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The Best Everglades Airboat Tours are at Holiday Park

Airboat Rides Everglades

Trek through America’s largest wetland and you’re in for an outdoor adventure unlike any other. With an astounding collection of reptiles, fascinating birds, and unique flora, the River of Grass never disappoints. But while scores of wildlife and unusual imagery make it easy to see something extraordinary around every corner, the way you journey through the Everglades is what defines the experience. Provided by Holiday Park's Everglades airboat tours, airboats – flat-bottomed vessels propelled by air – make it easy to enjoy safe, face-to-face encounters for a unique experience you’ll treasure for years. If you’re considering a visit to the ‘glades, for the best airboat rides, Everglades Holiday Park in Fort Lauderdale delivers fun and adventure.

Expertise – On and Off the Boat

A big part of traveling through the Everglades is learning about the sights and sounds you encounter while on an airboat. But the learning continues off the boat too, with live alligator presentations and close encounters with even more Everglades wildlife. Everglades Holiday Park has cornered the market on edu-tainment – the perfect combination of information and excitement. With skilled navigators as airboat captains, the Gator Boys Alligator Rescue team performing live shows, and dedicated nature enthusiasts available to help guide your experience, Everglades Holiday Park is the best resource for everything Everglades.

VIP Access

Travelers to the Sunshine State are delighted to learn that Everglades Holiday Park offers V.I.P. access to the Everglades, including hotel pick-up! Planning can be cumbersome and without all the information, details can be challenging. If you’re staying in Dade or Palm Beach County, round trip transportation can be provided to and from the park as part of an Everglades VIP tour. An exciting, easy, and convenient way to experience the Everglades, for amazing airboat rides, Everglades Holiday Park keeps the fun going with a live gator show and hassle-free VIP access.

With Hour-Long Airboat Rides, Everglades Holiday Park Is the Most Fun In the ‘Glades

Finally, if you’re serious about experiencing the Florida Everglades, and an airboat tour is on the itinerary, why not go for the complete immersive experience? Everglades Holiday Park offers the longest tours in the area, and at a full hour, there’s plenty of time to journey into remote areas of the glades where other tour guides may not go. Plus, with the option of covered or uncovered vessels, the park makes it easy to bring the whole family on a narrated tour without worrying about hot sun or grumpy weather. State-of-the-art vessels captained by expert gladesmen means you have peace of mind in knowing that your family is safe, comfortable, and in good hands.

Everglades Holiday Park in Fort Lauderdale is recognized as the premier destination for fun in the Everglades. With hour-long, narrated airboat tours, exciting live gator shows and VIP access, it’s easy to see why the park is the first choice for families, wildlife enthusiasts and anyone out for a great time.

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