What Can You Expect at a Live Gator Show

What Can You Expect at a Live Gator Show

Many people travel from across the world in order to visit the historic and beautiful Florida Everglades. This national treasure is home to a wide variety of unique wildlife and so many people look forward to spotting alligators in their natural habitat. An Everglades gator park will provide many attractions that give people the opportunity to admire these large reptiles in the wild. These include thrilling airboat tours and live gator shows that will be sure to bring entertainment and excitement. At Everglades Holiday Park, we provide a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get up close and personal with alligators through our infamous live gator show. This exhilarating show is packed with excitement and knowledge about the Everglades preservation efforts we strive to maintain. Below we explain exactly what you can expect at any one of our live gator shows.

Family-Friendly Fun

While a live gator show is thrilling in nature, this event is actually family-friendly so everyone can enjoy the show. Each one of our shows is performed in the “Gator Pit” and features electrifying tricks and stunts that will leave everyone in awe. You can expect to laugh while you learn interesting facts about alligators in the Everglades. The world-famous Gator Boys host the live gator show, providing the best entertainment for mom, dad, and the kids!

Educational Experience

You will be amazed by the knowledge you and your family will gain from our live gator shows while there’s tons of entertainment around. At Everglades Holiday Park, we are proud to provide a safe and natural environment for all animals to live in, especially alligators. During this show, you can expect to learn about numerous preservation efforts in effect throughout the region and why we value the Florida Everglades so much. At our Everglades gator park, we treat each alligator with respect and no animal is harmed during a live show. You will be astounded by how much you will learn about these large reptiles and the Everglades in general.

Live Animal Encounters

After the live show, guests can take turns holding a real, live baby alligator. This up-close and personal experience is something the entire family will never forget! There is nothing like the thrill of holding this reptile in your bare hands while we make sure this experience is nothing short of memorable. All our animal encounters are managed in a safe and comfortable manner for both the animals and guests.

Spending your day at the Everglades will be a memorable experience for the entire family. At Everglades Holiday Park, you can embark on an airboat tour where you can observe the wildlife in their natural habitat. Following this thrilling airboat tour, guests will be so amazed by our live gator show. If you are looking for unique fun in South Florida, be sure to visit our Everglades gator park for the experience of a lifetime!

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