauderdale

Moms and dads are all about having fun, but it’s nice to know that your kids are actually getting something out of a day journeying through nature. For things to do in Fort Lauderdale that have educational value, It’s tough to beat a day at Everglades Holiday Park. Whether you’re listening to your airboat captain describe the flora and fauna of the Everglades, watching Animal Planet’s Gator Boys handle an enormous reptile or simply take it all in quietly, there’s always something to learn. Plus, a live gator show follows every tour at Everglades Holiday Park, and with the Gator Boys leading the excitement, it’s a real treat.

Hassle-Free Fun

Who likes making plans, arrangements, and traffic? Let’s be honest, finding a few fun things to do in Fort Lauderdale is a priority, especially with a large family. Everglades Holiday Park provides the perfect solution, and the best of both worlds- amazing fun and convenience. Plus, you don't have to worry about lunch, because the park has a fully stocked deli on-premises, loaded with all kinds of tasty treats. Or, bring your own bag lunch and let the kids play on the grass while you relax under the Banyan trees.

Busy parents, nature enthusiasts, and anyone interested in discovering some exciting things to do in Fort Lauderdale can appreciate a day at Everglades Holiday Park. A fun, hassle-free, and super convenient way to keep the kids busy with quality, family-friendly entertainment, a trip to the park is a must-do.

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Fun In Fort Lauderdale: Awesome Theme Parks In Florida

Fun in Fort Lauderdale - Awesome Theme Parks In Florida

When you’re ready for a vacation, but still searching for something a little different than beaches and shopping, theme parks in Florida always make the cut. But here’s a great tip. Why waste your day waiting in long lines or spend a fortune on outrageous ticket prices when you can enjoy an adventure right here in Fort Lauderdale? Engage the kids in the thrill of a lifetime exploring the wilderness that is Everglades Holiday Park - an awesome theme park in Florida, and Home to the Gator Boys Alligator Rescue. A day trip to the park is filled with invigorating airboat rides, live alligator shows and more. And after a few hours in the outdoors, you’ll encounter sights and sounds you’re not likely to forget. Ready to learn more? Here’s a glimpse into what you can expect from a day of fun at Everglades Holiday Park.

See the Gators and More

A lot of Florida theme parks promise an authentic Everglades experience, but few truly deliver. If you really want to get close to the nature and wildlife that makes this region so special, there’s no better place than Everglades Holiday Park. It’s no surprise Animal Planet chose our park as the setting for their hit reality show, Gator Boys — visit us today to see the team in person and learn what it takes to be a world-class gator wrangler.

Our gator shows are fun for the whole family and one of the main reasons we’re routinely cited as one of the best theme parks in Fort Lauderdale and beyond. Gator shows run seven days a week, from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Spots can fill up fast though, particularly during the high season, so book your ticket in advance online.

Exciting 60-Minute Tours

Climb aboard a state-of-the-art airboat with family and friends and get ready to trek through the everglades completely safe and comfortable. Keep your camera close by, because with hundreds of amazing images- both wildlife and vegetation, there’s no telling what you’ll see. An hour-long tour is a fantastic way to witness amazing gators, colorful fish, iconic birds, and all kinds of tropical animals in their natural habitat. Zip across the river of grass at speeds close to 60 miles an hour and you can literally feel the excitement. With an experienced captain to narrate, it’s easier than ever to sit back, relax, and be entertained. An educational and exciting experience, this is one example of how the right theme parks in Florida are sure to please.

Wildlife In a Natural Setting: Amazing Theme Parks in Florida

The best theme parks in Florida are always a good time, but it’s tough to beat the thrill of meeting the American alligator and other incredible wildlife in person. Rides at Everglades Holiday Park journey deep into the wetlands, and that’s why it’s better than visiting the zoo! Wildlife in their own environment is spontaneous, active, and truly exciting. And with each ride different than the last, it’s a new adventure every time. Add to the fun a complimentary live gator show featuring the Gator Boys Alligator Rescue team and you have the makings for a unique wildlife adventure. Grab a front-row seat and marvel at the sheer voracity of these amazing reptiles. After the show, kids can meet the stars and pose for a picture holding a baby alligator!

Take a Shore Excursion and See a Different Side of the Everglades

Looking for something extra special to do with the family this vacation? Everglades Holiday Park runs exclusive shore excursions that show you a truly wild side of the South Florida wilderness. Intensive tours are led by an experienced guide who knows the best spots to see exotic flora and fauna, including gators and wading birds. Our shore excursion packages last three hours and include a private gator presentation for your group. There’s no better way to see everything the area has to offer at once.

An Affordable Family Adventure Right In Your Backyard

These days, with most families on a budget, even a modest day trip to most theme parks in Florida can be expensive. Parents struggling to find fun things to do in Fort Lauderdale enjoy knowing they can keep the kids entertained while enjoying fresh air and fun at a reasonable price. Everglades Holiday Park is the ideal locale for an affordable family adventure and an easy, convenient way to make lasting memories. With easy access, affordable rates, and some of the most unusual sights and sounds around, a day trip to Everglades Holiday Park clearly tops the list of the most exciting theme parks in Florida.

Book Your Next Birthday Party

Looking for a great place to host your child’s next birthday party? Why not take them to one of the most popular theme parks in Florida? Everglades Holiday Park is a short drive from Fort Lauderdale, making it an ideal destination for anyone in Miami and the South Florida Metro area.

In addition to being fun for parents and children alike, our birthday party packages contain educational content that stresses the importance of conserving our region’s valuable wetlands. Birthday party packages are affordable, all-inclusive, and can accommodate up to 75 guests at once. Call today for booking information, or to reserve your spot.

Ranked a Leading Florida Theme Park by USA TODAY

Offering unparalleled access to wildlife, comfortable facilities, and a range of great activities for all ages, it’s no surprise that Everglades Holiday Park is routinely recognized as one of the best theme parks in Fort Lauderdale and throughout the South Florida area. Readers of USA Today and 10Best.com even named us one of the top three attractions in the state! We’re open year-round in all weather conditions — book your journey to Everglades Holiday Park today!

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Super Easy and Fun Kids Birthday Parties

kids birthday parties | everglades holiday parkKids grow up fast, and whether it’s your first-born or your seventh, kids birthday parties are always a lot of fun. But if you want to plan something extraordinary this year and you’re struggling to think of an activity that’s not only creative, but safe and exciting, here’s some great news. South Florida weather makes it easy for parents to plan outdoor activities, and for parties, outdoors is always a winner. But if you really want to show your kids an unforgettable adventure, nothing compares to face-to-face wildlife encounters and a fast boat ride. Here’s what you can expect from kids birthday parties at Everglades Holiday Park.

The Best Kids Birthday Parties Have Them Laughing and Learning

Parents dream of finding that perfect activity- you know the one, where fun is coupled with education. Everglades Holiday Park knows exactly how to keep them entertained while reinforcing important conservation concepts about the wetlands and its inhabitants. A popular and well-loved attraction in Fort Lauderdale, the park has mastered the art of combining exciting outdoor wildlife exploration with learning. For kids birthday parties, it’s the perfect recipe for fun. Big kids and little ones too, delight in seeing alligators, tropical snakes, fish and more all from the safety of a comfortable airboat. Plus, airboat rides are hour long journeys, narrated by expert captains who share fun stories, facts and more.

Live Gator Shows

A fun filled day, kids birthday parties at Everglades Holiday Park are unlike any other adventure. Gliding across a river of grass at speeds topping 60 miles an hour is awesome for sure, but the fun continues even after the tour is over. Rides are followed by live gator shows in our world famous “Gator Pit”. But here’s the best part. Guess who performs for the kids? The dynamic Gator Boys Alligator Rescue from Animal Planet’s hit show! It’s true, many of the episodes are filmed right here at the park, and someone from the show is always on site to perform for the crowd. Kids go crazy for the stars of the show and parents enjoy watching their faces light up as they witness daring stunts, tricks and learn about Florida’s ancestral dinosaur- the American Alligator.

Take In Lunch, Cake and Gifts Under Our Shaded Pavilion

Everglades Holiday Park offers spectacular scenery and with an on-site pavilion, plenty of grass and shaded Banyan trees for mom and dad, kids birthday parties at the park are as easy and convenient as can be. Host a party with food from our fully stocked deli, or bring a lunch to enjoy on our gorgeous grounds. Available for rent, the pavilion is the ideal spot to open gifts, organize lunch and serve cake. With awe-inspiring scenery, a healthy, relaxed environment and plenty of fresh air, kids birthday parties at Everglades Holiday Park are a win-win for you and the kids. Why stress over planning the perfect kids birthday parties when Everglades Holiday Park is your easy, convenient solution for fun. Conveniently located right here in Fort Lauderdale, plan a day they’ll never forget with wildlife encounters, thrilling airboat rides and birthday memories they’ll treasure forever. This entry was posted in Everglades Holiday Park Blog on .