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Fun Facts about Everglades Airboat Tours at Holiday Park

Why Airboat Tours and Alligators Go Together - Everglades Holiday Park

Do you ever get the hankering to cruise through the Florida wetlands effortlessly? The best way to explore the swamp is by Everglades boat tours. These guided group airboat tours and private airboat tours can ensure that you don’t get lost out in the marshlands where there are no posted signs. Knowledgeable airboat captains take over the trek while you take in the scenery that the environment has to offer. Believe it or not, airboats are one of the only safe ways to go on an endeavor through the marsh. The following are just a few of the fun facts about Everglades National Park airboat tours that you can learn while trekking through Florida's natural wetlands.

  1. Another name for an Everglades National Park boat tours vessel is a fan boat.
  2. Airboats are flat-bottomed boats that are powered by an aircraft engine and propeller. The propeller on an Everglades boat is similar to an aircraft propeller but enclosed within a protective metal cage. The flat bottom allows easy access to shallow water. They are made out of aluminum or fiberglass, depending on the boat.
  3. An Everglades airboat tour preserve the environment better than hulled boat tours do. The swamp is delicate, and a lot of the wildlife that live in the Everglades live close to the surface. The engine, propeller, and seats are mounted high on the boat to raise the center of gravity and ensure that the boat skims over the surface of the water, rather than using a propeller underneath the water to push its way through.
  4. For those who are more environmentally friendly, airboats are safe for wildlife and plant life. No moving parts of the airboat are below the waterline, which keeps animal life underwater safe, including the vegetation.
  5. Everglades tour airboats are also safe for the guests onboard. Everglades airboat tours are taken on the most stable airboats, so passengers can move around without taking the risk of tipping the boat or falling into the water. Although moving about the boat is not recommended, it is not entirely unsafe.
  6. On guided Everglades tours, passengers and guests are able to get up-close and personal with all kinds of wildlife without putting themselves in real danger, as long as all arms and legs are kept inside the boat at all times during the ride.
  7. Airboats can move without water and can glide through excess water; that’s the beauty of the flat bottom. You can go on an airboat Everglades excursion at Everglades Holiday Park all year round! These watercraft are a great solution for the conservation of this marshy wetland for years to come, all while allowing Florida residents and guests to enjoy the nature preserve.

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