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The Dangers of Self-Guided Everglades Airboat Tours

Dangers of Self-Guided Airboat Rides in the Everglades - Everglades Holiday Park

The thousands of Floridians who spend their weekends navigating the waters of the Everglades know that an airboat can be a blessing or a curse; depending on who’s operating it. If you are considering taking a self-guided airboat ride in the Everglades, think again. Although Everglades National Park is a beautiful, lush, unparalleled landscape, it can be quite dangerous if you do not know what you are doing. Below, we will explain why an Everglades airboat tour is the safest option for you.

At Everglades Holiday Park, we recommend that you leave the work to our professiona lEverglades boat captains. Here’s why it is dangerous to go on self-guided private airboat tours in the Everglades:

The Airboat – Airboat operation requires trained professionals who have experience in operating the vessel. The stopping and reversing directions are dependent upon good pilot skills, since airboats do not have brakes. If, for some reason, your airboat malfunctions or gets stuck, our captains know exactly how to handle the situation to ensure a safe trip for all visitors.

The Terrain – The Everglades is a 1.5-million-acre ecosystem with a diversity of habitats and terrain. There are hardwood hammocks, thick mangroves, freshwater sloughs, and coastal lowlands. It is easy for an amateur to run into the wrong area, get themselves stuck, lost, or badly injured.

The Wildlife – A main reason that so many people take Everglades boat tours in the Everglades is for the opportunity to come face to face with some of Florida’s most exotic wildlife. The Everglades has wildlife in their natural habitat, in every direction. It takes a professional, with years of experience, to know how to properly navigate towards the wildlife and not harm or upset them. Not to mention, it is illegal to disturb the wildlife, and it comes with a heavy fine. There are poisonous flowers and trees, venomous snakes, and of course, massive alligators. Visitors at Everglades Holiday Park will have the opportunity to cruise right next to huge alligators, but our captains know how to keep a safe distance.

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