Airboat Ride Discounts Now Offered at Subway!

 Airboat Ride Discounts Now Offered at Subway!

For many years the goal of Everglades Holiday Park has been to protect the wildlife that exists within the Everglades, and to promote the conservation of these 1.5 million-acre wetlands. Simultaneously, Subway has been working to promote healthier food choices in families and children in local communities.

This summer, for a limited time, Everglades Holiday Park will be offering coupons in local Subway sandwich shops that will offer airboat ride discounts for you and your family! The goal of this partnership is to encourage children and families to spend their summer days exploring South Florida’s beautiful and exotic nature and learning about the Everglades wildlife conservation efforts.

From now until the end of July, subway customers will have access to a promotion that includes $4 off adult Everglades airboat tour tickets and $2 off children’s Everglades airboat tour tickets, only with Everglades Holiday Park! This promotion can be found in Subway locations throughout Miami Dade and Broward County and does not require a minimum purchase.

Once you receive your promotion at a local Subway sandwich shop, head to Everglades Holiday Park for a day of fun in the sun. Our park is open 7 days a week, and we begin running adventurous airboat tours at 9 AM – rain or shine. With your Subway promotion, not only will you receive an airboat ride discount on our narrated 60-minute tours, but you’ll be able to witness a live alligator show in our newly renovated alligator pit. You’re guaranteed to be on the edge of your seat as a member of Everglades Holiday Park’s Gator Boy Alligator Rescue Team wrestles an alligator and performs daring tricks.

Head to a local subway today for a discounted airboat tour ticket, and call Everglades Holiday Park to book your Florida Everglades boat tour!

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