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Exploring the Wetlands at Everglades Holiday Park Airboat Tours

everglades airboat ride

Centuries in the making, the Florida Everglades isn’t just a local treasure. This pristine ecosystem is recognized worldwide as a “wetland of international importance”. A natural habitat for scores of threatened and endangered species, the Everglades provides shelter for the elusive Florida panther, a wide range of exotic wading birds, and of course, the American alligator. An Everglades boat ride is ideal, because it’s the easiest way to see the scores of magnificent animals that live and play in the ecosystem. With slithery snakes, colorful birds, exciting gators and more, are you ready to explore an international treasure with the family on an Everglades airboat ride? The magic of the Everglades is awe-inspiring. But up close and personal, this is one adventure they’re not likely to forget.

Zip Across a River of Grass at Lightning Speeds

Start the journey at Everglades Holiday Park by climbing aboard one of our state-of-the-art airboats for a exciting thrill you won’t forget. Each Everglades airboat ride is an hour long – enough time to go deep into remote sections of the ‘glades. Propelled by air, airboats are high performing, cutting edge machines that zip through shallow water without disturbing the wildlife. Fun is redefined as boats reach speeds close to 60 miles per hour! And with a covered passenger compartment, guests have important peace of mind that the little ones are safe, comfortable and smiling from ear to ear! Truly an electrifying experience, an airboat ride through the Everglades is a once in a lifetime thrill.

Visit With the Wildlife

South Florida is home to some of the most incredible wildlife, and the Everglades is one of the best places to visit with them face-to-face. An Everglades airboat ride is ideal, because it’s the easiest way to see the scores of magnificent animals that live and play in the ecosystem. What will you see? Of course, every tour is different, and the animals are unpredictable. But with a skilled captain at the helm, there’s a pretty good chance you’ll see some pretty awesome sights. Happy to share stories and educate on the interesting creatures and plant life, tour guides at Everglades Holiday Park are likely to point out alligators, one of 27 different kinds of snakes, raccoons, beavers, Egrets and Herons, Hawks, and just about any other animal that makes an appearance.

Back at the Park…

After your airboat ride ends and the boat drops you off at the dock, you’ll be ushered away to the world famous “Gator Pit”, and home to the Gator Boys Alligator Rescue. A safe haven for gators caught sneaking around residential areas in South Florida, the Gator Boys crew puts on an exciting demonstration just for you! In South Florida, live alligator wrestling is everywhere, but this is different. The guys and gals from the Gator Boys are experienced handlers who prefer to educate and inform. Sure, you’ll see a few daring tricks and some unbelievable bravery, but it’s the newfound appreciation and respect for the American alligator – the good feeling you get after seeing the show that matters most.

If you haven’t had the experience of taking an Everglades airboat ride, you haven’t seen the true side of South Florida. With exciting wildlife, excellent information and the Gator Boys to keep you on your toes, Everglades Holiday Park delivers on fun for the whole family.

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