How to Avoid Dangerous Alligator Attacks

The Best Way to Avoid a Dangerous Alligator Attack

With the tragic news of a Davie woman being attacked and killed by a 12-foot-6-inch alligator in early June 2018, this situation sparks the conversation of what to do in the emergency of an alligator encounter. The woman was walking her pets along the edge of a lake before she and her dogs were attacked. This unfortunate and heartbreaking ending allows people to talk about these species and how to avoid a dangerous situation, especially those who live in Florida. Everglades Holiday Park is an airboat and gator park that shares an in-depth guide on how to avoid an alligator attack in all kinds of situations. By being prepared for the worst, you have the knowledge to handle extreme situations that you would require you to act immediately. Because alligators live in all of Florida, it is not uncommon to see or encounter this reptile at some point. Alligators do tend to protect themselves in their environment, and they will attack if they feel like they are in danger.

If You Are Spending Time in the Everglades

If you are spending your day in the Everglades riding on an airboat ride or renting out a boat, you are very likely to see an alligator up close. The best way to avoid an attack in the Everglades is to simply stay away from them; the easiest ways are to keep your hands and feet inside the boat and avoid offering the alligator any food. It is against the law to feed alligators and they will consider you prey if you try to feed them something. An alligator cannot tell where the food ends and where the hand begins, and they will not hesitate to take a bite of your hand or arm.

If You Are Around Any Body of Water

While a large concentration of alligators live in the Everglades, you can also find them in any fresh body of water. It’s extremely important to not swim in lakes or ponds, especially at night. These reptiles hunt at night and it can be very difficult to spot one in the darkness. You should also avoid coming close to the edge of a body of water if you are walking your pets. Alligators do not know the difference between a wild source of food or your pet dog, and they will attack if they feel threatened or if you are in close contact with them. Stay far enough from the edge of lakes and canals so you can avoid these dangerous situations.

What to Do when an Alligator Attacks

This guide should help educate about alligators and how to avoid provoking an attack, however in the rare event that this reptile does bite, the quickest way to defend yourself is by immediately poking them in the eyes. Jabbing an object in an alligator’s eye socket can get their jaw loose for you to be set free. You should do everything in your power to fight for your life because an alligator is not used to hunting prey as large as humans.

By following these guidelines for how to avoid an alligator attack, you can be sure to stay safe even when you experience a day in the Everglades. Visit Everglades Holiday Park for a safe and exciting experience on a thrilling airboat ride through the beautiful wetlands.

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