What to Expect on an Airboat Adventure

What to Expect on an Airboat Adventure - Everglades Holiday Park

There is nothing quite like an airboat ride through the Florida Everglades. Flying through wide open grasslands and miles of mangrove forests in Florida’s biggest natural attraction is a thrill for visitors of any age. Airboat rides are as fun as any ride at a theme park, but the best part is what you’re seeing is the real deal.

An Everglades airboat adventure at Everglades Holiday Park is the best way to soak up the South Florida sun and Florida's largest natural preserve. Your experience will be different each time, but here is what you can generally expect on an Everglades airboat adventure:

  1. Tours depart every 20 minutes and are 60 minutes in duration.
  2. You’ll climb onboard with one of our 14 experienced Everglades experts; including captains Larry, Kat, Michael K., Chris, Rocky, Don, Dylan, Regis, Jeffrey, Armando, Rick, Lee, Justin, and “Swampie” J. Our captains know everything there is to know about the Everglades and how to navigate the 1.5 million-acres of tropical wetlands. Tour guides will fill you in on onboard safety tips such as “never feed the alligators”.
  3. All seats onboard provide perfect views of the Everglades, so no matter which seat you have, you share the same airboat adventure experience as everyone else. Our state-of-the-art airboats are the only covered airboats offered for touring the Everglades, so you won’t be beaten by the wind or blinded by the South Florida sun. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show.
  4. Everglades Holiday Park's guides narrate your tour as they bring you to remote parts of the wetlands, frequently stopping to teach you fun facts about the plants and animals that make up the local ecosystem. You’ll glide across the “river of grass” in the wide, open land, breathe the fresh air, and enjoy a fun day in the sun.
  5. You can guarantee to see some of South Florida’s animals on your Everglades airboat adventure, but animal sightings will vary depending on the time of year. Remember, these animals are in their natural habitat, so they don’t show up on cue! The captains will bring you as close as possible to alligators, crocodiles, manatees, birds, red foxes, skunks, deer, and fish. Watch these animals live and play in their natural habitats and keep an eye out on the banks for alligators and crocodiles who enjoy sunbathing on a nice day.

Gliding through the wetlands on an Everglades airboat adventure is a fun and memorable way to check out South Florida’s biggest natural attraction.

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