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Everglades Holiday Park Airboat Tours Unveils Shaded Seating

 Everglades Holiday Park Unveils Shaded Seating for Live Gator Shows

Everglades Holiday Park, providers of Everglades National Park airboat tours located in Fort Lauderdale Florida, is South Florida’s most popular alligator attraction, with 29-acres of wetlands bursting with exotic plants and wildlife. Visitors from all over the world visit Everglades Holiday Park each year for a chance to embark on a guided Everglades airboat tour, explore the grounds, check out endangered species, and watch as a professional wrestles a large alligator, one-on-one.

Visitors to the park can enjoy a 60-minute, narrated airboat tour led by a professional Everglades boat captain who doubles as an Everglades expert. Once visitors get the chance to glide through the waterways of the Everglades and pull right up to American alligators, fish, birds, turtles, and more, they’ll get the chance to watch a live alligator show right on our grounds.

Our show is always exciting, as a member of the Alligator Boys rescue team stands amongst a pool of giant alligators, performs stunts, tricks, and even shares some interesting information on the reptiles. Recently, we renovated our alligator pit with a new look, allowing for perfect views no matter where you’re seated. And now, we’ve got more great news! Everglades Holiday Park is excited to announce that our gator shows just got even BETTER! We’re now offering covered seating so those viewing our thrilling show can watch a member of our team wrestle an American alligator with their bare hands, all from the comfort of our shaded stands.

Seating at our Alligator show is wheelchair accessible, and only seats a limited number of guests at once, which means every seat offers only the best view of the show. You’ll be just on the other side of the glass from our Gator Boys Alligator Rescue team, and with our new covered seating, you can enjoy the show with a little shade and a cool breeze.

Tickets for Everglades Holiday Park’s live alligator show can be bought with an airboat Everglades tour ticket, or sold separately. Call today to learn about our new, comfortable seating options for our live gator show.

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