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Are Everglades Airboat Rides and Tours Fun and Exciting?

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There’s nothing quite like the feeling of traveling by airboat across the open wetlands during an Everglades excursion. A family favorite, Everglades National Park airboat tours are thrilling, educational and good times for all. But are Everglades airboat tour exciting? Absolutely! If you’re planning to visit the Sunshine State and considering a trip to America’s wetland, here is some information to get you started on Everglades National Park boat tours the ‘glades like a professional.

Safe, Exhilarating Family Fun

Florida is the place to be for fun boat rides and sunshine. But airboating through the everglades is unique – flat-bottomed vessels zip across shallow waters at top speeds. Families, tourists, even locals delight in climbing aboard these state-of-the-art boats for an hour tour through the ecosystem. With speeds reaching 60 miles per hour, passengers describe narrated tours as “exhilarating”, “non-stop fun”, even “awe-inspiring”. Gladesmen who are familiar with the Everglades make the best captains, stopping every so often to describe a unique scene, meet and greet with Everglades wildlife or interact with some of the area’s characteristically friendly birds.

Visit With South Florida’s Most Iconic Resident –the American Alligator

One of the most exciting reasons to visit the Everglades is the gators. South Florida’s most iconic resident, the American alligator is a likely sight on an airboat tour and visitors typically capture extraordinary pictures off the side of the boat with a standard cellphone camera. The ‘glades is home to over 200,000 alligators – many of them swim right past the boat during an airboat tour. While wildlife is unpredictable, there are always fantastic sights, whether it’s one of 60 different kinds of snakes or hundreds of different species of birds.

Airboat Rides at Everglades Holiday Park

Visitors to the Sunshine State overwhelmingly choose Everglades Holiday Park for the most exciting Everglades boat adventures. With the longest airboat rides in the Everglades and the only covered vessels around, the park is happy to entertain thousands of visitors each year with narrated airboat tours, live alligator presentations and more. An easy drive from several of the best hotels in the area and a spectacular adventure for anyone looking to explore the “other” side of Florida, Everglades Holiday Park is proud to be home to the Gator Boys Alligator Rescue.

For more information on how you can book group airboat tours through the Florida Everglades or reserve a private airboat tours, please contact the Everglades Holiday Park. There’s Only One Everglades, and Only One Way to See It!

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