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Where to Spot Alligators and Crocodiles in the Everglades

 Where to Spot Alligators and Crocodiles in the Everglades

With various activities available to adults and children of all ages, spending an adventurous day at Everglades Holiday Park is easy and fun. Our grounds offer guided airboat rides, live alligator shows, alligator wrestling, interactive animal programs, a full-service café and deli, and plenty of exotic animals to gaze at in awe. However, it’s no surprise to the Everglades experts at Everglades Holiday Park that our visitors are always interested in getting an up-close look at the American Alligator. While most people head out to the Everglades prepared to spot an alligator, many are surprised to learn the Everglades is the only place on earth where the American Alligator and the American Crocodile coexist. While its not as easy to spot a crocodile, this interesting, and wild species is known to lurk throughout the Everglades waters.

Your airboat captains have been touring the terrain for years, and they know the Everglades like the back of their hand. Once you climb aboard our state-of-the-art airboats, your captains will weave through the River of Grass and bring you to a few areas that are well-known for being a gator hangout.

How do we know where to find the gators? With tons of time spent on the water, our captains have an expert eye for spotting areas that gators prefer. These include gator nests, sandy areas for soaking up the sun, and spots that are vast with food for these giant reptiles.

Before you learn where to find these animals, learn how to identify their differences identify their differences here.

Guide to the Glades – Where can you find alligators and crocodiles in the Everglades?

American Alligators are more common than crocodiles, so you’re more likely to spot these reptiles stealthily gliding across the water. They’re typically found in freshwater habitats, due to their inability to excrete salt from their glands. Unlike crocodiles, gators aren’t afraid of being spotted by onlookers, so don’t be surprised if you see a few swimming right near your airboat.

Crocodiles on the other hand tend to be a more shy, secretive reptile. They can be found inhabiting coastal, brackish, and salt-water habitats of the Everglades and South Florida waters. They can adapt to various marine bodies. They are known to be more active in and underneath the water, whereas their reptilian counterparts don’t mind showing off in the grass or sand near the waters.

Both Alligators and Crocodiles rely on external sources of heat for body temperature regulation, so you may see both basking in the sun on the banks of the Everglades. Crocodiles are likely to be found sun bathing with their mouths open, and this is often mistaken as a sign of aggression, but is only a tactic used to help further regulate body temperature.

When you’re out on your airboat adventure with the captains at Everglades Holiday Park, you may be lucky enough to have a few alligators swim right near your airboat. Your captains will bring you through lush waterways, and point out any alligators or crocodiles they may come across.

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