Bucket List – Alligators and Airboat Rides

florida alligators and airboat rides

What is the ultimate Florida adventure? To families and thrill seekers in the Sunshine State, outdoor adventure is defined by an exciting airboat tour and of course, alligators! South Florida is well known for its extraordinary wildlife and unique vegetation, and there’s no better way to experience the sights and sounds than aboard an incredible airboat. So how about that summer bucket list, are you ready for some alligators and airboats? Here’s a glimpse into a day of fun at Everglades Holiday Park in Fort Lauderdale.

Climb Aboard For An Airboat Adventure

The Everglades is spectacular – a delight to see in person. There’s fantastic imagery in every direction, from long legged wading birds and tropical snakes to gorgeous vegetation. It’s nearly impossible to see everything in one visit. But here’s the fun part: the ‘glades is actually a river. And at only a few feet deep, it’s impossible for traditional boats to explore the area. That’s where airboats come in. These lightning quick vessels have propellers that are driven by duel Cadillac engines! A thrill to ride, airboats offer the up close and personal experience you need to meet and greet with Everglades wildlife. Come face-to-face with ten-foot alligators as they swim up to the side of the boat, and zip across the water at lightning speeds. Make sure to have your camera ready, you’re sure to see some extraordinary sights!

More Action Back at the Park – Alligators, Tegus and More

Airboat rides are 60-minutes of pure thrills, but when you return to the dock, there’s even more fun waiting. Animal Encounters is a favorite with the kids – a safe, educational way to visit with exciting Everglades animals. Join Gator Girl Ashley Lawrence as she educates and entertains the crowd with all kinds of furry and scaly critters. Ready to pose for a picture? We have Tegu’s, Boa’s, Skunks and more for all to hold. Next, grab a seat for the best alligator show in South Florida as the Gator Boys take center stage in our world famous “Gator Pit”. It’s an unforgettable live demonstration featuring the park’s resident alligators. Shows are jam-packed with excitement, giving you the chance to see the unique personalities of Everglades alligators from the safety of your seat.

Get Inspired and Make Memories With Loved Ones

A day of fun in the sun at Everglades Holiday Park is an adventure your family will treasure forever. Why stand in line at costly amusement parks or navigate crowded beaches when you can enjoy the best kept secret in Florida – the amazing Everglades. The perfect destination for relaxing, laughing and engaging the kids in something truly memorable, explore South Florida’s most exciting natural attraction – explore the Everglades at Everglades Holiday Park.

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