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Looking for an Exciting Valentine's Day Date Idea?

Looking for an Exciting Valentine's Day Date Idea? Try a Everglades Airboat Tour!

Forget the crowded restaurants and expensive, overpriced dinners. Why not try something new this Valentine’s Day? Whether you’re seeking the perfect first date destination to impress your new romantic interest, or if you want to break away from traditional dates with your partner, head to Everglades Holiday Park for a day of fun all in ONE place.

Everglades Holiday Park is a South Florida adventure park located just off the western end of Griffin Road off U.S. 27. Our park is the ideal location for a thrill-seeking couple looking to explore South Florida’s vast Everglades wildlife aboard a Everglades boat tours.

Spend Valentine’s Day at our park or stop by after work – our Everglades boat runs from 9 a.m., and the Everglades airboat tour .

Why is Our Everglades Adventure Park the Perfect Date Spot for V-Day?

1. Take Your Sweetheart on a Private Tour

Everglades Holiday Park offers an Everglades tour , creating a perfect date setting for you and your special someone. You can explore the waters of the Everglades on a private tour with an entire airboat for you and your sweetheart to enjoy. Looking for a couple’s date idea? Our private airboat tours can be arranged for groups as small as 2, but we can always add more if you want to include friends and family in your group - just ask!

2. Fly Across the Everglades Waters at High Speeds

Guided by expert captains, you and your date will speed across the water in our covered, state-of-the-art airboats at high speeds, and journey into areas of the glades thriving with life. Whether it is a group airboat tours or private airboat tours

3. Come Close to South Florida Wildlife

Aboard this Everglades excursion, you’ll have the opportunity to see birds of all kinds, big and small fish, turtles, peacocks, manatees, and more, but the most thrilling of all is the American Alligators you’ll see swimming around the “River of Grass”.

4. Watch A Live Alligator Show

Get back on land and head after our Everglades National Park airboat tours to our new gator pit to see a live alligator show, where members of the Gator Boy’s Rescue Team will perform tricks and teach you about the American Alligator – all while they’re surrounded by a pit of large gators.

5. Treat Your Date to A Snack

Once you’ve experienced the thrill of a lifetime aboard ourMiami airboat tours, relax in our shaded, outdoor seating area, and grab some food from our full-service deli and café.

Look no further for an exciting Valentine’s Day date idea - Everglades National Park boat tours is waiting for you! Call now or book your ticket online.

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