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Do Everglades Airboats Have Other Uses?

Do Everglades Airboats Have Other Uses?

When you think of an airboat, you most likely think of a fun, group airboat tours or private airboat tours, high-speed ride across the water, Everglades boat tours . At Everglades Holiday Park, we’ve mastered the art of Everglades excursion, showing our visitors an exciting time on our 60-minute guided Everglades airboat tour . Most commonly known for recreational activities like fishing, air boating, and cruising along the water, airboats play a major role in other industries as well.

Perhaps a lesser-known use of airboats is for emergency response. Modern versions of airboats are made from aluminum and fiberglass with flat bottoms and onboard propellers, allowing them to quickly fly across the ice, vegetation, marshy waters, and other landscapes.

In colder parts of the world, the surface of large bodies of water can freeze in wintertime, creating dangerous situations for the surrounding area. When a person or an animal wanders too far onto the ice, it can break, sending the person into the freezing cold water and leaving them in an extremely dangerous and life-threatening situation. As emergency rescue departments race against time and hypothermia, airboats make water rescue operations easier by allowing the rescue team to easily glide across the traverse water, ice, and vegetation. Airboats are currently used in hundreds of fire and rescue agencies across the United States. They are perfect for rescue operations in warmer parts of the country too since their ability to easily navigate marshy waters serves as a time saver in a time-sensitive situation.

Our team of expert airboat captains has years of experience using these state-of-the-art boats to safely transport you across the Everglades National Park for a boat tour . Learn more about our Everglades National Park airboat tours and live alligator shows on our blog!   This entry was posted in Everglades Holiday Park Blog, on .