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South Florida Eco-Tours at Everglades Holiday Park Airboat Rides

Florida Everglades airboat rides

Whenever you consider visiting the Everglades, you’ll hear about Everglades airboat rides. These wonderful rides are tours through the wetlands in which you can encounter a ton of different species of plants and animals along the way. Airboats are modified boats that keep marine life safe by using above water propulsion systems. Airboats glide across the top of the water at speeds reaching up to 60 mph, all the while keeping riders completely safe. Children and adults of all ages can feel comfortable and at ease while gliding across the River of Grass.

Everglades tours at Everglades Holiday Park are the top-of-the-line South Florida experience when searching for one of these rides. Rides here are an hour-long journey captained by expert Glademen promising pure enjoyment. Along the way, your captain will stop the boat to let you catch the sights and sounds of the American alligator, tropical fish, wading birds, majestic plants and so much more. You and your friends and family can enjoy the Everglades airboat tours together so nobody misses out on anything – so when your time for an airboat adventure comes, make sure to seek out the best airboat rides in the Everglades at Everglades Holiday Park!

More Activities at Everglades Holiday Park

Everglades airboat rides are without a doubt a highlight of visiting the Everglades, but Everglades Holiday Park offers much more as well. You can enjoy the amazing sights and sounds of the Everglades before and after your tour through America’s largest subtropical wetlands. One park favorite is the alligator show presented by the Gator Boys Alligator Rescue from Animal Planet’s hit TV series. Another way to get involved with the wide array of amazing animals on-site at the park is with Animal Encounters, where children and adults can interact with some of the amazing Everglades species – all under the supervision of an expert animal handler. You can even have a photo taken of you or a loved one holding a baby alligator, snake, or other creature!

After you’ve gotten your fill of animal interaction, take a break at the Gator Bites Café, where we serve meals that can accommodate any dietary and nutritional needs. For families and large groups, we serve customized platters, and for the daring types, we have specialty dishes of frog legs and gator bites! The fun doesn’t have to end after lunch either! We’ve got endless opportunities to keep the adventure going with on-site fishing boats, some of Florida’s longest bike trails, birdwatching and so much more! So, when you’re planning your Everglades experience with family and friends, don’t forget to remind them all that this wonderful trip is not only to hop aboard an airboat ride but also to make the most of what the Everglades has to offer – and there’s no better place to accomplish that then at Everglades Holiday Park!

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